Can i take phentermine and xanax

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Avatar f tn I want to get off the wellbutrin sr.I have been on it since 2010..and i dont think i need it anymore.Next month i see my female dr and will ask her how i can get off the wellbutrin..she perscribes all my meds,except the vicodin,heart dr gave me that for severe low back pain..and i have been on it in the past for after tooth work.and now he gave me the phentermine..can anyone give me any insight...I was on it before but was not on all the other meds.
Avatar n tn How long can you be on Phentermine? I have been on it for about a year now and I have loss about 41 pounds.
Avatar n tn So im hopein that this phen helps me loss atleast 30 pounds so i can get down to a size five where i was when i was 16 and no kids.. It does help i can tell u this i find myself doin alot more time doin things and workin on things better than i was before i mean i have a 6yr old son and a 1yr old daughter and a husband so between them its really hard to do my own thing but on the phen i feel like i have time to take care of them and what i want to do alot more than before..
Avatar f tn I have been taking phentermine for about a year.My weight is up and down and I take it for just energy.I'm afraid I am becoming dependant on these.I take 2 a day and I find myself wanting more sometimes.I am only prescrbed 1 a day but I get more.My start weight was 130 and I just wanted to drop a few lbs. It worked at first but I also followed the diet and exercised. Now I am back to where I started with my weight but that doesn't matter as much to me as this problem.
5957912 tn?1379940572 Maybe do some research for your self on what the meds are for and why and what area of the brain they are for..You can do it I know you can..We will be here for you too.
Avatar n tn I only took them for a shot time, and not I an off those awful slimming tablets I shouldnt feel so anxious and on edge. Am still taking a couple of Xanax as day, but when I go back to work, I cant take anyting. Can someone reply ASAP as I dont want to go into work on Monday and have anxiety / panic attacks.
Avatar n tn alazopram, phentermine(3day), and when i fill a script for ambien i will take up to 7 late afternoon. i will also take the ambien and klonopin throughout the day if i am out of pain meds. i dont know were to start, i have hit rock bottom. i try to stop taking one then start abusing another.
Avatar f tn talk to your doc about it, as the xanax can help your WD's but you don't want to take too much. I have no idea on the weight loss med. I don't think you need it if you are on a healthy diet, but best to ask in case you can't WD from that without med help.
Avatar n tn the cops can do something about that but you can order 90days yourself i would goto Mexico and pick up xanax all the time and was busted once i told them thats a 90 day supply. They said 2500 xanax bars is not a 90day supply. i told them to call the VA hospital here and see I take 15 2mg xanax bars 2 times a day as prescribed by my Dr. So they let me just leave with my pills in hand.
Avatar n tn also i am taking b-complex injections and the diet pill adipex for energy all this working very good my withdrawal are minor the only thing bothers me at night my elbows start to hurt and twitch is there anything i can take for that .i have the valium and the xanax too to get knocked out and i am ready to go to sleep .thomas what do i do for my elbows i feel pretty good with this plan that i am following knowing i have been abusing the hydro for years 18 tablets a day...
568877 tn?1216825648 For about a month now I have been having Anxiety attacks and Depression really bad. I fought out I shouldn't take Phentermine if I have Anxiety or Depression. So I was going to get back on my meds. that I used to take which was Welbrutain XL and Xanxa . So the question is>> Could I continue with the Phentermine while taking Welbrutain XL and Xanxa? If anyone knows please let me know. The Xanxa was a low milligram .5 and the Welbrutain XL was 150 milligrams.
Avatar n tn Each time I increased my dosage I experienced tingling in my hands and a little fatigue but now I take my medication before I go to bed and I feel great during the day. The tingling has also stopped. I've gone from 142lbs to 115lbs without changing my habits. I have less of an appetite now so I make sure I'm eating enough so I don't lose anymore. In my experience/opinion, Topamax is worth trying. Give it a fair chance.
Avatar n tn increased the effexor to 150mg a day and it helped even more w/ anixiety-but i became 2 laid back- i didnt care a/b my appearance or even getting dressed for the day. I became a couch potato and stayed tired alot. i would take a 3 hour nap and still sleep at night as well. Recently i found myself getting depressed because of how i had changed. my dr switched me to paxil and im concerned about weight gain with paxil.
1285028 tn?1271666250 Xanax, Suboxen, phentermine. I don't drink alcohol though I do smoke ciggarettes.. I believe that the pain is subsiding quite a bit. I have No other noticeable syptoms other then a strange tightened pain in my inner calves of each leg. Could this be due to just my recover process and the drugs coming out of my system? I have been clean for about 2 months now, but i do remember muscle weekness periodically since I have been sober..
Avatar n tn G'day, I'm taking EFFEXOR XR and I asked my doctor if I can also take XENICAL for weight loss and he was very quick to say yes!
399052 tn?1259624683 Already this just starts out bad, i've been tapering off untill i reached todays refill i suffered with the counting and worked it out so i wouldn't be left with not one single pill and have withdrawl kick in, so this morning i woke up at 6:30! Surprised i even slept that long! i had already called in my script at midnight- would of picked it up then but the odds of one buying into my lie was very thin for a midnight leave of my dwelling, so all i had to do this a.
535089 tn?1400677119 Substances Causing False Positives According to a report by the Los Angeles Times New Service, a study of 161 prescription and over the counter medications showed that 65 of them produced false positive results in the most widely administered urine test.
Avatar m tn I quit a nasty vicodin habit AND ciggs (smoked pack day for 17 years) back in may (i am clan over 200 days) SINCE then, all i do is eat, and i now weigh 207lbs..... I have a SERIOUS anxity disorder so i am a long time user of xanax (take 4 mgs day) Dr rcently prescribd me PHENETERMINE.......37.5 mgs.....he told me to try it, take half in the am, then your xanax 2 hours later.......(i also take another xanax bar bfore bed) Im scared to try this phenetrmine drug.....
284078 tn?1282620298 There is absolutely no way to predict who will get this side effect and it can occur even at very low doses. If you are already taking Topamax and you notice any early signs of vision loss or eye pain please see an ophthalmologist immediately.
Avatar n tn My husband sais I need to calm down and relax and get some rest but I can't. I know that nerves can be the worst thing to deal with and I am in a rut. I have xanax .5ml that I always use sparingly, usually to sleep better but that is not really working right now either and it only makes me sleepy a short time. Do you think nerves this bad can cause this? I am still having some PVC's but trying to ignore them because they said it makes it worse to worry.
Avatar n tn I first went to a nurse practioner who said it was all my ears and to take mucinex. I did so but continued to get orse which is when I seen my internist. She was flipping out about how bad it was and wanted me in the hospital, I refused and did meds. I was on steroids for 30 days. I have been fine until now. My symptoms started again yesterday and I go see my internist this week. SO maybe you should find an internist and good luck I think it is more serious then some doctors are acting.
202487 tn?1189759423 My wish for you would be for you to just try your best and if you fall down one day just stand back up and give it your all the next day! I never thought I would lose the weight I needed to lose and I shocked myself. If I can do it anyone can do it! I only need to lose about 10 more pounds and I have met my goal! Please keep me updated on your progress and just believe in yourself! Good Luck and God Bless!!!!!
343765 tn?1202526132 By the way I did go take a movie right after I posted. I went to 27 Dresses. It was really good and I didn't notice as many of the little "DEMONS" while I was there. I have decided to try and stay calm because I do know that adreline plays a big factor in my problems. My work life and my home life is not the best in the world. I need a vacation. I need the Beach. Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. The best place on the face of the Earth.
Avatar f tn so I called my dr to see if i can try klonopin aagain( i have a script from March 09) she said she thought if i lowered the ativan i might not be as dizzy but i told her my anxiety is worse so she said i could try the klonopin but she couldnt give me a script because i just got the ativan filled 2 weeks ago and she cant do a script for both which i think is a lie (i was on xanax and klonopin before and the dr i had then wrote me scrips) anyways she never told me how often to take the ativan wh
518798 tn?1295215879 it is an amphetamine and psychologically habit forming like is phentermine ..
Avatar n tn Hi everyone. I'm glad I found this site, so I don't feel so alone in what I'm going through. Basically, several weeks ago, I was hospitalized with a severe kidney infection/kidney stones. While there, I was put on a continuous drip of Tramadol and Dilaudid. This went on for roughly 11 days. I was then released from the hospital, but no one even warned me that I might have withdrawl. About a week later, I had a complete emotional breakdown.
691935 tn?1421030690 Sure, it was a battle getting off of them after recovering from tx. I still occasionally have to take a Xanax and I still take Lortab (but I was on them before tx). Yoga, Candles, Tea, etc. may work for some people but I had to “fight fire with fire” and would not have made it if I didn’t. Good Luck and Best Wishes, R Glass.
Avatar n tn I had not read anything - just happen to try what I had at the house and it consisted of the Vitamin B's and E's, Xanax and hot baths. Even Phentermine will help but most people would not have it. Just wanted to say I totally agree with your post. To everyone reading it, he knows what he is talking about and IT WILL help! I have been detoxing over 48 hours now and I think I am over the hill early. Read my post in the addictions forum. Good luck!
565430 tn?1272699420 Its starting to do my head in a bit. So i decided to go to one of those online Pharmacys to try and get some Valium. Im gonig to try the Thomas recipe... gonna take a few days off next weekend. Has anyone had any experiences with thes Pharmacys online are they Legit or what?