Chest pain left side under armpit

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Avatar m tn I am 51 years old male reasonable good health just had an electrocardiogram done nothing negitive showing . Ive been having severe chest pains in the left side under armpit,is something I should worry about?
Avatar f tn Hello group, I'm 36 and I've been having some chest pain on the left side including my arm and under my armpit, sometimes on my right but very seldom. Went to the e.r and all tests were normal. My father died of an heart attack in his early 30s so this is really wworrisome...can the tests be wrong?
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Avatar n tn mine is on the left side under armpit and around to shoulderblade (all rib area) i take an advil and rub some bengay on it and seems to help a little, but when i try to inhale it is very painful. i was also wondering if anyone had an idea about it.
Avatar m tn I am now 7 fays post removal of last tube and lung seems yo be fine on xray.. I now have severe chest pain under armpit radiating all the way through chest. skin is very sensative to touch and hurts for clothing to even touch. pain is excruciating and surgeon has no answer.. anyone have any thoughts or ideas.
494669 tn?1275362475 Since then the aches, cramps, tingling, cold sensations and such have gotten worse and expanded to the shoulder, neck back, armpit and rib area. My left side of my chest does hurt at times and I think I am having a heart attack, but again the cardiologist says it is just fine. Is it possible to have some sort of infection in your muscles or nerves or something?
Avatar f tn Anyways it just made me break into a panic attack and I got chest pain on my left side under my breast but I think that might have just been the panic attack? Right? Hopefully Anyways it's a weird sensation. Any reason why? Will sinusitis cause inflammation there?
Avatar m tn A few months ago, I began experiencing a burning sensation in the left side of my chest. I couldn't tell if it was in my breast or chest, but I attributed it to chest pain since I have POTS (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome). I also experienced pain and tingling that went down my left arm, but was never consistent. For the last two months though I have been experiencing pain that clearly seems to come from my breast on the left side almost under my arm.
Avatar m tn Hi I am old 28 yr old guy. For a couple of months I had pain in left chest, under left armpit and left shoulder but it wasn't severe. My doctor said it is related to the back muscle and I need to stretch regularly. However, today, I had a sudden sharp/severe pain in left under armpit/arm area. I couldn't move because it was very severe. whenever I try to move my arm or neck the pain got worse. Finally after taking Advil, the pain is much better.
Avatar m tn The chest pain is more confined to the left side of my chest, not really in front. I guess I would say in my armpit or right beneath it. Feels kind of bruised when I press on it and it sore in genera.
Avatar f tn I have been having chest pain on my left side. It also shoots to my left armpit, side of left breast and I have numbness and tightness down my forearm into my hand. I went to urgent care on Friday and all I got was a high WBC indicating I have an infection somewhere! So I went to the ER and that dr, didn't seem to worried at all. Now it's Sunday and I still have pain tightness and heaviness. I checked on WebMD symptom checker and results said pulmonary embolism or heart attack.
Avatar f tn I am 20 years old and experiencing discomfort in the left side of my chest on a daily basis. I am very worried. The pain has lately been developing under my left breast and down under my left side of my rib cage. I also get sharp pains in my left arm and armpit area, sort feeling like a pinching pain. Im also experiencing bad head aches almost everyday. Sometimes the sharp pains are even in my left shoulder blade it feels like.
1127040 tn?1289718662 It sounds like muscle issues, p0rtzer0. Try taking 800mgs of Motrin and see if that helps.
Avatar f tn So for the past month I have had pain in my left breast ( just under my armpit) that continues into my back. I have seen a doctor and he said that I had a pinched nerve. I have been taking t-3's for the pain and some advil extra for the inflamation. I was told to go to massage therapy and have attented many sessions with little results. I am 33 years old and have never experienced this type of pain before.
Avatar f tn Well, sometimes it can be tricky to differentiate what is going on. However, you have had follow up and testing for heart health. Gerd can indeed cause all of these symptoms including chest pain. What treatment for Gerd do they have you on?
Avatar f tn d started moving my bowels everyday again but the pain is still there as well as pain in my upper back and by my left shoulder blade, the bottom of it and under my left armpit, sometimes the pain radiates into the chest and under the right rib but rarely. The pain is sometimes dull, and then changes to a small sharp pain and then to a very sharp sore pain. It's always there so it seems and it worries me.
Avatar m tn The pain then moved into the front of my left shoulder going over the chest area and under the armpit. It started to get better but then I got the same pain in the right shoulder which travelled down my arm. At this point a lump appeared on my left side accross my 1st rib which was very painful to touch. The doctor I saw said it could be costocondritis. However the lump seemed to go away after a few days but the pain remained in my right shoulder.
Avatar m tn I have something similar, it moves around different locations under the armpit, pain down my left arm, sometimes in my left side of chest. I've been to the Emergency a few times and everything is fine, blood is fine they couldn't find anything.
Avatar n tn The pain has lately been developing under my left breast and down under my left side of my rib cage. I also get sharp pains in my left arm and armpit area, sort feeling like a pinching pain. Im also experiencing bad head aches almost everyday. Sometimes the sharp pains are even in my left shoulder blade it feels like.
Avatar f tn I had been feeling very tired with sore throats and hoarseness for a few months and discovered an enlargment under left armpit. Dr put me on Singulair, which has helped with the fatigue and sent me for an ultrasound and blood work. Bloodwork came back fine. Dr said that the node they examined looks fine but enlarged and it was not the one that is causing a problem (???) so he is sending me to a general surgeon next week.
Avatar f tn Whatup bro , it seems to be closer to my armpit, but it's legit like right under my left pec so...
Avatar f tn around my second trimester i started to feel the pain more sharper and experianced lymph nodes pain under armpit,under breast and at the sides of it.then around the 3rd trimester it came back much stronger and including pain at the neck,back and and i have this pain all over my left side from head to toe(head,behind ear,neck,shoulder,arm,joints,knees,chest,abdomen,back) i had an ultra sound but the doctor told me i have normal breast tissue and no lumps even under the arm..
Avatar m tn i have a pain in left side of chest just under my nipple but it is inside of chest and i dont no what it is im 22 male not over weight but im not healthy i have read all comments above and have same problem its hurts for a few weeks then just goes over night dont come back for a mouth or 2 then starts to hurt again but it is getting worst every time i smoke but dont thing that is the problem i just feels like i have pulled something but it has been going on and off for about 2 years now i know i