Can i use metrogel while on my period

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Avatar n tn which can and will throw off my PH and I use very light perfumes on my chest and stomach area only. I douche once a month three days after my period goes off. When I was in my twenties I was douching three times a week when my GYN-o told me I was washing away my utereus lining and advised me to douche only once a month because our vagina naturally cleans itself...which it does. I shower twice a day, three times when my period is on and I don't sit down in the tub.
Avatar m tn It wasn't the typical riba rash though it was 100x itchier and tomato red patches that I swear I could see my heart beat in. The derm put me on a medication that helped a lot. I can't remember the exact name now and I tried to google it and came up with the stuff that is Flonase for your nose so I know thats not right. I'll write it down tonight when I get home. It took away the itch and got rid of the rash really quickly.
Avatar f tn it went on like this until I got my period. The thing is, i got a fever the day before my period, and i felt horribly sick. The day after i started my period is when i noticed a papercut looking cut, small, above the top of where the lips start to seperate. After this, the bumps started getting worse, and itching more. Then, they sortof went a way for a couple weeks.
Avatar m tn you can also use metrogel while on your period. if you get thick clumpy discharge a few days after using the metrogel - that is normal too. It's clumps of bacteria leaving your body. you need to stop all self treatment except for the fem dophilus at this point. You also shouldn't wear panty shields or use tampons. both can lead to vaginitis. this isn't a symptom of herpes to have discharge all the time.
Avatar n tn But when i woke up this morning, there was a discharge in my underwear but it had a tint of red. even though i am not on my period yet. AM I OKAY!? please respond so i can STOP WORRYING! thanks everyone!
Avatar m tn I know skin issues especially on your face (or hands and feet as Jm had) can be very miserable, I wish you a quick recovery. I hope Jm weighs in on this and some of the others that have had this issue. here's some info I found on it. "The exact cause of rosacea is unknown. One theory is that it may result from oversensitive blood vessels in the face. Because rosacea causes increased warmth in the skin, bacteria may grow, causing the pimples and bumps.
Avatar n tn but it was when i was on the pill. They had to switch me to the shot because everytime I would come close to having my period I would get a severe yeast infections due to tampons and scented soaps. It finally went away and I am back to normal now!! I am now back on the pill.
Avatar n tn I am in my 20's and my BF will leave me if I can't have sex. I couldn't even do it on Valentine's Day. He is being patient- but how long can I expect him to wait for me?????????HELP ME?
Avatar f tn And now I can't back go to my doctor yet, because I am going to prob be starting my menstrual period soon, and wouldn't the doctor have to examine that area?
Avatar n tn I have been on synthroid 200 & 175 mcg for over two months nothing on maybe it depends on the person.
Avatar f tn After the first dose, which I took the evening of the appoint (about 7 days after the sexual contact), I got like two big bumps on the labia majora. The next day I got six of them on the peripheral of my vagina. They all hurt. I have been having problems sitting, moving, laughing hard, coughing and walking. I don't get pain from the ones on the outside unless I touch them. This pain emanates from the vagina tract itself.
Avatar m tn I did use it on my face and most of the time it worked. Once I had the same reaction as you and had to use steroids briefly. It does seem to me that the problem became much worse during the tmes I was on treatment and is the worst it has ever been now that I am in prove 3.
Avatar n tn Too bad it doesn't contain sunscreen, but if it does everything it claims, I should be able to use it on my scalp and then apply a sunscreen lotion or gel on top of it with no problems. We shall see... Thanks again for your suggestions.
Avatar f tn The pain has diminished almost overnight. She did not retest for the BV just yet since I am still on my period but I have metrogel to continue treatment for that if needed. I will be planning to go back in apprx 3 months for bloodwork. I'm not sure how much good that will do since it appears that many people's bloodwork comes back with false negs and false pos.
Avatar n tn All of this seems timed with the fact that my primary increased my Armour Thyroid to 1 gr (I had been on a very low dose for one year). I am on no other meds. I don't know what else to do, or have checked. Can too much thyroid cause this? As I know it affects women's cycles and such. Any info you can give me will be helpful. I am having to resort to ice to the area as the burning is unbearable. There is only slight redness around the vagina.
1122973 tn?1269735728 And being that I had Trich for so long (since January) I have come to believe that I MUST be resistant to the Metronidazole if it's 97% effectiveness if having no effect on me even after two times. Also, my period is extremely late. I just don't know what to do. I am thinking of buying some Monistant and treating it as a yeast...maybe the discharge will stop then. I have to admit, this is depressing me. I just want to feel normal...again.
Avatar m tn The OTC drops don't seem to help, and in fact seem to make my issue worse so I am not using them except on rare occasions. I use a warm compress for about 5 min in the morning or throughout the day if I can and have an apt scheduled to get punctal plugs fit to test out. Lastly (I promise) in addition to the dry eye I have had slightly "droopy" eyelids my whole life, and although it has never affected my vision, I am wondering if this could be contributing to my ghosting?
Avatar f tn But no signs of anything, he seemed cleared and I did too. Then I got my period again and we made love on day 4 and 5. On day 6 he left for his country and that night I began to itch down there. The next night it was pretty bad and I started freaking out and reading up. Then I got to the doctor yesterday and he examined me and said it was herpes. He also did a swab for a gram stain. He said it showed -ve cocci which he told me was gonorrhea. I was baffled.
Avatar n tn Ive noticed also that after it clears up, it only comes back after sex!! I dont use condoms, or any scented stuff down there at all. I dont have a period anymore thank goodness because of the Novasure surgery, but I still get BV all the time!! Ive kindof learned to live with it and that really sucks!!
Avatar n tn I am a small person and one of my (two) boyfriends is large so sex with him is often slightly painful. During our last sex (after my period) I had some bleeding and a foul odor. Since then (a week), I have more bleeding (but not a lot) and a mucousy discharge (no itching).
Avatar m tn My question is - can this be PID due to the BV or even Gonorea - their can not be a possble chance of Chlamidya based on only the Oral that I received. And I did test negative for gonorea and NGU - Could I have had a fale negative on the urine test for gonorea? Are her symptoms just a coincidence you think?
Avatar n tn i have a problem my discharge is white pasty when ever i put my finger in my vergina it comes out crumble and i can roll it up with my finger my doctor told me that i have chlamydia and i was treated and i'm taking a antibiotic called APO-METRONIDAZLOE to clean out wat ever leaves in my system i'm a bit scared and i don't really trust my doctor. from i come to know myself i've been trying so hard to keep myself away from things like these, u can't trust anyone not even ur partner.
Avatar n tn Hi, I am 21 years old and I have had a discharge since I can remember ever getting my period for the first time(12years old)which was before I was sexually active. I have also had overy pain since I can remember. Mainly my right overy. It swells up every single night with pain. I have right pain where my overy is every single day since the age of 12.
Avatar m tn My bladder and urethra seem to be unaffected The outside of my vagina doesn't seem to be abnormal I do not or have ever had any ulcers or or sores on the outside or inside of my vagina Occasionally the outside of my vagina and pubes will get itchy but not every day I do get pain sometimes where my ovaries are on both sides, sometimes it happens once per week, other times once per month, but it is something that has happened enough that has made me take notice (not during my period so not period
Avatar m tn Should I be continuing on my Ketoconazole + Nizoral treatment? Are there any limitations to the period of time I can use these medications? This problem has been the cause of embarrassment and I think I have lost a lot of my confidence in normal human interaction. Your help is appreciated. Thanks. This discussion is related to <a href=''>Facial Rash</a>.
92903 tn?1309908311 Hi Mike, I am trying to sum up what my endocrinologist said. I told him, I wanted to use my husbands glucose meter, and check my fasting, as well as the post prandial, reason being, that on the monthly CMP's, my glucose kept fluctuating between 102-104. That had started right after finishing tx, and I became concerned. He discouraged post prandial testing, saying that there are no charts that correlate the carbohydrate intake with a 1 or 2 hour post prandial rise in glucose.
Avatar n tn I had all those reactions listed above, the gross stuff oozing out, but now I am bleeding, like I am on my period. I had my period last week. Is there any possibility that is messed up my cycle or just made me bleed?
Avatar n tn while having sex last night i noticed that it was painful and i was bleeding (it wasn't my first time) i think there's been a rip between my vagina and my anus. it's still bleeding until today. what can i do about it??? will it heal on its own? i need help! thanks!!
86075 tn?1238118691 I should also add that I've been off my topical regimen for the past 4-6 weeks and only use on an "as needed" basis which is no more than once or twice a week. The Rezamid or Sulfaced if I think a pimple is forming; the Clindamycin for certain irritations; and the Metrogel if things become a little red or inflamed. All the preceeding very minor compared to several months ago. My chest is completely better. Hope your doing well on your end.
Avatar n tn I have also noticed that there is no symptoms if we use a condom. (WHICH I HATE!) Its so embarrasing....I can seriously smell it while doing daily I am sure others can smell it....on top of that I have read that untreated BV can lead to Pelvic Inflammatory Disease....which can lead to question is this.... If I continue to get BV....does that mean I am at increased risk for PID???