Chest pain left side under armpit

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Avatar n tn Left Chest Pain Right side pain*where chest meets armpit in corner) its sore.
1250698 tn?1371351279 For 2 days, I've been getting sharp, piercing chest pains in the center and right side of my chest. It only lasts for a few seconds then goes away, but when it happens, it's very painful. All day today, i've had trouble catching my breath. I feel like I have to take in huge gulps of air to stop the heavy feeling.
Avatar m tn I get pain all over left scar tissue and under armpit, over to right side back pain, shoulder pain , neck pain. Feet pain neuropathy.
Avatar f tn left chest pain, left of wishbone, entire area to armpit, including breast to nipple.
Avatar f tn It may be related to pleura - lung membrane, or to lymph nodes in armpit. Visit your primary doctor who will listen your lungs and check nodes.
8987257 tn?1401047525 Chest pain - left side under and beneath the breast. Sharp and intense.
Avatar m tn I am 51 years old male reasonable good health just had an electrocardiogram done nothing negitive showing . Ive been having severe chest pains in the left side under armpit,is something I should worry about?
Avatar f tn I have pains under my armpit, upper backache and on the right side of my chest, also pain under my sternum. I also feel like i have a sore throat, but no coughing, shortness of breadth and no pain on my left side.
Avatar n tn short lasting pain left side chest
Avatar n tn short lasting pain left side chest
Avatar f tn Hi, chest pain can occur due to mitral valve prolapse. It could also be angina, pain due to inadequate supply of oxygen to the heart muscle. This could be more relevant if you are a smoker, are overweight, have a positive family history, are a diabetic and have hypertension. The other causes to consider would be cervical spondylosis (neck problem) or disorders of the nerves, muscle or shoulder joint. It would be wise to consult a doctor just to be sure it’s nothing more serious. Regards.
Avatar m tn 25 pm..
Avatar f tn Hello group, I'm 36 and I've been having some chest pain on the left side including my arm and under my armpit, sometimes on my right but very seldom. Went to the e.r and all tests were normal. My father died of an heart attack in his early 30s so this is really wworrisome...can the tests be wrong?
Avatar f tn Intermittent chest pain left chest and under left shoulder blade
Avatar n tn Burning nagging pain right where armpit begins then left outward towards chest maybe inch and half wide.
580153 tn?1225850111 omg. my right side under armpit, breast.. is HURTING.. throbbing. left side as well, but right side mainly. it is even hurting more while typing this.
Avatar f tn I am also interested to know because I also have pain in my chest on left side and under left breast and in middle of chest towards collar bone, we believe I have Hashimoto's but am not on any Meds as of yet!
Avatar n tn By lymph node pain I mean feeling of inflammation travelling up through left inner neck and also feeling of inflammation near left armpit/next to left breast/left chest.
Avatar n tn ve noticed within the last three to four days my upper chest and ribs on my left side(the side i use the least)aches a good bit. my left side aches from my chest ribs(side and under the left chest)almost up to my armpit. i notice it hurts pretty bad when i'm standing and bend down or hunch over. Also it aches when i'm standing and take in a deep breath or laugh pretty hard.
Avatar n tn Left side chest burning/pain.
Avatar f tn I have been having pains in my left armpit, it feels throbbing and as if its perspiring but it is not. As well as pain in my left breast on the side (by armpit) as well as the upper part of breast. My shoulder and left arm and backside sometimes hurts too. I was told I have anxiety but I never had it like this. I am a type 2 diabetic. I take metformin which I wonder about the side effects. I get these pains constantly. I've gone to the ER, they did EKG and X-rays said I was fine.
Avatar f tn It is very sore under left armpit, down outside and inside of elbow, down to thumb, tingling in little and ring finger, burning and hurting, cracking in left of neck, muscle spasms in ribs in side, front and lower back of ribs, chest pain in upper above breast nipple and left side beside breast area. It hurts to also breathe in that causes crampy feeling or pain. Cannot use left arm at all.
Avatar n tn of late I have started getting a dull ache between my left armpit and left nipple, I take stress tests every year and the results are negative. I have even taken a CT angio a year and a half back which was completely normal for my age 50 yrs. I do a lot of strength training as well as brisk walking for 30 mins atleast 4 times a week. am not sure of the pain but do notice it goes away when I do strenghth training, could it be due to muscle damge from the heavy weights.
Avatar n tn i am a 29 year old male that is also a smoker (pack a day) about a week ago i was feeling chest pain (someone hitting my chest with a sledgehammer) i went to the er and they ran tests and said it was acute bronchitis and perscribed doxycycline (2 a day for 7 days) my seven days is up tomorrow and i am not feeling any better in fact i am feeling a lot worse mmy pain has also moved from middle of my chest to the left side under my armpit i cant inhale or exhale is this because of the medication or
Avatar f tn i went to the hospital not long ago for chest pains on the left side under my breast i thought i was having a stroke the pain was so bad. but i went to the er and it was muscle spasms. the doctor said it can be do to stress. but go gt checked out because it can be a sign of a stroke or just wht i had. be safe than sorry. also i had heachaches to. just get it checked to make sure its not serious.
Avatar f tn Paind started on this date. Mostly burning. annoying pain on left side of breast and armpit area.
Avatar n tn I just wanted to ask I have severe pain just below my left armpit sort of at the very side of my left breast. The pain hurts when I move but when still there is no pain. Do you think this is just muscular, it came on about 2 hrs ago and the only thing i have done today is pick my son out of the car. No pain in middle of chest or down left arm. No pain on right side either.