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1553173 tn?1358434089 I would like to know why I have had chest pain, that goes from one side of my chest to the other? and why is sometimes in the center of my chest too.
Avatar n tn Is it tender to the touch? I have pain right below my sternum that can be tender to the touch. I was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia and when it causes me problems I have pain there, in my chest, left shoulder, left arm and back. If I didn't have cardiac workups I would think I was having a heart attack. Digestive disorders can be very painful, I also had my gallbladder out, but unfortunately it doesn't cure everything.
1283793 tn?1271687792 If the chest wall is tender to the touch, or if the pain occurs with movement of the shoulder, arm, etc, then a musculoskeletal cause is suspected. If the chest discomfort is related to eating, then gall bladder disease is suggested. If an empty stomach causes symptoms, then reflux of stomach acid or ulcer disease can be the culprit. It may seem strange that these examples of gastrointestinal disease can be experienced as chest discomfort, but it is not at all unusual.
Avatar f tn Ecg was normal.. That specific pain is in one location, but i have had other twinges in the center of my chest. I get occasional giddiness but have had that for a while now. The Dr i saw first said it was costochondritis as my chest wall was tender to touch, but can u get it under the breast & that was about a month ago? I am 26 & a nurse working on a heavy trauma ward also. I am just slightly concerned its cardiac related..i get an aching in my shoulders & left wrist on occasions.
4093350 tn?1358096154 Its kinda along underwear line, area smaller than size of fist, tender to touch, dull ache- not severe. I can feel it more laying down which stinks because i want to go to bed! Should i be concerned?
Avatar f tn Mine are much more tender on the left side. just a thought - I was just diagnosed with Costochondritis......... its chest wall pain. it took 3 er visits to diagnose. I've never been on birthcontrol pills long enough so don't know about that. I was put on them in my early twenties and nearly passed out after the first pill.....
Avatar f tn I am experiencing pain on my left side near the abdoman area from front to back. The skin there is tender to the touch. My stomach seems to be swollen. Should I be concerned?
Avatar m tn Yesterday I was taking a break from some computer work and stood up and stretched my arms upward, and noticed what appeared to be a bulging vein running from just above my navel all the way up to under my left chest (stops just under the nipple). It definitely has become tender to the touch, but is not visible unless I am stretching upward (arms above head, like a morning stretch). I do not have a history of DVT, and can think of no reason why this would have appeared.
Avatar f tn I had C5-C7 removed anteriorly with fusion and hardware. Prior to surgery I had left arm pain and left scapula pain and some weakness to the left side. Approximately 6 weeks after surgery I started having new symptoms to the right side, such as intense burning pain on the right side and right arm pain and burning sensations that were spreading to my chest area. Then I also had posterior skull pain like it radiated to the right side of my skull.. The burning on the chest has subsided.
492921 tn?1321289896 I woke up a few times from the pain in my back and also a tightening feeling in my stomach. Now my stomach is tender to the touch. I'm wondering if the tightening in my stomach was Braxton hicks. My back is still a little soar.
Avatar f tn Do a search for a fibro tender point chart and you will find 2 tender points on the upper chest area 1 on the left and 1 on the right side. 2.Fibro sufferers usually have lower blood volume (up to 50% less in extreme cases) for the body to function properly. A red cell mass study, is required to find out the exact levels. This can be associated with chest pains. Normal is 30ml/kg Red cell volume in ml per kilogram of body weight.
Avatar n tn There are times that only certain areas of my body like for example the left side skin of my left leg or arm feel sore to touch. I believe that this happens when my body is trying to fight the virus in my system. And so I double my dose of Moringa Oleifera vitamins every time I feel like having colds and fever. The soreness or sometimes burning like sensation every time I touch skin during fever, I tend to experience it only certain area of my skin.
1438933 tn?1283913455 I get left eyeball pain as well either accompanied with a headache, or not. Wish I could help u.
Avatar m tn For a while now I’ve been feeling something strange on my left side of my body from the top of my head to my foot. My left side feels much weaker than my right and sometimes I have a slight pain in my forearm and my index finger and thumb at times feel tender when I press down to type or click on something. Also my neck feels like it is always leaning towards the right side and at times it can feel sore on the left side of my neck.
Avatar n tn THX. It must be muscular because it is tender to touch. I have taken 800 mgs of ibuprophen and it doesn't ease the pain. I may have gotten use to it and need something else. However I have no health Ins. so I hope i find something that relieves the pain that's over the counter.
Avatar f tn Three years ago, while pregnant with my daughter I started to feel pain under my left rib cage. The docker thought it was her feet brushing against my ribs. Three years later, I am still in pain. Now the pain won't go away. I have had every test under the sun done. Endoscopy, colonoscopy, upper gi, stress test, heart ultra sound, EKG, five other types of ultrasounds ranging from uterus to spleen to gallbladder. I have had chest x rays too. Recently the pain is so bad sometimes it wakes me.
5937468 tn?1386016633 Hi everyone! I am 12 days post decompression surgery. The right side of my head is fine but the left back side of it is so tender to the touch that it hurts to even wash my hair. I can't even lie down on my left side because it hurts. Has anyone else experienced this? Thanks!
Avatar n tn I have lower adbominal pain on my left side. Very tender to touch. What could be wrong?
Avatar f tn My pain is not in the abdomen but more in the left side towards my back and is not tender to the touch, only in the lying down position. I am upset that I have no where to go now and just want to get a diagnosis soon. In Canada to see a specialist you have to be refered by your Family Doctor! It is a shame that one has to suffer so long and sit back and wait for some more symtoms to develop!
Avatar n tn 10 hours ago I began to have what I believe to be gas pains in my stomach b/c of something I'd eaten. However, the pain has moved from across my abdomen to the left side between my rib cage and pelvis. I have no fever, loss of appetite, nausea or vomiting. It is extremely painful to take a deep breath and the pain is sensitive to the touch. There is a noticable pain while walking and moving. It does not feel like a muscle cramp.
Avatar n tn ve had a decrease in appetite and lose 40 lbs. My abdomen and my ribs are tender to the touch. I also not have sporadic pain at different areas of my back, right thigh, ribs, chest and croin area. I am a diabetic. I've had 2 CT scans, 2 MRIs, a MRA, a sickle cell and a stress test done. All negative. I need help too. Can someone give us any clue.
Avatar n tn I have had a slightly swollen left breast that is tender around side above and inside upper arm for 4 -5 weeks now.mammo clear doc say tissue is normal no lumps. any ideas?
Avatar n tn I started to see a new doctor to see if she can figure out my side problem....which i've had for over 13years. Not one doctor can diagnose it. She had all my medical records of all the tests i've had done. I told her I don't want to go down the kidney route b/c it's not my kidney every test i've had done for my kidney comes back normal and fine. Even though it started out as a kidney infection it's not that anymore.
Avatar f tn I have fibrocystic breast and even at the very top of my chest just below the collar bone it hurts and it is fibrocystic breast. It is very tender to the touch. But does it hurt without touching it, like inside your bones? If so, you can get a bone scan to make sure there is nothing going on. I have had one and it can't hurt. They may take a Xray first instead of doing the bone scan. GERD is more in the stomach, or esophagus or in the chest area sometimes.
Avatar f tn with what felt like a large knot at the base of my skull (left side) that was very tender to the touch. I had an MRI/Spine xrays in 2010 due to extreme pain and waterflowing sensations in the upper part of my head; no tumor was detected but showed degen.disks. I had a cervical disk op in 1970 and degen.disk ever since. I put ice on the back of my skull/neck to try to relieve what felt like a large bump. Should I do anything else ?? I am 71 yrs old. Thank you.