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Avatar n tn Do you think this is a definite sign of a tooth abscess due to the trauma of the crown? When I called about the appointment, they were already talking about the possibility of being referred to an endodontist for a potential root canal. Is this my only option? Can I not just kill off the infection with antibiotics? I broke the bank on the crown (no dental insurance), and I simply cannot afford another expensive procedure.
Avatar n tn The Dentist switched my antibiotic to Clindamycin and I just started taking that because he doesn't think the other one was kidding. My question is do you think this antibiotic will kill the infection and when will the swelling go down. The appointment to have my tooth removed isn't until the 10th of april. I've never had an infection in my mouth before so it's got me really worried. My tooth did stop hurting mostly though since my cheek swelled up, not sure why, is that good?
Avatar f tn I didn't have a dime to my name when i was 16 and i had my first abscess...i went to a low income facility and showed them i didn't have anything but i needed my tooth gone. They said it would cost me $50 and i sat in front of a gas station and bummed money until i had enough and went back and got it pulled. Also, if it hurts, take an aspirin and break it in pieces...put a small piece in your tooth. It kills the root but at this point, who cares. It will take away A LOT of the pain.
Avatar n tn 1) There are several different types of abscess but the most common is a periapical abscess in which there is a cavity in the tooth that invades the pulp of the tooth. The bacteria then travels down the pulp into the jawbone and begins to destroy the jawbone.
Avatar n tn Yes, it is possible to remove a tooth while you have an abscess. It depends on the extent of the abscess and how serious it is. Some doctors may opt to put you on antibiotics first to reduce the swelling then remove the tooth. Other doctors may decide to remove the tooth first to get rid of the source of infection and then help promote healing by being placed on antibiotics.
Avatar n tn If he feels that the teeth were improperly treated, you'll know that, too. You can go from there. Whatever you do, don't do nothing! Infection at the tooth root will only spread along the periodontal ligament to the neighboring teeth and you run the risk of loosing them, too. I'm sorry you are in this predicament, but it is solvable with some effort. My very best to you. Please let us know how you do.
Avatar m tn If you are having a problem and the abscess has still not healed, it is important for you to see your doctor or dentist so that you can be given a course of antibiotics to kill of any bacteria. Hope you get better soon.
Avatar n tn Recently I visited my dentist because I was experiencing extreme pain in my mouth. They told me my upper left wisdom tooth was infected and prescribed me a prescription for an antibiotic and ibuprofen to help with the discomfort, as well as referring me to an oral surgeon. I have an appointment in three days with the oral surgeon for an exam (Its been two weeks already) but I have the feeling my tooth is still infected even after taking the antibiotic.
Avatar f tn Lots of people won't post to a thread started a year ago. If you repost, and please do, can you advise if you have seen a doctor or dentist which is the first thing to do since we can't diagnose you on this board?
Avatar m tn My biggest worry right now isn't the dentist, it scares me knowing this can kill me. Can it really kill me?! HELP!
Avatar n tn Your dog is considered to be 60 years old in human life, so he could live a lot longer than 10. When you get to be 60 I can guarantee you that you will not consider yourself done with life, and neither should you with your dog. Have his teeth fixed, and I hope you enjoy many more years with him.
Avatar m tn The previous procedure was done at a discount rate of $1000 - I was told it was normally $1500. Hopefully you can help resolve this problem with your answer.
Avatar f tn He also has a website, www.****.com. Truth is, you CAN heal tooth decay with the methods he advocates, but even he cautions that infections can be serious and deadly and to see a dentist if you aren't having success. Infection does need to be treated promptly and not messed around with, but you have done that by getting treatment so you should begin seeing improvement every day.
Avatar m tn I will send you an article by message so you can read the pros and cons of wisdom tooth removal. It is not a black-and-white topic, although that seems to be the way you see it since you believe it is a life or death question.
Avatar n tn Apply a hot compress to draw the abscess to the surface. If there is no broken skin on the abscess, you can purchase magnesium sulphate from the pharmacy and apply this to the abscess. This is a drawing ointment and can only be used on unbroken skin. Whilst you are taking the antibiotics, it would be advisable not to smoke the cannabis. Make an appointment to see the doctor to be timed when you complete the course of antibiotics.
Avatar f tn If not, I hope the prescription for sinus infection will help you feel better. I know exactly how you feel, when your health goes, it can be unbelievable and hard to deal with. Took me years to accept all the stuff I got, I had to be convinced of the final diagnosis, and even then, it took some more doc visits for me to fully understand what had happened to me. But I'm not going to get better... in your case, I still think the jury is still out on that.
Avatar n tn The gum area and side of the tooth feel mildly sore and sensitive to cold (but not hot) and I get this aching in the right side of my cheek bone, head and in my ear. Is this the kind of infection that can kill people? i will see my dentist in a week when i return home. in the meantime, what do you think this is causing this? Does it take an abscess to cause a serious systemic problem, will dental xrays always tell you if you have something potentially serious?
Avatar f tn You've had drama happen in your life that you should really look at and avoid, but that's not why I'm responding. Yes, an infection in your tooth can absolutely kill you. DID I GET YOUR ATTENTION?? I hope so, because what you have described is very, very serious. My first job was as a Dental Assistant. I know what I am talking about. Go to a dentist, immediately. If that one refuses to treat you then go to the emergency room. You should do this RIGHT AWAY.
Avatar f tn I have always been a worrier but after my son was born it went into full bloom. Every little thing was a death sentence. Tooth ache= abscess and would kill me. Every pain- some sort of tumor that would be cancerous. I am making myself crazy. I was told I had a UTI and thought I had it for awhile. So I thought I felt an ache in myside which would be it went to my kidney. I swore I had a kidney infection. I was in bad pain.
544292 tn?1268886268 Hi Friends, Please come on in and make yourself at home. Get ready, cause it's quite a ride. You can do it!
Avatar m tn The priority is to visit your dentist ASAP when you feel pressure/pain above a tooth like that - the 'poison' from a dental abscess can KILL you if it gets bad enough. Until you get to the dentist you could ( if its not already too painful), try manipulating the tooth & the gum around it a little, to try to find a spot around the tooth where it can drain. You'll know when you've found the spot because suddenly you'll taste that AWFUL pus.
Avatar n tn an infection has entered that tooth and caused an abscess. the pressure from the abscess has pushed the infection down into soft tissue and most likely infected the saliva glands (thus the swollen cheek) ibuprofen will help pain and some inflamation but the infection MUST be treated with antibiotics or it could spread to your neck, throat, or bloodstream and become life threatening. antibiotics are the only thing that will help these infections.
Avatar n tn I would get a second opinion from an endodontist that can see if your tooth is sitting on your nerve or not. If so, see if you can get some steroids or is about the only thing that really got my pain in check.
Avatar m tn I would see the dentist and get a prescription for an antibiotic if they feel that's the source of the infection. Yes, a dental abscess can spread to your brain and kill you like you mentioned although its more rare today. It can also spread to other parts of your body as well. I don't mean to scare you but taking care of your oral health contributes to your overall health. They're all attached together even if the insurance coverage doesn't seem to show that by keeping it separate.
Avatar f tn But as far as the severe pain in molar, you can die from that kind of teeth infection. Teeth infections like that can kill a grown man. It spreads to your heart and other sinuses and areas around the jaw and face. causes a bacteria infection in the heart that can be deadly if left untreated. If you told your dentist all of that and he says it was a sinus infection, then it's time to find a new dentist. Really need to see someone about the blood.
279234 tn?1363108849 I would go to your GP and see if they can't add Tegretol or Trileptal to your meds as these are the drugs of choices for TN. I hope you can get relief soon! I know how bad this pain can get.
Avatar n tn As long as the dentist informs you of all the risk, benefits and alternatives to the situation, you can make an educated decision for your particular situation. As for the mass, it may be some minor swelling trapped in a tight space resulting in some firmness (like a water balloon). It'll gradually break up as it is doing right now and there probably won't be any problems after that.