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Avatar f tn If so what and how much?I definitly wouldn't recommended it again.My doc put me on xanax and percocet at the same time before but she told me i had to be careful with it.The xanax didn't help me much though so i took myself off of it.
Avatar n tn I went through withdrawals from Vicoden ES 4 weeks ago with the help of Xanax. Now, I am still taking 2mgs at night and maybe one more, if things get bad during the day. What are the withdrawals like? After withdrawals from codiene, I dread anymore withdrawals. My therapist seems to think that I can stay on Xanax for ever, but I don't like taking pills anymore. I want off of everything. What should I expect when cutting down?
Avatar f tn can you mix methadone with somas and/or xanax????? I know that you cant mix suboxone with benzo's but what's the difference with methadone?
Avatar f tn Five or six months ago, I discovered that i enjoyed mixing my already ridiculous opiate addiction with Xanax. Averaging 2-2.5 mgs like 3 or 4 times a week (on average, but I;m sure that at some point in there I took Xanax seven days in row). I I weaned off of the oxycodone in four days. I went seven days with no drugs. Then on a Monday (Im not working right now) and I hate being alone, I got a Xanax.
Avatar m tn Have you ever had high bp before? Great job tapering down on the xanax. Do the same with the percocet. Why did you start to take the xanax and percocet? The physical acute symptoms of withdrawal typically last a week or so. It elevated bp the only symptom you experienced?
Avatar f tn So yes, you can get high from subutex, thats why most doc's prescribe suboxone instead of subutex. And as with any opiate, mixing xanax or other benzo's greatly enhances the opiate's effect. Often opiate addicts will begin doing this once their opiate tolerance is so great that they no longer get high, but rather just take the opiate's to not be sick. Oxycontin is a perfect example. Snorting 80 mg's of OC mixed with 1 to 2 mg of xanax will get you higher than snorting 240 mg's of Oxy.
Avatar n tn Does her past life/addiction reflects on a birth defect even if she is clean now??????????????????? My girlfriend on the past was abusing with the xanax 2mg, she was depressed because of her last divorce, I was her friend by that time... she was taking xanax like crazy plus she was smoking/mixing xanax and marihuana. After that we felt in love and I took her out from that addiction and dark world, she was addicted to xanax for almost 3 years, now she's been out for 2 years.
Avatar f tn This is your life we are talking about here......You need to come clean with all your doctors and tell them what is going on. They can help you with tapering too. You are going to have to cut all ties with your dealers also. Getting clean takes alot of strength and determination and requires us to change the way we live and who we associate with. You have to really want this. Stick around here and keep posting.
Avatar n tn I started out on Lexapro fine and have no problems with it still but with Tramadol I feel completely alone with dealing what I can clearly see as an addiction. I started out at 2 pills in the am and 2 and night. Now I take ten in the morning till I start to slow down around lunch time then I take ten more. I take 20 50mg pills a day and I can't stop. The quantities consistently increase no matter how I try to stop taking them all together. The withdrawls scare the hell out of me.
Avatar m tn Sorry im just now learning how to use a computer at age 55 and in alot of pain, so bear with me, I hve my tolerance down to 2 or 3 Percocet s a day which doesent help a whole lot but better than nothing I just had to go through some horrible withds but decided pain was better than the withdrawals Im scared of having surgery again in fear of them not being able to get me out of pain I jus went through that a couple of months ago and I am scared to tell the doctor the truth about my drug histor
5957912 tn?1379940572 The only time I can control it is with the Xanax that REALLY I don't abuse. but I don't want to get hooked to that. I'M GOING CRAZY. Do you ever feel like you don't want to exist anymore? Well I do.
Avatar n tn They're all dangerous when abused and particularly when mixed with other mind-altering drugs like xanax or alcohol. Mixing makes respiratory failure much more likely. It doesn't matter if they're using heroin or something else. They're in serious trouble. You can't force anyone into any medical treatment of any kind.
Avatar n tn I'm also on Paxil for lifelong depression. Works great, but I understand the w/d's are hell, so I'm sticking with it. Xanax helps with cravings, but it puts me to sleep, and I'm sick of spending my life either craving or napping. I want out of this chemical prison. If only doctors knew what they were doing when they prescribe opiates for temporary pain. I'd rather deal with post-surgical or accident pain than this addiction. No one has mentioned this, but the constipation is horrible.
Avatar n tn in addition to that she has been, at the same time, taking xanax, percocet, valium, and soma's. she was taking upwards of 30+ fiorinal daily at one point but has gone down to about 6-10 a day right now, but still mixing with the other benzo's. she recently tried to get off them and had the withdrawal seizures.
Avatar m tn I am not sure if this caused by the new dosage of Percocet, or if it has to do with the weight I have gained due to my injury perhaps.... But I started doing some research and read everywhere that Klonopin and Percocet are a dangerous mix. I have never experienced any issues before (but I do not watch myself sleep), and I did not experience any issues on Tuesday night......only last night.
Avatar m tn Abby---Sounds like you have an addictive personality from what you have said. Are you off the Xanax completely? If not, please be very careful mixing Xanax, Valium and Percocet, especially with the alcohol. While you may have a hefty tolerance built up...people DO still lose their loves over mixing various meds, ESPECIALLY with alcohol. My advice is to start being honest with yourself, and decide whether you are ready to ditch ALL of these pills and alcohol. If you are....
Avatar f tn Please speak with your doctor about this! Cathy is right about cold turkey off of Xanax - YOU SHOULD NEVER COLD TURKEY WITH XANAX - it's very dangerous. I can't say anymore than what the others have already said, but I'm saying some prayers for you! I hope you see your doctor right away and explain what's happening! Please keep us advised of what's going on and come here often for support. But, in the meantime, please see your doctor!
Avatar f tn They don't make them stronger than 1mg. And you really can't compare a half mg of Xanax to 300mg of Percocet. Entirely different chemicals per mg. You know this,,I'm sure. I just don't understand why you're taking Klonopin AND Xanax. Maybe it's addict thinking that you need it but you don't. Stick with just one benzo, as I said before. Okay? I don't want to have to worry about you... We're here so check in often!
Avatar n tn Does anyone know about the potential problem of mixing an anti-depressant such as Paxil with Norco? I am trying to wean off of a nasty hydro habit (400-550mg a day). I have had a dcotor label me as depressed and said that Prozac or Paxil would be the way to go. Is this a dangerous mixture? Could I safely start taking Paxil while still taking 100mg of hydrocodone a day? Help.
440194 tn?1204711957 Your post is a little scary but as Liz Lou can't figure out because she is not an addict is that your simply acting as one. Be careful mixing Methadone with narcotics many people overdose or go into Respiratory failure and quit breathing most of the time in their sleep. In the office I work in where Methadone is given and one thing we worry about is when people mix with Xanax. Across the state where I live so many over doses it is a very sad state of affairs.
724609 tn?1231102607 Everything I mentioned can be taken with an antidepressent but be careful with amino acids with anti depressents, they are very important during this detox time but ck with your doc or psychiatrist. I take L-tyrosine 2 pills twice a day on an empty stomach with Vit B to help absorb. This amino acid helps to make dopamine in your brain again, which your brain has stopped making due to the narcotics. This is a safe one with an antidepressent but not with an maoi antidepressent.
1968463 tn?1374761413 You must be very careful with your daily doseage of acitamenaphen (sp?). It is in NyQuil, so be careful with what you are mixing? I would take the excedrine and methocarbomol ( muscle relaxer) before bed. In the hospital: I was on several different meds. Before surgery, it was Fioricet and morphine ( morphine didn't help, just made me loopy AND in pain) After surgery in ICU - Fentinol ( iv) and pericidomol ( Tylenol, but in an iv drip...isn't used much in the states).
Avatar n tn But be sure he's not mixing it with ANYTHING! Especially xanax! Good luck!
917008 tn?1251227579 The reason doctors dont like to prescribe a benzo with methadone is that over 90% of methadone overdoses are due to the mixing with xanax mainly, but also other benzo's like valium and klonopin. So your sub doctor may not like the fact that your taking valium, have you ever considered tapering off the valium, whatever happens just make sure that you are honest with the doctor.
Avatar n tn I am wondering if it has anything to do with my Colon Cancer? I was diagnosed with Stage 3b Colon Cancer in 2009. Prior to diagnoses and as of today, nothing seems to work for me. When I was in the hospital the only pain medication that worked for me was morphine and it was through an IV. In fact, it worked so well I was asleep most of my stay, which I really could not stand.
217599 tn?1202854552 I have relapsed, and boy have I ever. 3 years ago, i kicked methadone, norco and xanax all at the same time cold turkey. 13 months ago i reinjured my back at work and subsequently had 2 back surgeries. I am now on percocet, norco, valium, morphine, and the stronget dose of opana made. i have continuous pain, still and can't live with it. can't take anti-inflammatories because of irritable bowel syndrome.
Avatar f tn I wrote them an extensive letter saying why I tested positive for codeine (I had accidentally been taking my stepfather's Tylenol 3 mixed in with my Percocet when my mom gave me a smaller pill bottle to keep in my purse) and oxycodone (I took the last 3 pills of Oxycontin new I had received a prescription for two years ago as stemming as a side effect from a bad reaction to a bone-hardening agent I received for osteoporosis since I can't do oral pills).
Avatar n tn I know with our doctor he basically stated that the only things not to take with the suboxone where the percocet and kadian due to the withdrawal effects. I listed all of the other meds he is on and he said that it was all fine. If you are still worried after talking to the doctor than maybe you should call your primary and do a double check. Just a thought. Good luck, let us know what happens please!!
388261 tn?1215403444 Xanax/Supplements for the first 5-6 days to help with the emotional pain.(I take 4 Xanax or if I want to go natural Sam-E with Hops per 24 hours) But no more than 8-10 days, you don't want to get hooked on that demon Xanax. (Believe me, Xanax wd's SUCK) More hot baths. Lots of water to flush the system. FOOD - Fresh veggies, greens, blueberries, protein, good stuff for your body. Suggestions for rich detox foods are: broccoli, red and green vegetables, cauliflower, beets, onions and garlic.