My cat keeps throwing up her food

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1085681 tn?1280180227 But recently she started (she's done it twice now) throwing up and throwing up and throwing up. I mean it'll be food at first and then after a while it's just liquid. I switched her food to a Purina One Sensitive Systems and she stopped doing it and hadn't thrown up at all since...until the other night. And it'll be like 8 or 9 times all in different spots in the house.
Avatar n tn I have never seen her throw up this much and it is worrying me that something is wrong, she just seems to be throwing up a white foam(?) liquid and can't keep any food down. She keeps trying to moisture her mouth and I can tell she is having difficulty swallowing/has a sore throat now(?), I'm guessing this is because she has been throwing up/retching throughout the day.
203342 tn?1328740807 Now I did mix a generic brand of cat food with her regular brand awhile back but it was after carefully reading the ingredients and seeing that they were the exact same ingredients so I mixed them half and half with her regular food. I did this once before. I'm wondering if she's throwing up from this (the other cat is fine and eats the same thing) or if it's a nervous stomach or something else? She acts healthy otherwise.
12679876 tn?1426981493 Good that he is getting his teeth taken care of that can be very painful to eat. My cat was throwing up for 3 days , was not dehydrated either, but the ultra sound and x-ray was needed to complete the picture. Just sayin---that is what I would do. Hope the little fellow feels better soon.
541150 tn?1306037443 There are always hairballs in Abby's stools and my cat has never had the need to vomit hairballs ever. The food has always done a pretty good job at getting rid of it. Any ways, I think I know why my cat is vomiting. My theory is the hair accumulates in his stomach making it impossible for him to get a good digestion. He wants to get rid of the hair so he tries to vomit. I'm scared because I still haven't seen a hairball when he throws up, but I know that's what he wants to get rid of.
Avatar n tn About a week ago ( this is also about the time she was rolling around on her stomache and whining) she started throwing up piles and piles of throw up. I tried giving her peptobismol but all that did was make it watery. So I took her food away and gave her a different kind of food (canned) and it seemed to help, she gobbled it right up but I only think it was because she was starving,like I said she is very picky and she was able to keep it down!.
Avatar n tn When I came back and brought the cat back to the house, she's been vomiting BEFORE i feed her. Which makes no sense. Her food hasn't been changed. I feed her the Iams hairball care/weight control for indoor cats. She seems fairly active, and I don't see anything visibly wrong with her. Her poop is also solid so no diarrhea. And she has no symptoms for worms.
300987 tn?1219987265 ever since we brought my cat home from surgery (it was just a day, not overnight, dropped her off in the am and picked her up that evening) my other cat has been acting like he doesn't know Hazel (my girl that got spade) and hissing at her and swatting. He completely acting like he's never seen her before at all and she was only gone a couple of hours. He's hiding and not really eating much and if he even sees her walk by he starts hissing at her.
747613 tn?1233530330 and her throw up contained hard cat food that she seemed to not have chewed properly and it also contained some kitty grass that we had bought for her and the other cats a few days ago. She was her playful self after wards. Again she threw up at about 12:00 a.m. but it was like a clear mucous and she threw that up in about 3 different spots of the bedroom and she threw up some of the clear mucous again at about 12:30a.m. after all that she seems sad and she'll walk around but she wont play.
17551877 tn?1458484851 I've read good results treating with Vitamin C in the form of LIPO-C ( I believe was the term) They also recommend a high protein good quality diet, they mostly promote raw foods but don't push it I've made my own cat food for one of mine following Sandys recipe for 4 years now but I used the COOKED chicken not raw, his own preference and mine too!! Keep us posted on what you find out and what you decide to do, I pray she begins to eat and is soon well enough to have some teeth removed.
Avatar f tn I'm sorry about your kitty's vomiting. You have to brush your cat a lot. If you do not brush your cat daily, your cat will keep throwing up. Gotta help the little one. Also, I would add fiber to his diet. Fiber is key to prevent hairballs. Fiber takes out anything the body cannot make use of, and so it comes out in the stool, in the litter box, not on the floow through your cat's mouth. That's what I do to prevent hairballs in both my cats and it has worked so far.
Avatar f tn So can i use my whiskas and blend that and give it to her? I have them in sea food flavor, my first cat dislikes whiskas chicken and beef, so i just buy seafood flavors. And sorry to be a nuisance, but why do u think she is walking funny? its really funny and so are the sounds she makes. i also let her sleep with me at night, is that a good idea? I dont want her feeling lonely or neglected.
Avatar f tn My female cat has started licking off her hair on her paws and legs and possibly is starting on her belly - they are long hair and it's kinda hard to tell until a definite bald patch appears. This has been happening since before Christmas. At first I thought it was due to the loss of her beloved "Cat tree" but I got her a replacement - although I'm not sure she likes it near as much.
Avatar m tn My vet had me start giving Akira salmon oil. It's a great way to add the Omega3 fatty acids and it's supposed to be nutritional approach to constipation and hair ball issues that cats tend to get. Even if it hasn't fully stopped that issue, it is a nutritional support that is easy to give to cats, because they like this natural oil that is closer to their native diet.
541150 tn?1306037443 He will sleep in there. The cat tree is like a gym to my other cat. Abby considers that a nice cozy bed. He used to play Fetch. Not anymore. I do notice that when I introduce new toys Abby will hold back and let Dillan have all the fun even though he is just as curious and wants to play just as much. The only thing I have that makes him run a bit is the laser. But when Dillan jumps in Abby stops playing. Always.....for everything we do....when Dillan joins us....Abby stops, turns around.......
Avatar f tn She is taking a drug call Budesonide right now for IBD. It keeps her eating without her getting sick and throwing up. She also does not seem to need her inhaler as much. Your cat may just need to take the Pren for a little while longer until the inflammation clears up completely. I tried cutting my cat back and she lost weight and threw up--so she has to stay on the original prescription or she will do exactly what yours is doing.
740516 tn?1360946086 Apple, when you give the pills, are you in the back of Loreena (or whoever) so she can't back up, open her jaw, tilt her head back and pop them in? The tech makes it look so damn easy, you know?
Avatar n tn absolutely visit the vet it the kitters keeps doing it. is your cat "bound up" because it sounds a bit like collic. collic is something that happens when they can't pass feces. they can no longer eat because they can't get rid of what they did eat! try getting the kitty to play and run around a bit. movement helps with collic. also the weather has recently changed and that can cause a cat to diet! they just think it's too hot like we do.
507875 tn?1423163861 On another note, if I can ask for a few prayers for my sister-in-law....Sunday is her birthday and one year ago, the day AFTER her birthday - her brother was killed in a motorcycle accident coming home from a BACA trip (Bikers Against Child Abuse). They had gone to a little one's house and stayed around the outside to protect the little one from an abusive dad. Anyway, they were coming home and he must have hit tape on the road or something and crashed into the cement median.
Avatar f tn hello there, Im a 38 year old and 6 months pregnant, Ive had my cat blue for 10 years she meant everything to me before I met my husband she was like my kid ...anyway when my other cat died, basically her sister tosies, she changed I mean became a freaken paranoid hissing b!#ch. and she was so nice and wonderful before, thats about 3 years ago...
Avatar f tn What type of cat food were you feeding your cat ? Is the food bought from a grocery store for example or bought from your vet ? Does she throw up her food every day? You mentioned you were considering force feeding your kitty. Please don't do that. I think that would make the situation worse. I don't know what this involves ,but I can only imagine that this could cause distress to your kitty and kitty will probably throw it up anyway. Personally, I would find another vet.
685623 tn?1283485207 Sadly, there is little evidence to back up that claim. In fact, when reviewing confirmed food allergies among dogs, corn and rice have the same number of cases (about 2.4% of all allergies). Beef, wheat, and dairy continue to be the leading reasons for food allergies. Could corn eventually rise up higher? Certainly…given it’s prevalence in many diets, it has that potential, but until your pet is proven allergic to corn through elimination diets, I wouldn’t worry about it.
Avatar f tn I try to pull my wife out of the bed to save her or cover her face with the pillow so the animals don't get her. But the strangest thing, is that once i realize i'm just being stupid, my head hits the pillow and I'm asleep in no time, while she'd lying there with her heart pounding scared half to death. In looking for whats the cause, I've seen a lot of things, but I don't think I have a sleep disorder, because I sleep great. I've never taken drugs, prescription or non.
1358341 tn?1282213443 As far as the Renal KS , no, I have not used it before and really have no feedback on this particular product. My plan is to get my cat on vitamineral green, 1/8 tsp twice a day, the renafood, plus get her some Icelandic Unscented Salmon oil and hold the aluminum hydroxide for the moment since her phosphorus levels are not high and still well within the normal range.
685623 tn?1283485207 I think Marion Nestle coined it best when she titled her book “Pet Food Politics”. Just like regular politics, a discussion on pet food will often turn heated with both sides tossing swear words back and forth and each trying to “out reference” the other with citations from a variety of journals. Then, toss in a couple hundred anecdotal stories per side and you end up with a very messy and volatile debate. I don’t want to spend a lot of time debating the merits of “BARF” diets vs.
Avatar n tn With the dreaded pill taking, try coating the pill in butter and grab the back of her neck and gently tilt it backwards, throw the pill down the side of her mouth and then rub her throat, my cat used to face the wall when he saw me coming with his daily pill, it was such a hoot, I think he thought if he couldn't see me then i couldn't see him, lol. Let us know how she got on with the test.
Avatar n tn My cat is very sick. He started with throwing up food and now it's down to clear liquid. He don't have any energy, that's to not eating and drinking hopefully. He's been like this for 2 days now. We called the vet and was told it could be a hair or string wrapped around his tongue. Our house is so safe, so I don't think it's a string. She said that he would have to be sedated to check out the back of his tongue. Has anyone come across this with one of your cats? PLEASE help me, if you can...
Avatar n tn I swelled up for about 4 days before I went to my Chiropractor. He thinks they use a food additive on the shrimp.
Avatar n tn -) I knew this would be the outcome... FOOD is the key people...FOOD is changing my life, FOOD is healing me...will be getting the other two fillings replaced! My life is changing right in front of my eyes on a daily basis. ~Amy~ Loving my life!