Can i take percocet and xanax

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Avatar f tn She has also taken 1 gram of Xanax. Is that safe? Can you take the both together? She is a very good friend of mine and I really just want to make sure she's going to be ok. They're typically low doses, but 2 different pills at the same time. She took the gram of Xanax about 15 minutes ago, I tried to talk her out of it, but being a recovering addict myself, I guess my advice is worthy for her. Please can someone tell me if this combination is ok?
Avatar f tn Her doctor has already upped her percocet. I had been on Remeron for about 5 years for GAD and it worked well for me. I am no longer on it but because we are sisters, do you think that this, if there really is a need to go on an antidepressant, would be a better choice than Lexapro with which neither one of us have had any experience, taking into consideration our genetic make up?
Avatar n tn Withdrawal is miserable on valium. With xanax, I cannot see what the hype is about. It is basically a drug (and I take the lowest dose only during PMS) that I take, and go to sleep. You don't feel relaxed, you don't get that feeling that you do when you take valium. I couldn't get addicted to xanax; just not enjoyable enough to want to keep taking more and more.
Avatar n tn Will someone get off their high horse and answer the question that is asked by so many of us. Can we get off these pills and how long does it take? I am taking 2 mills every night and feel like hell when I try to even taper off. At one time I tried stopping altogether but did not sleep for 15days. PLEASE HELP!!!!!
539990 tn?1219478355 I am on day 2 0f percocet 80 -100 mgs a day for a month. Can I take xanax for anxiety and soma for the muscle pains at the same time?
Avatar m tn I started taking them because of a herniated disk! I am not going to take anymore! How long will my withdrawls last? Also I take Xanax and Valium for really bad anxiety, will the xanax and valium help witht the withdrawl symptoms???
539990 tn?1219478355 I have followed the thomas recipe before and am using xanax. Can I take a soma 350 at nite to sleep for insomnia? Thanks so much?
Avatar n tn I have been addicted to Percocet and Vicodin for 2 years, I detoxed in Oct 2006, Relapsed and here I am again. I am on day 4 of no pills. I have had headaches, nausea, feeling like Im going to vomit, my whole body feels like I got hit like mac truck and I have no energy. Most say that withdrawals are like having the flu. I would suggest keep taking the Phenergan because thats what I have been taking also, well Promethazine, its the same thing!!
Avatar m tn i just wanted to say congrads tim on deciding to take back control of your life. stay here, stay focused , and stay clean. i will support you any way i can, i dont know pills but i know addiction. you can beat this, much love...
Avatar f tn He/she may even be able to help you with a taper in regards to what you take how to take it. The goal is to get and stay clean safely so I suggest working with a professional of some sort. Most of your questions are best suited for a professional, however you may get some insight here. There are lots of folks here with a lot of experience who can be very supportive and helpful. I hope everything goes well for you. Please come in and share whenever you need to.
Avatar n tn My legs will not stop moving and I am tired but I can not sleep...I refuse to take any more pills to sleep but I have slept maybe an hour the past two days and still working does anyone have any other advice...I feel i have been fortunate i have not had any flu like syptoms during the day and still go to the gym 6 days a week its just at night I can not rest and i have feelings of anxiety during the day which I have .5 xanax to help with....
Avatar f tn These people on here helped me so much. I'm 25 days clean from Xanax and 13 days clean from pain meds. If I can do it I know u can!!! Hang in there.
Avatar f tn I have all the other syptoms,I wont list them you know what they are. At first I took 20-25 a day/I used suboxone and cleaned up. Recently I find my self taking between 10 and 12 one weekend night. Here comes the withdrawl all over again. Not only did i drop this but marijuana, subboxone, xanax, and alchol,were all also dropped yesterday as well. Its day 2 and i barley made it through work. Will this last long, and will it get worse.Any help would be appreciated. I work 12 houra day.
Avatar f tn The only thing that relieves the pain is percocet. I take 6-8 10/325's a day. I called yesterday to get my refil and my doctor's office called back saying no script until Feb. 11 and then when I pick it up, she wants me to get a urine drug test. Didn't think I was addicted, but certainly a wake-up call. I am now down to only 24 pills and can't get a script for 8 days. Bleck. I started tapering yesterday. I am now only taking 2 and one half per day.
Avatar n tn Greetings, I have been taking Percocet 5/325 for about a year for my back. I take 3 tablets in the morning, and that keeps my back fine all day. I don't take any in the afternoon or evening. My birthday is on Monday. One of my friends is taking me to a bull roast and they have alcohol and mixed drinks there. I took my 3 tablets this morning (Friday). If I don't take any more percocet between now and Monday, will I be OK to have a few drinks on Monday?
Avatar n tn Now its 5yrs later and im addicted to percocet and oxycodon thre hasent been one day n 5yrs that i havent taken them I started out taking two pilles every 6 hrs now i take 4pills every 4 hrs and if i have oxy i take two 40mg every 4 hrs I cant stop I have tried so many times so many and it just hurts so bad and whats worse maybe if i had to pay for them i might have to stop or i would be homeless but i get them free from a family member who dont know im taking them he is old and almost senile an
Avatar f tn Spoke to my Pain Management doctor about how percocet wasn't doing it and I could easily take my 4 pills a day by noon because I was that desperate for relief. He switched me to something called Nucynta (oh and btw I've been on all kinds of combinations over the years to include, cymbalta, elavil, neurontin.) Nucynta was like a godsend. For 2 months I was almost painfree. I felt like I had a life and even better I was ecstatic it was meant for the body to not get adjusted to. YAY!
Avatar n tn I have been on percocet for 2 yrs due to failed back surgery. I am now 5 months pregnant and have had worries. Both my docs asure everything will be fine the doc who gives me the percs and my ob doc. But I still have worries but i cant stop taking it. They told me it would be worse trying to stop taking it right now than to continue taking it.
Avatar n tn Although some of us are holier than thou and can endure extreme amounts of pain and take on the term of martyr during pregnancy...however, some of us cannot. Not all of us that use "lose the desire". I get extremely annoyed when people say your supposed to suffer throughout an entire pregnancy. Please do not take this as a go ahead to abuse percocet during pregnancy. No one knows the risks of taking anything during pregnancy.
Avatar m tn Restless leg was BAD for the first 36 hours but has calmed quite a bit. I honestly do just feel like I have the flu....fatigue and stomach issues. I sleep but only 2 or 3 hours at a time. I guess now is easy, I have no desire to even look at a Percocet, I blame them though I know it is my fault....thanx again I have no support at home (my wife says its my own f.....
Avatar n tn Monday and Tuesday were HELL; and if this is HELL I shall sin no more!!!Not only did I feel heavy, anxious, I cried on and off all day. I was very depressed and had watery stool. I did not eat much of anything but forced myself to because I knew I needed to, even if it was only a piece of bread. I took ZERO percs during the day but took .5mg when I finally felt like I could no longer handle this...only to allow myself to sleep.
Avatar f tn Alcohol, an occasional Xanax and Vicodin. Like you, I got sick and tired of being sick and tired. I never want to go through that again. I'm powerless over drugs and alcohol and they make my life unmanageable. Good luck to you Angie, and keep posting, letting us know how you're doing or if you have any questions.
Avatar f tn Ive been taking percocet on n off for 5 years. More on than off. I use to subsitite with norco, 10mg when id run put pf my 30 month supply of 120 after 2 weeks. I try to taper, and it helps. I recently went up to 6 a day of 10/325. O have 3 left with one ready to inhale for the am. I am coming out of a drug imduced psychosis episode. I've gotten them before, but this was the worst. Im taking 2 mg xanax which has brought me back almost 99%.
1764145 tn?1315979228 I too end of may first week of june of 2010 went cold turkey after almost 16 months of everyday use and almost died and I too after 21 days felt like crap, depressed, felt like my nerves were shot to H3LL ...I take 1 mg xanax for anxiety and have been for 10 years take 2 maybe 3 a day never once have I abused them??
Avatar n tn I actually sopped all together about 2 yrs ago....But now I am back...I basically take whatever I can get my hands on...sometimes I may get Vics other time Oxy's, Pirks, whatever I can get...I have been trying to stop, but the second I get the chills I cant take it...I actuallu stole Pirks off my mom one time when her Neck went out....This addiction is HORRIBLE....Anyway, I am tring to stop , buying these off the street is killing me, I am constantly broke and my LIVE - IN BF has NO clue.
1750887 tn?1313102891 I was taking on average 20 10mg norcos a day. I didn't have an rx, so when I cudnt get norcos I wud get percocets 10mg and wud take jus as many. I was taking them for 2 and a half years, n only went maybe at most 48hours wout n tht was jus tell I cud find some. I too was a very functional addict. I work a full time job and no one but my gf n a couple friends knew I was on pills. Tomorrow will be a month clean for me.
Avatar f tn Instead of taking Ambien, I decided to take 1 1/2 grams of Xanax, which I ingested about an hour ago. And I'm still WIDE this normal? I thought these eventually knock you out. I really don't feel them, and I really don't want to take another half gram...Wow...this *****! I figured taking Xanax would be a little easier and take some of the anxiety away and calm and soothe my mind, but I don't feel them at all! Does anyone know what going on?
Avatar n tn They were the big boys... 10/325. Today is my 5th day off of them and I can tell you that I am a different person. There is no risk of death or anything like that when withdrawing off of opiates. However, other substances can be VERY dangerous to quit cold turkey such as xanax. If percocet is the only thing she's popping then she can quit cold turkey, be miserable for 3-4 days, and then be a changed person who is not under the influence of opiates.
210982 tn?1280987495 but my Dr put me on 50mg from 7.5/500 of the percocet. I had never heard of Tramadol and when I ask the pharmasist how it compared to the percocet, he said it was way less effective, so I was confused why my Dr took me from such a high dose of percocet to such a low dose of Tramadol...I keep reading that people say after a while of not being on the meds they realize the pain isn't as bad as they thought...I am just scared...