Can an abscess kill you

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Avatar n tn so i was wanting to ask if you could give a brief description on the mechanics of an abscess. specifically, 1)how does the abscess manage to make these holes in the jawbone itself? 2) if a person had lived through an abscess (such as they do in modern times) does the damage to the jaw bone repair itself, or is it a permenent fixture? 3) exactly how were these abscesses fatal? how does it truly manage to kill?
Avatar n tn When I called about the appointment, they were already talking about the possibility of being referred to an endodontist for a potential root canal. Is this my only option? Can I not just kill off the infection with antibiotics? I broke the bank on the crown (no dental insurance), and I simply cannot afford another expensive procedure. If that's the only option to keep the tooth, then I may have to opt for extracting it (and keeping my $1100 crown of course).
Avatar n tn The Dentist switched my antibiotic to Clindamycin and I just started taking that because he doesn't think the other one was kidding. My question is do you think this antibiotic will kill the infection and when will the swelling go down. The appointment to have my tooth removed isn't until the 10th of april. I've never had an infection in my mouth before so it's got me really worried. My tooth did stop hurting mostly though since my cheek swelled up, not sure why, is that good?
Avatar n tn I Had to have two teeth pullled due to an abscess on my gum. I thought that you could not pull teeth while you had and infection in your mouth. Is this true or not. Also if you have teeth pulled does this clear up the infection. Even though you have to take medication for a week to ten days.
Avatar n tn don't pin whatsoever. That can cause an even worse infection. I know its tempting because you just want it to go away! Instead place hot moist towels on the abscess. This hot compressant will relieve pain and it'll either bring it to head or reduce it. Either'll be on its way out. Try to do it several times a day.
1078123 tn?1255914486 You should post as much information about all of his veterinary visits for this situation and our veterinarians here might be able to come up with some answers for you. Second...have you tried applying for a grant from the American Animal Hospital Association's Helping Pets Fund? They can be found at The only catch is that your veterinarian will need to apply on your behalf. Good luck to you...keep us posted on his progress.
Avatar n tn Hi I went in to the dentist a couple days ago to get a broken molar extracted. (I had a root canal done on it years ago and it has now got infected) It was extremely painful and tender to the touch but I had no visible swelling. Dentist sent me home with Vicodin & clindamycin to kill the infection before she could extract it in a few days. I know clindamycin is a top tier antibiotic. But I took it and the infection swelled and got more painful.
Avatar n tn Hi, Sounds like you had what is called an apicoectomy. Exactly as turkee23 described. You should be good to go! Do baby it awhile though, and give it a chance to heal. Best to you and your saved tooth!
Avatar m tn Never the less you stated that when you had your abscess drained in the hospital that they took a sample of the pus to the lab for tests and they came back with nothing. My question to you is, were you on any type of antibiotics before you had your abscess drained and a sample taken for analysis? If you were then you are most likely going to get a negative bacteria test because the antibiotics will kill all the bacteria that they need to grow.
Avatar m tn His dentist told him the infection was gone- how do you know it will return? Do you just mean the same infection can happen again because of the structure of the teeth? It was a gum infection too, not a tooth infection. Not sure if that's relevant.
Avatar n tn I never really thought much about it but finally went to the dentist and was told that I had an infection/abscess and that the root canal had to be redone. But in all the reading I had done on the internet there are a lot of holistic types that swear root canals are not the way to go and that in many cases they lead to problems with dental cavitation, infections, etc. So I opted to have the tooth pulled. within 2 weeks of pulling my tooth my acne was completely gone!
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Avatar m tn If you are having a problem and the abscess has still not healed, it is important for you to see your doctor or dentist so that you can be given a course of antibiotics to kill of any bacteria. Hope you get better soon.
Avatar n tn Apply a hot compress to draw the abscess to the surface. If there is no broken skin on the abscess, you can purchase magnesium sulphate from the pharmacy and apply this to the abscess. This is a drawing ointment and can only be used on unbroken skin. Whilst you are taking the antibiotics, it would be advisable not to smoke the cannabis. Make an appointment to see the doctor to be timed when you complete the course of antibiotics.
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Avatar n tn Hi lildeb349, If you have an abscess in either of your breasts, you need to make an appointment with your family doctor as soon as possible. Any kind of infection is worrisome. Please, makie an appointment immediately with your doctor and have a doctor look at it, them ?
Avatar f tn if either area is tender to the touch, that's an indicator you have an infection in your head somewhere. A dentist can determine if it's a tooth. Your regular doc can do some bloodwork to look for infection, bacteria, and so on. And an ear nose throat ENT specialist can take a look at you, he has seen so many oddball things in people, that he might know right away the cause of your symptoms.
Avatar n tn The gum area and side of the tooth feel mildly sore and sensitive to cold (but not hot) and I get this aching in the right side of my cheek bone, head and in my ear. Is this the kind of infection that can kill people? i will see my dentist in a week when i return home. in the meantime, what do you think this is causing this? Does it take an abscess to cause a serious systemic problem, will dental xrays always tell you if you have something potentially serious?
Avatar n tn Your dog is considered to be 60 years old in human life, so he could live a lot longer than 10. When you get to be 60 I can guarantee you that you will not consider yourself done with life, and neither should you with your dog. Have his teeth fixed, and I hope you enjoy many more years with him.
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Avatar f tn As Margot said, it may be a cyst or abscess. I don't know where you live, or what diseases are present in your area, but if it is a cyst or abscess, then it isn't contagious. But do be careful to wash your hands with hot water and soap after handling it ir bathing the wound, etc, as sometimes infections like this can cause stomach upsets, if the bacteria are transferred to your mouth or food etc. At one month, he is really young and tough in his little way...yet also very vulnerable.
Avatar m tn You have a virus, and an antibiotic will not kill of virus bugs. You need to eat a healthy and well balanced diet with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables and plenty of drinks (not alcohol). Take pain relief as directed for any aches and pains and rest as much as you can.
Avatar m tn The previous procedure was done at a discount rate of $1000 - I was told it was normally $1500. Hopefully you can help resolve this problem with your answer.
Avatar f tn Well if you are not sure whether to take the antibiotic or not, your can make an appointment with your doctor and get a second opinion. Antibiotics kill off bad bacteria as well as the good bugs and can encourage fungal infections like Thrush. The other option is to take pain relief medication as directed on the packet and also do steam inhalations. This will relieve any congestion in the sinus area that is causing the pain.
Avatar n tn Have you noticed bad breath? Your dog could have an abscess. Since this has been going on for 3 days I would take him to the vet. If you haven't changed his food and you know of nothing he could have ate, I really would take him to your vet as this is unusal behavior.
Avatar m tn Hi, is she an indoor/outdoor cat or does she live with more than one cat? If she does, than there's a good chance that this is an abscess(infection from a cat bite). The abscess might not heal on its own, and will probably need a vet to take care of it and put her on antibiotics. Let us know how it goes!!
Avatar f tn You've had drama happen in your life that you should really look at and avoid, but that's not why I'm responding. Yes, an infection in your tooth can absolutely kill you. DID I GET YOUR ATTENTION?? I hope so, because what you have described is very, very serious. My first job was as a Dental Assistant. I know what I am talking about. Go to a dentist, immediately. If that one refuses to treat you then go to the emergency room. You should do this RIGHT AWAY.
Avatar n tn If the swelling is worsening, I would recommend going to your surgeon as an emergency or call for a prescription of a different antibiotic to hold you over until your visit. Also, you could possibly go back to your dentist and have them do an incision and drainage in the area, in which they open the abscess up and drain the pus inside as well as allow some oxygen into the infected area to kill the bacteria.