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Avatar f tn Hospice intententionall dehydrates you and gives you more and more morphine to move along your death. This is suicide. The mom now is comatose from the morphine. If I can get her out of there, is it too late to reverse the effects of the morphine. My sister is power of attorney. Everytime she cried, they gave her morphine. She would tell them that she wasnt in pain. She was dep. about being there. They made her take it. This has been so devastating to watch.
Avatar f tn Hello Grace, Welcome. You asked a seemingly simple question, "Can you hurt yourself by taking two 30mg morphine at a time once a day?" There isn't a simple answer - it's complex. First - you should always take only what your physician ordered - for more reasons that I can list right now. Second - is this a short acting (SA) or is it a long acting (LA) Morphine? 60mgs of Morphine is one heck of a one time dose. I would not take it.
Avatar n tn OMG they were giving you 15mgs every hour and then when you left they did not give you anything ????????
1052624 tn?1255798847 She was prepared to be in the worst pain of her life and said it wasn't as bad as she thought. That could just be her pain tolerance but I think if you talk to your dr. you can find the right meds for your recovery. Good luck and keep us posted.
575863 tn?1218472613 you cant just jump down at the last few days before you run out of pills, if you can slowly lower your dosage each week you will not have to go through the withdrawals so early on, eventually when your ready to get off everything completely, that is the roughest step.
Avatar f tn I am a candidate for the pump my self but I am afraid of having a device that is capalbe of storing engough morphine to kill me installed under my skin. I understand once installed you need to get it refilled about every three months or so. I would opt for the electrical stimulator implant over the pump but both just freak me out.
Avatar n tn Lack of sleep will not kill you (though you probably wish it would b/c then at least you'd get some sleep!!! lol)...You just need to keep pushing yourself forwards, NEVER looking backwards. Taking sleep aids will not help because your bodies still w/ding. Trying to take substances to force your body to do something it's not going to do only makes the way you feel worse, and you still won't sleep.
Avatar f tn good luck with it all...and keep watching can do are stronger than you think.....i figured out the hard way i was too...
Avatar f tn NEVER BE IN PAIN WHEN YOU DON"T HAVE TO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You go to your dr and tell them you need more pain mngt and if they refuse find one that will treat you because you have a legidimete need for it and should notbe refused!
Avatar f tn If you feel like you do not need anything stronger than what you're on then you can tell your Dr you would like to stay on your current medication and if you get to the point that it's not working or you've increased your dose and it's not working then you will be willing to try Morphine. I really hope this all works out for you. We're always here to listen and help anyway we can.
Avatar n tn Do that for another week and then go to the 25ug/hr (if you can get it) and stay on the morphine. If you can't go smaller with the patches, then you are going to have to adjust your morphine dose. The 100ug/hr patch is equivalent to 315mg to 404mg of morphine a day. So, you would have to add that to the 200mg you are taking of the morphine. So, I would say that you could start at around 500mg to 600mg of morphine a day.
Avatar m tn To be brutally honest with you, the pain you have well on opiates is likely around an 8-10 which is hardly managed, but as I said to be honest if you do not have any medication you will very likely kill yourself especially if you are withdrawing well in pain.
Avatar f tn If you take one 60 mg dose every 12 hours, you are getting on average 60 mg/12 hour = 5 mg of morphine per hour. If you taking 120 mg over a 12 hour period, you are getting on average 120 mg/12 hour = 10 mg of morphine per hour. Take 25% of those morphine mg per hour numbers above and that will yield the bioavailability of morphine (i.e.,how much of the dose in the pill is actually active towards relieving your pain).
Avatar f tn addiction need to be treated differently you need to work a recovery program otherwise you may find yourself on a merry go round of getting off of them only to be back on them in a mater of months or yrs addiction is a desiese of the mind it never goes away at best you can live in recovery witch once you get there is a beautiful place but you can never drop your guard or ever take narcotics again without some extream measures in place like someone else hold your pills and only dose you as presc
Avatar m tn Just keep in mind that this pain and discomfort no matter how intense, it is temporary. You might not wanna try to go cold turkey if you are on a high dose but for those of us on lower doses just gotta suck it up and get through a few weeks of hell. Good luck and stand strong. Everyone has the potential to do it.
Avatar n tn Hi~ That's a lot of morphine...Can you get your doctor in on this? He/she can help with a taper plan(we don't give taper schedules). The other thing is to cut that dose of MS in half for a week and drop it. You could use the vicodin and then eventually drop that,also. You're not going to feel well at all but in a few weeks it will be over. I'd see your doctor though and get the help you need.
Avatar n tn One thing only ask your doctor if you can take some Chondline when your coming off the morphine I have no idea what your health is so you must ask a doctor. My personal opinion is your over medicated and I would consult another doctor.
4929120 tn?1361162745 Let a few tears out so they know you are truly doing all you can to survive. I guess a wobbly chin would work, probably not an act and I know you know what I mean. Medical Marijuana? Regular Marijuana? Edibles are deep and long acting. A vaporizer will protect your lungs. Lots of short walks around the block all day every day no matter what. Take a cane to make sure you don't fall and to beat off dogs you can't protect yourself from. Find a cool carved one at a Craft Fair.
Avatar n tn Do you have enough pills to last you till the 16th??
228686 tn?1211558307 Kinda like fat cells , you gain weight, your fat cells increase.( I'm still working on killing the fat cells.
Avatar n tn You can do it without them! You really do have a choice - you can focus on getting off the opiates, either by gradual or immediate withdrawal; or you can trade addictions and hope that your new addiction won't cause you and your loved ones as much pain as the old addiction. Who knows? Maybe your life will get better if you switch to suboxone. But suboxone is still an opiate, it's still addictive, and you will still have to withdraw from it.
Avatar f tn Why would the Dr. put you on morphine if you were on methadone - were you taking the meth for pain or for withdrawals? If it was for prior drug abuse, I think he made a mistake having you take morphine. Bear with my questions here, obviously I'm not a Dr., but that decision confuses me. I am sorry you're going through this again. I think it's best to have a Dr. provide a good tapering schedule for you given your medical conditions.
Avatar m tn Hello: You have obviously tried most of the "big dog" meds and one in my opinion should have worked. There are a couple more out there that might be effective and they are Dilaudid and Opana. I have not tried either of them but hear of good pain control from both. Is it possible to try the Fentanyl again. This is what I use and at first, the side effects almost made me stop; but I hung in there and I'm glad I did. It has saved me from a lot of pain where other meds did not.
Avatar n tn Hola, I agree that it's much harder to change as we get older. You can do a slow taper off the morphine/methadone. Which ever you wish to get off of now. The part I'm not sure of is that you will need something for your pain always. No one could expect you to go with no pain meds. Do you have a doctor you could talk to about this?? Once you decide what you want to do you will get lots of support here. The people are wonderful. Please keep posting so we know how you're doing.
Avatar m tn I tried ct couldn't do it, i am just wonering i have done subs two days now 4mg each day, will oxy be out of body, do i need subs still? other question after sucha short time can i change it to methadone?
Avatar f tn First I would caution you greatly to not be doubling the prescription on your own. This can cause you to be released from your Dr. and have a record of abusing your medications which then could lead to not having any Dr. want to treat you. You need to call and speak with your Dr. and let him know it's not controlling the pain at the same level. You say you changed 'recently'.....when was the switch? All good Dr.
484378 tn?1209909492 The only possible reason to get on Suboxone is if you honestly dont think you can quit, which should not be the case. Vicodin is a mild opiate and with some willpower you can do it. Look at Brett Favre, he went cold turkey like 12 years ago and hasn't touched Vicodin since lol. Think about it--if you quit now, no Suboxone, drug-free--would you be in a better place 6 months from then if you get on the Suboxone?
Avatar n tn there are things which can be used to withdrawal you so that you do not experience immense phsysical and physiological pain. one way to go is to see a specialist and try benzodiazapines. the best one i can suggest to counterract the effects of morphine withdrawal is ativan which is lorazepam. if you take tomilligrams 5 times a day i believe you will be able to tolerate the pain associated with the whole withdrawal process.