Cat throwing up after vaccinations

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5194006 tn?1380823487 I found a site on exemptions for school, and after birth vaccinations and stuff for my state. But that it also said that NY is really strict on this type of stuff! and will question me for everything!
370143 tn?1206683269 then all the sudden the next day she was throwing up and just plain horrible. the vet my mom took her too said she had gotten cat leukemia. he also said that there are simple vaccinations for this. was the vet right? and if so could her kitten get it from the breast milk he drank?
Avatar f tn I had taken him to out of hours on the Sunday when he started throwing up. He hasn't thrown up once since then which the vets again say is very encouraging. The biggest source of my guilt is knowing that poisoning had been mentioned by the OOH vet although clinical signs then didn't indicate it. But it was on the tip of my tongue to ask if bloods could be taken just in case instead of injections and monitoring for 24 hours. If his bloods had been taken sooner maybe his chances would be better.
4520139 tn?1355852769 In spite of the fact that she had an end stage liver cancer, it seems, nothing to that effect showed up in her blood work until 4 days after the Convenia shot. At that point her AST was elevated but now tremendously and they thought she had an infection. 4 days after that she had become severely anemic, there was no sign of anemia in any of her blood work before this. She also had a 4 minute claw test, which means she took 4 minutes to stop bleeding.
1948900 tn?1324522837 (She's got a lot of fur) Even though she has seemed to perk up since taking the meds and she isn't throwing up anymore I can't get her to drink water. She just ignores it unless I encourage her and praise her while she drinks. I know its not parvo, I had my first puppy pass away from that and it was a god awful experience that I don't wish upon anyone. My mom was thinking it was jaundice from lack of water since she was throwing everything up.
Avatar n tn Here is the continuation of surfnsand247's original Tingling after Swine Flu Vaccine.
162948 tn?1205256292 My doctor told me that you can get pregnant immediately after getting off Mirena but it may take a month or two for your uterine lining to build back up. Since Mirena suppressed the lining from building up.
82861 tn?1333457511 36 Thursday morning, the day we left town, our friend Charlie gave up his battle with glioblastoma multiforme. Eleven months after diagnosis, he went to sleep and never woke. All 5 of us who were at the river are good friends of Charlie, and we were far more low-key than usual on a trip like this. Since the funeral was yesterday, we returned one day early to attend. We met Charlie through our close-knit biker community back in the early '90's.
203342 tn?1328740807 It was supposed to help keep her from throwing up in her kennel too. No dice, didn't work. She still threw up before we even left while I was talking to the vet. The vet said it might be best to make these her last vaccinations since she gets so stressed out and some of these vaccinations last 3 to 7 years anyway, especially with her being a geriatric cat and the fact that she's an indoor cat. She should be fine.
Avatar m tn Did she take the meds for the giarrdia for the right legnth of time? If she did, was she retested after to see if she was clear? Whe had a cat that had giarrdia, and he had diarrhea and kept throwing up foam and would not eat. As soon as he got off the meds he was fine, and tested negative .
405614 tn?1329147714 In the past, my vet suggested giving him chloriphenerimine maleate to make him sleepy. It worked a couple of nights, but then he started throwing up until there was nothing left inside of him, and even brought up some blood once. I have spent thousands of dollars on care for my little guy, (most recently on X-rays and blood tests) and am on a very limited income.
Avatar f tn Cats can get stressed easily and a move is a pretty big deal. She knows something is going on. Throwing up, hiding, not going to the bathroom as often, even being more affectionate can all be signs that she's feeling stressed. I'd give her the affection and attention and try to keep things as calm as you can around her. It's still a good idea to see the vet though, of course, to see if she's sick. Let's hope not! Let us know what the vet says, ok?
624274 tn?1262713353 She wouldn't eat nothing but the Old Roy and very little cat food. Then she started dry heeving about ten times before finaaly throwing up milky water. She was doing this all the time. She never had runny poop so I didn't think was anything to do with her diet. She continued to throw up and it seemed like she was staying really skinny so I decided to change her diet to Purina Little Bites a few weeks ago. That is when she started having runny, fatty bowel movements.
541150 tn?1306037443 HI Giardia caused a lot of throwing up and sometimes it was bloody, and she was VERY picky with food-she only ate people-food like salmon and chicken, which wasn't healthy either because there were no essential cat vitamins added. There are many possibilities with your kitty, and I sure hope you get to the bottom of it. Check out this website that I use all the time for medical advice about my cats.
Avatar f tn I don't have reason to think that she is immune compromised, but will follow up on it anyway. She has had cat flu as a kitten and has been vaccinated. I worried that the vaccinations may have caused an autoimmune problem initially. I will review the diet. I tried quite hard to keep her eating a wide range of foods when she was a kitten but she gradually trained me not to feed her chicken and other tributes. She is about 2.5 yrs now.
1058206 tn?1329697699 He was really my partner's dog - though when he got Giro, it was me that carried him to the vet for his check-up and vaccinations, carefully wrapped up inside my coat. At that time, I could hold him in one hand, he was that small. Since then, and since my partner and I started living together 5yrs ago, Giro has become mostly my dog and my shadow. He follows me everywhere I go. He is the most affectionate dog I have ever had - and just wants to be stroked and cuddled.
541150 tn?1306037443 Every antibiotic he had made him perfect, but 2 days after giving it up , back again. I have tried everything. The prednisone made him gain 1 kilo in four weeks. He only weighs 5 kilos. Anyone got any ideas on how to go? Is it an immune system response.? I know Colitis in humans is treated with immune supressants. I will let you know the outcome from tomorrow. I hope that they can find something to help your cat. It has got to be more common than it appears.
Avatar f tn I wake up evey morning to him throwing up, he is so stressed over this. This has all GOT to get easier.
Avatar n tn I usually stays out for about a 1 or 2 mins and it appears that I am having epillsey, but I was tested for that and the doctors ruled it out. After I wake up, I have a real severe case of diarrhea. Please if anyone knows or heard of this. Please share your thoughts.
Avatar m tn I have given up to be honest and just look after myself as I know even with MS there is nothing I can have now which would make the slightest difference, but i dont think you have MS, it sounds more infectious/auto immune and my dad had some of your problems with Lupus. He used to get this temperature thing in the afternoon, and eventually the pain in his legs.
Avatar n tn 30 and she was dead, puffy, eyes open... she must hae died around 4:00.. no yelping no nothing... She didn't do anything different from before.. and she was not distended or anything.. It doesn't matter if it was the heart or gut, but it strike so hard.. my best to those who greive tonight..
Avatar n tn I am constantly straining muscles from the intense coughing, I've coughed up blood twice. I finally had a CAT scan and it shows that my lungs are fine, except from some harmless scarring from prolonged coughing. Antibiotics have no effect on the cough. I've used Tussionex (codeine cough syrup) for years, but drs. don't like to prescribe it, so I use it when I can't stand it any more to make it last. The cough leaves me so exhausted, and my muscles painful, and it's almost impossible to sleep.
Avatar n tn It's amazing what the American people have had to put up with and our health is suffering because of it. Hal Huggins is great. Changing your diet, I am convinced is the FIRST step to healing the body and one you don't need a doctor for.
Avatar f tn his nickname is Bubber and Sandy Grace is Cissy) was not ready to leave us. She is not in pain, but most uncomfortable with the throwing up. She is doing better with this since I am giving her tums. Cissy weighs around 95 pounds, so I am disolving four tums in water and administering by a syringe. I know this is short lived, but she finally accepted some shredded chicken that I had cooked for her.
Avatar f tn When did this start for you, meaning- after sex, after a yeast infection or just out of the blue? How long have you been experiencing pain/irritation? Have you had bladder infections (UTI's), Cysts, yeast infections or bacterial vaginosis (ex. Gardnerella, it's when the ph levels in your vaginia get all wacky and good bacteria starts becoming bad bateria) in the past? Do you experience pain/irritation/sensitivity with the clitoris, inner labia or outer labis (or all) ?
491928 tn?1266181333 You know for the first part of my pregnancy it was awkward, we actually stopped talking for a few months, and then one day something happened with their truck and needed help taking my mom and brother home, so we picked them up and everything seemed to be okay after that. My dad.... Well at first I would have to say he was worse then my mom, he acted like it was such a big mistake, asking me what I was going to do, and blah blah blah....
Avatar n tn The doctor believes that these pains are due to a build up of lactic acid due to her activity level. Apparently athletes experience this quite a bit after a very active day. Because my daughter complains mainly in the evening and night time this was the diagnosis at this time. The doctor recommended charting the times the pains are occurring and as long as they are not interfering with her daily activity, she should be okay unless pains worsen or additional symptoms arise.
203342 tn?1328740807 My worry now is that for the last 3 weeks or so she is not eating much or drinking much and she has been throwing up nearly every day.I have to have her on special prescription dog food due to kidney stones so don't have a lot of options. I talked to the vet and got the same prescription dog food only in canned. The first couple of days she ate this good and did not throw up as long as I kept the portions down to a couple of tablespoons. Now the last 2 days she is not even eating this.
174267 tn?1220408828 It's totally normal, especially after hearing everything I went through. I read up that you can by a home sonogram that lets you listen to the babies heart beats you get a little farther along. They cost about a hundred bucks though, but you can check out ebay. As for me I have an appt on June 6th. I am hoping they can give me a reduced price this time after everything I went through. I hoping to start the cycle late July and have the transfer early august. I am on vacation for july7-aug7.