Can you cut toprol xl in half

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Avatar n tn I should cut my Toprol XL dosage by 50%. Do you concur? Would this reduced dosage have any negative impact whatsoever on the mean-time-to-failure of the replacement valve? Thank you very much. CCF is simply the BEST!
343006 tn?1314450071 and try another medication - remember when on toprol xl or toprol beta blocker you have be weaned off it slow.. unless your on a low dose.. you Doctor will know how to do it.. if he or she is willing.. I for the life of me, cant figure why any good Doctor anywhere would prescibe this junk to anyone ! as it has so meny side effects to it.. thanks for posting.. take care and good luck ! boogernose..
687614 tn?1244201579 00 am and the same 50 mg at bed time 9:00 pm. A riddle in of itself!!! I have approached my doctor's about this. One says that it is okay to still take my Toprol XL 50 mg. even though my BP is 99/56 and my pulse is 58. Another says that if I don't I will have breakthrough SVT's that are even tough for ER to get down sometimes (though it is not deadly so they say!). Who's right and who's wrong!!!
385959 tn?1200162900 I've tried many of the blockers ... but is there anything you can suggest that comes closest to Toprol? Do you have any OTHER suggestions for me? I've looked into ablation a bit, but just not sure that's something I want to chance. Thank you for your help.
Avatar f tn The Toprol XL (Metoprolol Succinate) tablet should not be cut in half. Doing so defeats it's time release properties. If you want to mess with dosages (and I don't think you should), the generic Metoprolol Tartrate (referred to as just Metoprolol) can be cut in half without a problem. I take an odd, 75mg. Per day; 50mg at dinner, and 25mg (half a pill) upon rising. Think of your dose level as a "starting dose level".
Avatar n tn From what I know it is hard to see a specialist in England and can takes months to get the tests you request. If you are truely still woried ask for an Echocardiogram and an EKG and maybe a 24-48 Holter Monitor as this will almost always pick up any dangerous heart conditions. But regualr sinus tachycardia (normal heart rhythm just fast) cannont harm you at all.
Avatar m tn Unbelievable. I was on 25mg (mind you 25mg) of Toprol XL for several years until the cardiologist said: "That is bad stuff, get rid of it". Per his instructions, I cut the pills in half and took those for 10 days and then took the now 12.5 mg every other day for another 10 days. I had no ill effects. I can't, obviously, comment on your condition but 300mg of that stuff every day is frightening to me.
Avatar m tn Given the average HR of 68, normal or high BP assumed, and the low dose level of Toprol XL I think you should be fine. Check you HR a few times a day until you feel comfortable. If you have an athletic history, a low HR, even in the 50s may be all you need due to a strong/athletic cardiovascular system.
Avatar n tn Talk it over with your cardiologist to see if you can try 50 mg XL once a day. If she agrees you can split you 100 mg tablets - if necessary buy a pill splitter. Here I assume you'll get a chance to see what 50 mg will do and I further assume you didn't have serious side effects at the 25 mg level.
Avatar m tn I recently went off Monopril for high blood pressure and started Toprol XL, which makes my heart beat so hard, I called my dr and was advised to cut the dose in half to 25 mgs per day for at least a week to give my body time to adjust. Now I get the vibrating sensation almost every night. It used to only happen when I drank too much. (I hardly drink anymore.) I'm so glad to have found this site!
Avatar n tn It seems to be help with my episodes of SVT. Maybe you can ask your doctor if this is something you can consider.
Avatar n tn Walking is much more variable. You can stop and take in the world for a moment whenever you want. It relaxes you much more, which is just as important as the exercise. Also there is such a thing as silent ischemia, which they say that many people have. I feel that I am very sensitive to the subtle signs the precede the onset of angina, but I have trained myself to be more aware of them.
Avatar m tn i am taking toprol xl 25 mg (half in am and half in pm. it seems to be working on bp but when i am up on my feet heart rate goes to 100-115. why isn't it working on hr.
Avatar n tn I wonder if it might be a reaction to the Toprol . I cut my dose in half as of yesterday to see if that helps. I am sensitive it medication I usally only need one reg tylenol to help me with a headache. I would appreciate it you have any information that would help me with this frustrating situation.
Avatar n tn A pulse below 60 also sounds like something I'd get checked out -- maybe you are taking too much Toprol and your blood pressure and pulse rate are going too low, causing you to black out. Although 50 mg is the lowest dose, you could cut the pill in half. Good luck.
Avatar n tn Me too. Toprol XL, 25 mg every day. Doc said if 25 mg doesn't do it, I can take 25 in the a.m. and 25 in the p.m., too (and sometimes I might if my heart is beating really hard). I've been on a betablocker for about two decades. Started out with Inderal 10 mg 3 times a day (took it for probably 10 or 12 years). Have been on Toprol now for probably close to 7 years. Definitely, don't just run out of the Inderal and then stop. You cannot do that with a betablocker.
Avatar n tn rossi, I'll assume that you are taking a beta-blocker? Perhaps metoprolol? If the medicine is metoprolol, the only downside to your current regimen is that you are eventually going to find taking the medication 4 times a day to be a drag. Doctors are in 2 camps about how often metoprolol should be administered. I used to prescribe it twice a day, but have now gone to thrice per day. This schedule might be easier to take than 4x/day.
Avatar f tn Now keep in mind that I continued taking the medication not knowing that it was dropping my bp too low. It's good that you caught it very soon. Toprol xl is an extended release medication and you don't want the bp dropping too low on that type of med.
Avatar f tn If you read the side effects of celexa, you find that it frequently can cause tachycardia and infrequently causes bradycardia. This is not a drug interaction. 3. Since I have you on the "line" and it's so hard to get a question in - my echo results said that I have trace regurgitation with redundant mitral valve tissue, but no prolapse. What does this mean as far as my long-term prognosis goes? I have read that redundant tissue is a very bad thing, though my regurge is low.
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Avatar f tn wmac, Thanks for the post. Q:"I was wondering how well toprol xl is tolerated in the general population" Very well, actually. Depending on the dosage, 25-50% will experience some fatigue. Other side effects are much less common, but include light-headedness, constipation, depression, glucose intolerance, plus other even less common reactions.
Avatar n tn Insurance usually does not cover it and this may be why its not prescribed as much, but it isnt bad - about $25-30 for a 30 day supply. If you cut in half, then you get 2 months out of it. SO its smart if the Dr wants you to take 50mg, to ask for the 100mg pill so you can make it go 2 months. (tricky eh?) At any rate - wanted to pass on that I think Toprol has really made a difference for my PVC's. It has lowered my bp and my heart rate by about 15-20 BPM. Good luck!
Avatar n tn At your age the likelyhood of significant cardiac disease in almost zero. It gets frustrating when you have lots of symptoms you dont understand. There are a lot of things that can cause symptoms in the chest that arent cardiac. The pain meds were probably not for your heart and if I had to guess it was for some type of musculoskeletal pain that your physician thought you had. Set up an appointment with your physician or even his/her nurse to help go over things.
Avatar n tn just total dread I told my doctor that I had to get off of them, so I began reducing my dosage in half. The pill are scored and I broke it in half, I took .25 for 10 days and then got a prescription for .25XL and starting breaking those in half. I took the .12.5mg for 10 days and then I stopped. Had a few uncomfortable moments but I was fine and now, I have a palpitation every now and then, but I'm much better off of them.
Avatar n tn I went back to 25mg Toprol and am trying to wean off of it slowly (cut the dose in half to start) and am having horrible anxiety, sleeplessness, jitters and actual tremors. My heart feels like it is pounding out of my chest and my pulse is 105. Any suggestions from anyone?
544531 tn?1221343201 I know that was the wrong thing to do about taking yourself off of a medication, but I cut the pills in half for a week before I quit taking them all together. My Cardio doctor told me that that wasn't safe for me to do on my own, but the shortness of breath was really scaring me. I never had that problem before. The beta-blockers also made me feel weak. I did have Bronchitis last month and my Cardio doctor and primary doctor kept saying it was the Bronchitis making me short of breath.
Avatar f tn The cardiologist told me to stop it, I had shortness of breath and terrible night sweats. I cut them in half and did that for 10 days, then I took those half pills every other day for 10 more days and then I stopped. No ill effects.
Avatar m tn I called the cardiologist, and he left a message for me, to cut my Toprol in half. He said that should solve the problem. I hope he is right. It is the Flecainide I have been worried about. He seems to think it is safe to take, even with the negative stress results.
Avatar n tn During this time they take my breath away, sometimes accompanied by fast pain in left arm elbow area and quick pain in the jaw. Dr. did prescribe Toprol XL, but was leary because my heart rate is fine. He also did cardiac blood work that turned out to be normal. Like you, I just want to get some sleep. I do take an antidepressant at night, it was prescribed for sleep due to shoulder pain, not depression as this anti depressant is something that could knock you out for a week.