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Avatar n tn She is 64 but she also has osteoporosis and arthritis in her lower back. The back doctor just prescribed Celebrex, is this the safest drug for her? Also what should people with Hep C do to better care for their liver eventhough so far she seems to have a healthy liver. For the osteoporosis she is on Fosamax. She has been on it for several years. I am just afraid that too many potent drugs can be harmful for her liver.
Avatar m tn 2 times and less than 3 times the upper limit of normal) of liver associated enzymes was 6% for CELEBREX and 5% for placebo, and approximately 0.2% of patients taking CELEBREX and 0.3% of patients taking placebo had notable elevations of ALT and AST. A patient with symptoms and/or signs suggesting liver dysfunction, or in whom an abnormal liver test has occurred, should be monitored carefully for evidence of the development of a more severe hepatic reaction while on therapy with CELEBREX.
Avatar dr m tn Jim my brother uses Celebrex and he has a lot of success with it. I myself took Vioxx for 4 year for fibromyalgia and had tremendous success until it was taken off the market. I can't take Celebrex because I think it has sulfa in it and I am allergic. It has been known to have serious side affects however again some people do very well on it. I wish I could try it. What is RZ Rhizotomy? I've had 7 back and cervical surgeries so I am well aware of what that pain is like.
Avatar n tn Hi! If you just had knee replacement surgery and your leg is stiff and slightly swollen, please call your doctor immediately to rule out clots and deep vein thrombosis. This is a common complication of knee replacement surgery and needs to be treated immediately. Other than this, it could just be pain and stiffness due to surgery. Since a confirmed diagnosis cannot be given on net please consult your doctor regarding this immediately. Hope this helps. Take care!
Avatar m tn I have had swelling and pain at the side of my wrist and the base of my hand for about a year now. I have been to two different physiotherapists with only temporary improvement. I have applied ice regularly for the swelling and a topical anti-inflammatory for the pain. Xrays did not show any fracture in the wrist. When this problem developed, I had been playing many hours of racket sports with a lot of wrist movement, so it made sense to me when they diagnosed it as tendonitis.
Avatar f tn I went to an Orthopaedic doctor who prescribed Celebrex for the swelling in my knee. I did not tell the doctor I had Hepatitis C (I know this is very foolish, but I hate how the doctors treat you different when you mention Hep C). So my question is: Is it OK to take Celebrex if I have Hep C? I am supposed to take one pill per day for seven weeks. The warning label on the Celebrex package mentioned that it can cause liver damage, but warning labels seem to be overly cautious.
Avatar n tn The real swelling begun then. So the surgeon took me off all activity and had me rest for 2 weeks on celebrex. Swelling went down (of course) and then he said resume activity slowly. Swelling returned. Now he tells me that I have to rest again for another 6 weeks and Im back on celebrex. Does rest really make it heal? Will it ever get better? I am really frustrated and want to get back out on the field. it has been 5 monthes for a procedure that was suppose to take 8 weeks to be healed.
Avatar m tn During my treatment with Peginterfurion (not sure how to spell that) and Riboviron (that either), the swelling subsided throughout the duration of the treatment. Now, that the treatment is over and unsuccessful (undetectable infection levels throughout treatment, resurfaced after its completion), the swelling has returned. I currently take daily doses of sulfasalizene and naproxen when I begin to feel uncomfortable. Then, as the swelling procedes, I take tramadol for the pain with some success.
Avatar f tn The doctor said she believes I'm in the beginning stages of RA. I'm 38. I have RA and scherladerma in my family (uncles). The doctor has put me on Celebrex and Plaquenil. My pain isn't extreme but I do have severe swelling in my legs. My right leg is worse than the left. It is about 1/4 of an inch larger than it should be, all the way up. One of my concerns is that I am working and unable to raise my legs to releave the swelling. Can this lead to further problems?
471161 tn?1317194550 First of all she should know I can't take Ibuprphen because I am on 400mg. of Celebrex a day and secondly, how is that going to help the KNOT I HAVE STICKING OUT OF MY NECK AND THE SWELLING OF MY ENTIRE NECK?" If I didn't know that I can't take ibuprphen with celebrex that doctor would have me frying my liver right now.
Avatar n tn Also they have compression stocking kinda like a thigh high stocking but it will put compression on both your ankle and knee and reduce the swelling.
Avatar n tn Hello Dear, It is not uncommon to develop some swelling in the first few weeks after surgery. If this occurs, elevate the leg whenever not up to walking. However, excessive swelling of the foot and lower leg can be due to thrombosis (blood clots) in the veins in the leg. You should notice if the swelling is associated with painor tenderness.
Avatar n tn My grandmother has had chronic swelling of her feet for sometime now and she is a little overweight so we have never been concerned about it. However, recently the swelling in her feet has become increasingly worse to the extent that she now has difficulty walking normally. It is hard to watch her go through this and I'm hoping someone might have some insight as to one of the possible reasons for her problem and any solutions would be welcomed with gratitude.
Avatar f tn I am nineteen years old. Recently, I've been having severe joint pain and swelling, accompanied by chronic fatigue, headaches, limited range in movement, and occasional fever and/or nausea. I also have a very hard time sleeping, and have and extremely bad, deep, non stop cough. I had been to the doctor for this around the time when it all started which was when i was graduating high-school. I was in and out of the children's hospital non stop, and numerous rounds of bloodwork had been done.
Avatar n tn Last Friday during workout, I started to have sharp pains just below my left rib cage, well the sharp pains subsided and I now have swelling on my lower left rib cage and feel slight pressure on my ribs. I went to the er on Monday because with military healthcare it can take time to get an appointment. After a UA and bloodtest they said I was fine. The swelling has not gone down and the dull ache is gradually moving upward.
Avatar n tn I can no longer walk on the leg and PT says they can only use a tens unit on the knee with ice in hopes of getting the swelling down. Its been a full week like this now, the swelling is not receeding despite elevation and icing attemps there and at home. I've been takind Percocet for pain, Celebrex for inflamation and ambien to help sleep. My Ortho Dr said he thinks my body is having a reaction to the screws. He's never seen it happen but said there was literature on it.
Avatar n tn until last year!! Last year they said I had reactive arthritis and put me on Celebrex..I only took it till my swelling went down as I know it is a strong drug and long term can cause kidney issues.I am a very healthy person with diet and go the gym everyday..I do use salt subsitute does this cause problems? I took water tablets to reduce swelling..they didn't work!! Trying to stay positive..just worried its my good kidney having issues...please help!!
Avatar f tn Mobic wasn't really that affective for me but my insurance made me try practically every NSAID on the market before they would approve Celebrex. They denied Celebrex and even recommended a PPI (ulcer med) to take with the NSAID's because they didn't want to pay for Celebrex. After they denied me 4 or 5 times, they finally approved it. So now I take 400mg of Celebrex a day and it's a lot more effective than any other NSAID i've been on.
Avatar n tn Tylenol doesn't have the effect, but at the same time, it isn't very effective for arthritis pain and swelling. Call your rheumatologist and your pharmacist for advice.
Avatar n tn I was concerned as I have controlled high blood pressure and was prescribed Celebrex by my Rhuematolgist for my arthritis. The doctor that responded to my question said that the benefit of the drug is weighed against the risk and what is best for the patient. When it was all said and done, I decided to stay away from the NSAIDs to be safe, but that's just me, your condition is different and you should have your doctor explain the risks. Good Luck!
369861 tn?1306279286 This all started with my potassium being low and being hypoglycemic. The endo doctor took me off all diuretics so that i could take the renin and aldesterone tests. Does the potassium have anything to do with the thyroid and why did the endo take me off all diuretics to take the two tests. Doesn't he realise that my body would retaing the water and the result of edema? Just wondering?
Avatar n tn Based on fact that pain is simulataneously symmetric left/right, both arms/legs, and there's no swelling, discoloration, or tenderness (see characteristics list above), the four (4) physicians I have consulted have chosen not to check me for dvt. Will continue consulting physician for hypothyroid (Armour, etc.) into '09 and see what develops.
647391 tn?1275020233 Because I had a play i wanted to go to I took a Benedryl and that held off the swelling and the intense itching on my hands. Around 11:30, when I was done with my activity, I decided to stop at the ER and have a checkover before I drove home a 1 1/2. In this ER, the doctor gave me Benedryl and Predisone. It helped with the swelling and discomfort. The doctor wanted to watch me awhile and I wanted stay to take a nap before I drove.
Avatar f tn My mother said that like 20 years ago she had a kidney infection and she was wondering if that could be it, but can a kidney infection induce swelling of one leg only? Please tell me anything you think it might be and what should i do?
Avatar n tn and he gave me four more days of antibiotics 10/17-Three week’s later infection seemed to be coming back so I was prescribed cipro and vicodin and celebrex 11/7-Six weeks later infection never cleared up, swelling was down but still had intense pain in testicles, referred to another Dr, had second scrotal ultrasound Prescribed levaquin and more vicoden and celebrex Around 11/20 Met with Dr. again and told me the epididmytis is clearing up 12/6/07 Met with Dr.
Avatar n tn my reg doc prescribed it, despite me telling him i din't want it, he still did because he xrayed me and saw the broken bones and the swelling. That a good suggestion on the dosage increase, however, i can only handle 6mg of subutex a day. So i guess am in a dilema, any suggestions?
Avatar n tn I don't want to tell you what to do, but I'm wondering if you are taking anything for your joint pain and swelling? I am taking celebrex and it's a blood thinner, therefore, I'm not worried about thick blood anymore. Thick blood is something that MIGHT happen to those with Lupus.
Avatar f tn Anyway, they thought for a while that I had the beginnings of rheumatoid arthritis with joint pain and some episodes of swelling. After a year and a half of messing around with one test and specialist after another, it was discovered that I am mildly hypothyroid. At the time of the dx I was taking 1-2 Celebrex a day + Tylenol frequently on top of it just to keep the joint pain under control.
Avatar f tn I also have what is called RSD or CRPS which is nerve damage to my right foot and ankle which I am having SCS or Spinal Cord Stimulation for anyway I was on Celebrex for the swelling once I stopped taking them my bowels go almost normal and the bloating went way down guess celebrex is out of the question for me.
Avatar n tn I have read all the warnings about the possible link of NSAIDs and heart attack and would like your opinion. I was originally prescribed 200mg once a day and it was later changed to 100mg twice a day so I could take it at night as the pain in my knees and sternum tend to keep me awake. The Celebrex has made my knees feel much better but it seems to be less effective on the intercostal pain, but still does releive it to a certain degree.