Can you treat a yeast infection while on your period

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Avatar f tn if you have a different experience or have been through a yeast infection while pregnant please share your experience but no need to shoot the rest of ours down ..none of us our DRS ...
Avatar n tn back about 6 mths ago i got my first yeast infection..and got them for 3 mths in a row a week or so before my period..not sure why...i didnt go to the doc tho, i used canesten..i find the 1 day trestment didnt work...i guess i needed something with a slow reklease that worked over a longer period of time as opposed to the one shot treatment..i used the three day combo pack (where u insert the tablet inside of u and then use the cream on the outside) bless my fiance..
1269698 tn?1295899811 at this point treat your kidney infection obviously and then follow up on things. you can get tested for std's while you have your period - makes no difference at all. What is important is that you waited enough time between the last time you had sex and getting tested. do you know what they tested you for too? odds are herpes wasn't a part of your std testing. you should follow up with a type specific herpes igg blood test 3 months after the last time you had sex.
Avatar f tn Yes, you can get a yeast infection as a virgin. Women often get a yeast infection, for example. after taking certain antibiotics, which can disturb the normal healthy balance of the vagina. However, it is also possible to get bacterial infections (again while still being a virgin), not just yeast infections, so it is important to get it checked out to see what organism might be causing the problem and whether a medication might be needed to clear it up.
Avatar f tn If you take antibiotics it can cause a yeast infection, which I think you already have. Something that may help with these yeast infections is taking a probiotic every day. They can be bought an any pharmacy or even a Walmart. Ask the pharmacist what they recommend. Research online women's clinics in your area. It really sounds like you need to see a Dr. If there are'nt any close to you give your own Dr a call and ask about an uninsured patient discount. Many Drs will do this.
97615 tn?1212682189 also, i don't know if i ovulated already...and if i were to be pregnant already can i treat a yeast infection w/ an rx???? it would be a long shot if i was prego but i have been peeing a lot...unless that is a sign of a yeast infection???
Avatar n tn , Chlamydia) Did you ask if it could be anything else other then a yeast infection? Did your Dr. offer any other reasons for your discharge other then a yeast infection - such as a possible STD?? Did you make sure to inform your Dr. that you aren't using condoms and that you've never had a pap smear? All these things are important to talk about. Sometimes Dr.'s don't always offer information. Some Dr.
Avatar f tn It relieves the itching and I really believe it kills off those nasty buggers because sometimes I don't even have to use medicine to treat the infection!! I actually wash the yeast out with the sprayer. If you dont' have a hand held sprayer then you could buy a douche bottle (it's actually a bag with a hose on it) at the store and fill it with very warm water to clean yourself out... no vinegar or nothing else. Sorry to sound gross but it works for me.
Avatar n tn I would have to say if you have had sex with her while she has a yeast infection you can be making it worse. A man can carry the infection and give it to the woman again and again. I would go see the doctor yourself. If you dont want her to get the infection again, I would suggest talking to your doctor about transfering infections. Otherwise she will continue to get it.
Avatar n tn you can also put vaseline on your vagina while you do this. if you eat a lot of sugary things cut down on them. even if you dont think that you eat sugary things, there is also sugar in the food or drinks that you consume. so try and stay away from that stuff bc when i cut down on my sugar intake i notices a change. there are also panty liners if you have vaginal discharge that let in 2X's the air flow into your undies. its the Carefree body shape panty liners. they also helped me.
Avatar m tn Your situation is a rather complex one and you have ruled out some of the possible explanations. While a difficult to treat yeast infection is a possibility, I must also admit that as I read your description I wondered about herpes although it sounds as though your symptom took far longer than the 3 weeks which really is the maximal time that herpes infections might be present (am I correct on the time element. How long have your symptoms been present.
Avatar n tn You might also notice you might tare if you wipe too hard or if you scratch/rub yourself (hey, it can be very itchy) you cut yourself. Also, you can get a pill that takes away a yeast infection. My doctor always gives me two just incase the first pill I take does not clear it up right away.
Avatar f tn You mom will understand if you tell her that you need to see a dr for a yeast infection. Any woman can get one you don't have to be sexually active. Please get it treated, it will only get worse. I'd tell you to get the over the counter stuff but honestly at this point it will only hurt you more than resolve the issue because you have parts that are not healed. You are going to need the prescribed stuff.
Avatar n tn It's much more healthy than douching and the vinegar balances out your ph levels. If you feel like you have a yeast infection coming on, you start feeling irritation or noticing more discharge, take a vinegar bath right away. Also, be sure to avoid heavy soaps when you shower. Use Dove to wash your private area.
Avatar n tn The main reason I am asking is because the first time I performed oral sex on her I got a very bad bacterial infection in my throat; figuring it was from that I did not do it for a long period of time, then when I performed the act again 2 nights ago I am again showing signs of a bacterial infection but not as severe.
Avatar n tn I’m worried because I read that sometimes a herpes outbreak can be confused with a yeast infection. Thank you very much for your advice!
Avatar n tn Unfortunately after all this, I still burn while urinating, clearly I have a yeast infection, I urinate chunky white stuff and ooze and crust up on the tip of my penis, but most importantly, my penis skin is still peeling off. Mostly from the bottom now, the sides and top are healed back up on the head making it near impossible to have sex without bleeding.
Avatar n tn It's been a while, but I hope you got checked out by a proctologist. It sounds like you got some really bad and incorrect information from someone. Removal of hemorrhoids is a very common and safe procedure and has nothing to do with your reproduction.
Avatar n tn After sex insert a small piece of the frozen yogurt into your vagina this will help keep yeast infections to a minimum. If you have a yeast infection the cooling effect is wonderful. Every 2 to 3 weeks replace the yogurt that is frozen. It will not lose its probiotic strength because it is frozen, when it thaws out in your vagina the cultures become active again. You can also dip a tampon into the yogurt and insert if you have a yeast infection with your period.
Avatar n tn and can you catch a yeast infection if you performed oral sex on someone who have a yeast infection? Please help me out here im a lil confused about this.
Avatar n tn I also have developed a yeast infection and I was treating it with cream but now I am scared to treat it because I have found a small pea-sized bump that appears to be a little white in color . . . it is on the left size of my vagina. I can't figure out if its the yeast infection that is causing the itching and a little bit of stinging sensation or if it is the bump.
Avatar f tn I wouldn't self treat with anything, and if your doctor saw nothing to indicate a worm infection, you shouldn't take that. Shaving can spread whatever you have. And no, never have sex with symptoms.
Avatar f tn have you been tested for STD's??
Avatar n tn I also got a yeast infection from being on 2 rounds of antibiotics and steriods for broncitis and pneumonia. I just started getting into using more "natural" approaches, and I bought several different kinds of essentail oils, tea tree oil being one of them. After I realized I had a yeast infection (I'm 30 and this is only my second one ever) I had to research to see what to do about it.
Avatar n tn Does this sounds like typical yeast or do you think I could have a different infection? I'm positive it's not BV. Can you get other fungal infections from antibiotics? Any help is appreciated.
Avatar n tn I have heard that men can pass on a yeast infection (not necessarily show symptoms), so if you are having unprotected sex you may be passing it back and forth. In this case your partner may need treatment. Also, BC pills can sometimes be the cause. It seems to mean that you should not get them so frequently, What does your physician suggest?
Avatar n tn are you absolutely certain that is it a yeast infection? have you had one before and had a dr. confirm? what are your symptoms? i once had an infection and thought that it was a yeast infection. I bought the cream and made it worse. i went to the dr. and there was no yeast present. i have heard that the 1 day treatment is not as effective as the 3-7 day. i usually go with the 3 day but being as thrifty as i am, the 7 day is less expensive!
Avatar n tn ), and those test came back negative, but it did show that I had a yeast infection. I was given a prescription pill and it was only 1 pill and was advised to get Monistat. I did both of those things, but my symptoms seem to not get any better. They were still very extreme. However, in February, it seemd as if my period was finally normal again. There was no dark brown blood and they last the usual four days with a heavier flow.
Avatar n tn you may notice white creamy or thick discharge....should get it can get a yeast infection on your clitoris too, and it can get all swollen and have some white discharge around it....ouch! This is what works for me...and it could be helpful for you too...but I'm not a doctor and not treating anyone here...just sharing... I know that vaginal douching is not considered a good thing...but let me tell you's the ONLY thing that works for me when I'm hurting down there...
Avatar f tn It is self cleaning you can just wash the outer area. A clinic can test you for Trich if you have had unprotected sex. There is also a high rate of recurrence with BV and it is best to use a topical or oral probiotic with treatment. One study stated that once weekly topical (vagially) probiotic for 6 months prevented it from recurring. So, I'm not 100% sure it is not BV or that it was cured. I would like to know if they did a smear or other lab test to prove or disprove you had it.