Can you treat a yeast infection during your period

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Avatar f tn if you have a different experience or have been through a yeast infection while pregnant please share your experience but no need to shoot the rest of ours down ..none of us our DRS ...
Avatar f tn If you go in to like a walmart, there should just be different test by where Vagisil and Mosistat are. They can only tell you if it's not a yeast infection. If it is BV, you will need to go in to the doctor. Only antibiotics will get rid of it.
Avatar f tn if you are having SEX with your partner while you have a yeast infection,..then your partner then gets it to. BUT,..MEN SHOW NO SYMPTOMS!!! so you and your partner both need to be treated for the yeast infection or it becomes like a ping-pong game, get treated but you just get itback again after having sex with your partner.
Avatar f tn I'm getting treatment for the yeast infection now which i dont really think is a yeast infection because the symptoms dont resemble a normal yeast infection. I have had yeast infection before and it was never like this. I always had classic yeast infection symptoms. which is why i'm extremely worried that i may have herpes. Do most people generate antibodies after 6 weeks? what are the stats?
Avatar f tn The kits will tell you that you are about to ovulate in the next day or so and then you can time intercourse more accurately. Has your hubby had a semen analysis done? You can have beautiful eggs released at a great time, but if he is shooting blanks, your efforts are in vain. maybe give it another few months and if no luck, I would start looking into his side of the equation.
Avatar f tn Do not douche! Get meds again for you AND your boyfriend and maybe you can take the systemic pill for yeast as well just in case.
Avatar f tn Can a chronic yeast infection cause the rough patches i have explained? My main concern is warts. Do you think it is or could be genital warts?
Avatar n tn , Chlamydia) Did you ask if it could be anything else other then a yeast infection? Did your Dr. offer any other reasons for your discharge other then a yeast infection - such as a possible STD?? Did you make sure to inform your Dr. that you aren't using condoms and that you've never had a pap smear? All these things are important to talk about. Sometimes Dr.'s don't always offer information. Some Dr.
Avatar m tn Your situation is a rather complex one and you have ruled out some of the possible explanations. While a difficult to treat yeast infection is a possibility, I must also admit that as I read your description I wondered about herpes although it sounds as though your symptom took far longer than the 3 weeks which really is the maximal time that herpes infections might be present (am I correct on the time element. How long have your symptoms been present.
Avatar n tn I would have to say if you have had sex with her while she has a yeast infection you can be making it worse. A man can carry the infection and give it to the woman again and again. I would go see the doctor yourself. If you dont want her to get the infection again, I would suggest talking to your doctor about transfering infections. Otherwise she will continue to get it.
Avatar n tn I heard that your period is supposed to clear up a yeast infection, is this true?? also, does anyone know if penicillin causes yeast infections?? I thought I read that it did, because it is a yeast itself and disrupts the balance. I'm just finishing up a week's worth of penicillin and have noticed an extreme dryness.
Avatar n tn You might also notice you might tare if you wipe too hard or if you scratch/rub yourself (hey, it can be very itchy) you cut yourself. Also, you can get a pill that takes away a yeast infection. My doctor always gives me two just incase the first pill I take does not clear it up right away.
Avatar n tn It's much more healthy than douching and the vinegar balances out your ph levels. If you feel like you have a yeast infection coming on, you start feeling irritation or noticing more discharge, take a vinegar bath right away. Also, be sure to avoid heavy soaps when you shower. Use Dove to wash your private area.
Avatar f tn The package insert included in yeast infection medication says if this is your first time experiencing these symptoms to go see a doctor so that is probably the best thing to do just to make sure it is nothing serious and that is treated properly. A doctor may also give you better medication to treat an infection then what you would get at the drugstore.
Avatar n tn I had a yeast infection after my last period, i just started my period yesterday and when i wipe or take out the tampon it feels like i'm using razor blades. it also feels like i'm swollen in that area which makes it hard to take out the tampon. I don't have pads at the moment or i would use them. please help.
1054108 tn?1314302260 Has anyone was treated for bacterial vaginosis infection or yeast infection during first trimester? What medicine is safe to take for treating these two infections during 12w of pregnancy? My OB has prescribed me fluconazole 150 mg (one tablet only) for yeast infection and metronidazole 500 mg (to take for seven days) to treat bacterial vagnosis infection. She said it is safe however I am still hesitating. Please I need your advices.
Avatar n tn So any infection resulting in itching or discomfort is kind of out of the question. I have heard it could be bacterial vaginosis or a yeast infection but I'm not sure, neither of those seem precise. She is EXTREMELY self conscious about the area and I want to be 100% positive she could have something before saying something. Please let me know any information, or anything I can try to treat the possible issue.
Avatar n tn I’m worried because I read that sometimes a herpes outbreak can be confused with a yeast infection. Thank you very much for your advice!
Avatar f tn I had three more yeast infections since then, each time taking diflucan. This last infection came from a rather long period of rough sex, vaginal and oral. Two days after I started getting the yeast discharge and the itching. I took the diflucan I had on hand and the yeast started to decrease. The next day I noticed I had little cuts around my vulva. Short paper cut like cracks that I assumed was a side effect of beard burn, or being dry from the diflucan.
Avatar n tn After sex insert a small piece of the frozen yogurt into your vagina this will help keep yeast infections to a minimum. If you have a yeast infection the cooling effect is wonderful. Every 2 to 3 weeks replace the yogurt that is frozen. It will not lose its probiotic strength because it is frozen, when it thaws out in your vagina the cultures become active again. You can also dip a tampon into the yogurt and insert if you have a yeast infection with your period.
Avatar n tn I would like to know can you get a yeast infection by have oral sex and using a sucker?
Avatar m tn The jock itch has been gone since my doctor prescribed Lotrison as a PRN back during the first menstrual period problem in 2010. Probably just needed a stronger cream for the jock it but some times after sex it seems like I get a little itchy in my groin. Maybe its just in my head, but can vaginal fluids cause jock itch or groin irritation? You don't think this is related to do the NGU do you? Thanks.
Avatar f tn Surrounding lymph tissue/nodes also require examination, especially the mesentary lymph nodes which are in a web of tissues that communicates fluids near the colon, reproductive organs, bladder, etc. - Your doctor works *for* you ladies;the doctor is your employee. Since they treat healthcare like a business, and they sure aren't doing it for charity, you need to be a demanding (but polite and personable), an informed and involved customer.
Avatar n tn If you are experiencing cold/flu like symptoms before/during your period get to your Gynaecologist! They specialize in stuff like this! Tell them your symptoms, ask them about PMDD and possible treatments. Don't put up with this! As working women, mom's, wives, students, etc., we've got way too much on our plate to have to add this too the our lists.
Avatar n tn Could this be from my husband? My husband has diabetes I read up on yeast infections and it say that you can get a yeast infection more than normal if you are a diabetic but I am not a diabetic my husband is so could it be my husband thats causing me to get a yeast infection after sex? And this is not every blue moon this happens everytime after sex!!
Avatar n tn The only sure way to find out is to get tested. I get recurring mild yeast infections about every other month and they go away w/af. I think it's just the imbalance of bacteria at that time of the month. If you get open sores like canker sores, cold sores, etc. I might be a little concerned. The yeast causes irritation and burning but not the cold sore type. You can get sores from a yi if you scratch it. If no other symptoms, I would say just yi.
Avatar f tn have you been tested for STD's??
Avatar n tn If you are menstruating with a yeast infection, make sure you use a pad rather than a tampon, and make sure you change the pad often. Moisture remaining close to the skin will exacerbate the problem. Eating a cup of yogurt a day when taking antibiotics will sometimes help avoid the yeast infection b/c of the active cultures.
Avatar n tn Does this sounds like typical yeast or do you think I could have a different infection? I'm positive it's not BV. Can you get other fungal infections from antibiotics? Any help is appreciated.
Avatar n tn are you absolutely certain that is it a yeast infection? have you had one before and had a dr. confirm? what are your symptoms? i once had an infection and thought that it was a yeast infection. I bought the cream and made it worse. i went to the dr. and there was no yeast present. i have heard that the 1 day treatment is not as effective as the 3-7 day. i usually go with the 3 day but being as thrifty as i am, the 7 day is less expensive!