Can i take celebrex with tylenol

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Avatar f tn It is my opinion that each of us have to research the medications we take and make our own decisions based on that research and our comfort levels. Personally I would not take Celebrex long term but I take acetaminophen (tylenol) long term which can be just as risky. So it's an individual decision. Does it significantly help your pain? If it does that would certainly be a large part of my decision process. I hope my input has been a bit helpful for you. Others will post with their opinions.
Avatar m tn I had had a problem with anti flams for a while and i new i couldnt take celebrex as i had terrible cramps in my stomach. My doctor gave me the meloxicam by mistake, he done it again the other day but luckily i spotted it and he apologised and changed them to etoricoxib. Please be careful when you are given pain relievers and anti flams. Ime really worried about taking these etoricoxib even tho i was assured by the receptionist that they are not in the same family as celebrex and meloxicam..
Avatar n tn We discussed Celebrex in detail and the head of hepatobilliary department at Shands, who writes a lot of the research you see, said he has absolutely no problem with me taking Celebrex long term. I am a hepper with cirrhosis, I have a healthy heart and well controlled hypertension. I think as long as your mom doesn't have heart issues and she gets regular physian followups that she will benefit from Celebrex. I know I do.
Avatar n tn My GI said to go ahead and take Tylenol if needed. I try not to take any OTC if I can absolutely avoid it, but I bet taking Tylenol only when necessary probably wouldn't hurt anything. I think the docs just don't want us to take a lot of it (however much that is) on a daily basis.
Avatar n tn I take 1 tablespoon of Carlson lemon flavor fish oil in the AM, 1 teaspoon in the afternoon and 1 tablespoon in the evening. Coumadin is one of the all-time worst "hangovers" from the "heyday" of patent medications: No matter how many alternatives there are for it, it just won't go away. It certainly thins the blood, but it does so by "poisoning and killing off" the vitamin K in your body.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis about 15 yrs ago. Was on Celebrex for a long time, nd did very well, until it started to affect my kidney function. When I was taken off it, the pain started. My doctor said that I wouldn't be able to take any of the Nsaids as they would all affect my kidneys the same way. He prescribed tylenol 3 for pain management. I take approx. 3 per day normally, but when I have a flare, that dose doubles.
7510956 tn?1411675017 I can't take NSAIDS, so Tylenol it is for me. I usually only take it on shot nights, though. It's not something I take on a daily basis, or even every 8 hrs.
2105146 tn?1334597383 I have read, heard, been told that Tylenol (acetominophen) can cause harm to the liver, yet on this forum I have seen many recommendations to take Tylenol. I am curious as to why Tylenol would be recommended when there are other things to take. My friend, who died of HepC/liver cancer, was told NOT to take Tylenol and to stick to ibuprofen. I prefer good old aspirin.
Avatar f tn He also reported that the antibiotic Augmentin can have the same effect. Personally, I take tylenol only if needed.. And I usually only take one or two at a time and only if I have a fever..
Avatar n tn Welcome, i would say definetly withdrawls..RLS comes with it..I have RLS even before i ever took pain medicine..i take requip , works magic, it is presribed...When i went through w/d's that was the worst..My legs would jump on their own ..hurts so bad had to stay in a hot tub..Slept in it too... That is just my opinion , many here will give you adive good luck sorry about your pain..
Avatar n tn I think I dont want to go back to the percocet even though its much better for the pain. I don't want to go through this type of withdrawal again. My question, if I go back to tylenol 4 will I suffer these bad withdrawals or go back to the way it was, just the stomach cramps? I dont know maybe I should get off opiates alll together, but I feel since I don't have an addiction why suffer with more pain that I need too? I wish I would have just stuck with the tylenol 4.
2202729 tn?1377554805 I agree with Pooh, take Tylenol. I think most hepatologists recommend it for liver patients, up to 2000 mg per day. NSAIDs (including Advil, Motrin, aspirin, pretty much every OTC pain-killer other than Tylenol) are contraindicated if you have liver disease.
Avatar n tn Just a little bit of info when I take Motrin I only take one and I take the generic form. I am 22/48 of treatment. I am 26 years old, Grade 0, stage 0. Had virus for 7 years. I am also having a terrible time on this tx (I have huge tummy problems) and I wanted to know if any of you would have decided to treat with current meds given my information? Also should I just try and continue it as long as I can, or give up now and wait for other drugs?
395684 tn?1216001324 The narcotics are not working, I am still in pain, no one will help and I can't take much more. I lost my job because of missing so much, I need to get healthy so I can get to work. They have given me every kind of medication you can think of, such as the following : amytripiline, neurontin, lyrica, flexeril, valium, percocet, vicodin, oxycontin, prednisone, cymbalta, celebrex, Ibuprophen 800 mg, Motrin 800 mg, naprosyn, imitrex, skelaxin, soma, toradol, tylenol w/codeine.
395684 tn?1216001324 The narcotics are not working, I am still in pain, no one will help and I can't take much more, I get up every day and wish that I didn't, there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel and I am not sure how much more I can take, please help me if you can. I have even went to the Cleveland Clinic which is one of the three top ranked hospitals in the United States, they didn't help at all. I lost my job because of missing so much, I need to get healthy so I can get to work.
548642 tn?1266183252 I take xanax as well, it helps me thru difficult times. My belief is that all opiates are bad, but not for everyone and not all the time. I would say if you've had a previous addiction to opiates in any form, then you may need to proceed with caution. Opiates are known to replicate the virus. You really need to talk this over with your doctor. Unfortunately I was exposed to a litany of drugs as a youth 1968-69.
Avatar f tn I left a message with my eye specialist yesterday, (very busy office), and have suffered thru until tonight. I really appreciate the answer and an on my way to get some relief now. I will discuss this with him at my appointment on Monday. Again, my thanks!
514494 tn?1376514748 I would like to share another interesting article with you that I just read. It's entitled, "8 Drugs Doctors Would Never Take" and the weblink is here:
Avatar f tn I am curious if I can take Benadryl daily without harm to myself or becoming immune to it. I suffer from allergies from various foods that are unknown at this time and some cats, not all cats and Ibuprophen (which I will not take even if i am on Benadryl). I worry constantly about anaphylaxis since it happend once due to an allergic reaction from Ibuprophen. My PCP precsribed Zyrtec for me to take daily but it is not for food allergies.
287246 tn?1318573663 I think I fall into that category, honestly, but if there is even the slightest of chances, I am afraid to take the medication. I think I will put in a call to my OB and ask, but I thought I would ask you ladies as well.
Avatar f tn My hip has become the worst - it keeps me from sleeping most nights since that is the side I sleep on. Celebrex does half the job, but I end up using Tylenol Arthritis in addition many days. My doc tried Ultram, but it made me sick. I haven't been back yet, but want to make another appt. I have tried some natural things. They really don't work. Have any of you tried any that do work?
Avatar n tn What could I take for severe knee pain. I know it is arthritis.I take Celebrex and two Tylenol. This does not help.
Avatar m tn I'm not going to lie anymore and will do anything. Also, what can I do for the pain? OTC stuff doesn't work, I use ice, heat. I need to go to pt I know and I will as soon as I go to the dr. My wife is going with me to the dr. I need all the prayers and help I can get for her and I both and the pain.
Avatar n tn I have for 13 years thanx to an abusive ex) so I am in constant pain and I have been afraid that I will have to come off my meds when I get pg. I used to take vicodin cuz I lived in the U.S.
874521 tn?1424120397 this may not be my case BUT its possible it just could be and like I said earlier I want to be armed with all the knowledge I can b4 seeing this pain specialist again, so thank you also, I will do alot of reading on the website you have mentioned.
Avatar m tn you have reassured me with the reduced bloodflow, hope it goes soon so I can be back to normal. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy.
Avatar f tn I know it's not how you should lose weight but if that's the one benefit I can get from these treatments then AWESOME! I just try to take it easy as much as I can, the fatigue makes it's hard to get anything done and to make my brain work. I have other health issues and suffer with pain every day so the added joint pain is horrible. It's hard to sleep with this rash but I'm using everything you can think of, Aveeno, benadryl, hydrocortisone. Will just have to cowgirl up and take it!
Avatar n tn Sleeplessness is the worst and I have to work full time so I cannot afford not to sleep. I alternate between Ambien (it does not work if I take it nightly), Tylenol PM (it makes me feel very tired the next day but if your husband isn't working that might not be a problem for him). My doc prescribed Trazadone, it's an older antidepressant that is used also used for sleeping. I feel tired in the a.m. upon waking but once I shower, etc. I'm better.
Avatar n tn Motrin or ibuprofen has shown not to be therapudic after 800mg x3 a day. I take it constantly for my back pain in conjunction with the narcotics. I also switched it out with naproxen every couple of months to see if helps. It seems to do a little. So it might be a good choice. My doc and I just talked on Monday about other meds to add to my regimen since I won't go up on the narcotic pain meds, yet my tolerance has gone up and they aren't working as well.