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766032 tn?1281645081 No I didn't have any headaches...it increased my anxiety though for about 4 weeks. I take the 300 mg XL tablets so my meds may be different from yours in that I'm on the extended release which is meant to build up in my system over time. My son went through a number of medications for ADHD that caused him headaches. He finally found that Adderall worked without giving him a headache. But again, meds are different for each individual.
1325668 tn?1294447726 Bupropion is the generic name for Wellbutrin. Years ago it had some success and I even know a few who quit using it. I would imagine, because it is also an antidepressant it might cause dizziness. It may take a few days to adjust and if it persists I would talk to your doctor. Good luck on your quit and if you need any support, we are here for you.
Avatar m tn I was prescribed 300 mg xl of bupropion for anxiety that comes from a neurlogical problem in my eyes called Nystagmus. I think side effects of bupropion cause blurred vision and problems with one eye not moving in conjunction with the other which is horrible in addition to Nystagmus. I've lived with this because I was told bupropion is the least likeliest of pills to cause sexual disfunction. Is this true?
Avatar m tn But the wellbutron (bupropion) as my Dr. and I figured out was making me feel so much worse. Really bad anxiety like I can't even describe, and constant crying. It just kept getting worsr when I thought it was just me and that the bupr. would take some time to take effect. So she upped my dosage and 2 days later I caled her and went back in. That's when I stopped the burpro. immidiatly and she put me on celexa and klonopin for the anxiety.
Avatar f tn With me the Celexa just killed my libido and had no desire for anything. My doctor then weaned me off the Celexa and put me on the Bupropion XL. He started me for 7 days on 150 mg and then went to 300 mg. Everyone is different but the Bupropion gave me back my libido and still keeps my depression in check. I do recall my doctor saying the Bupropion can take a few weeks to get the full effect since I had already been on the Celexa.
Avatar n tn what your experinencing is normal, it's the Anxiety side effect iv'e had the same exact thing happen to me except i was on Prozac, and on the 4th night i had a panic attack and never experienced that before and then for a week after i experienced Anxiety. Chest tighness and burning, and shortness of breath. Try not to worry about it because it makes it worse its just anxiety. Keep busy to keep your mind off of it.
Avatar f tn Hello, I have been on Bupropion XL for a year now for my generalized anxiety disorder...I started out on lexapro, but the unfortunate sexual side effects were far too terrible..So my doc switched me to bupropion. That worked out great for me, I was having the best sex of my life with my fiancé, except I was losing way too much weight on it. I have always been thin, 5'5 & when I started out I was 123 pounds....last check up I was all the way down to 108 pounds, which I am not okay with.
Avatar f tn I had an allergic reaction to zoloft about a week ago and it amped up my anxiety. So ive been taking .5mg lorazepams when needed. I used to be on 150mg bupropion but stopped when i got pregnant. Anyways Im scared now to take them both at the same time. I have post pardum depression and ive been exercising to help but its not fully helping. Any thoughts? The Zoloft reaction was the worse thing ive ever experienced with medicine. Severe hot flushes for over 24 hours.
Avatar f tn Hi, On day 11 Bupropion. Has been a very rough ride so far. Major anxiety, tearfulness, no energy. Grumpy. Hear this can just be a start up blip. Any Advice please? Never took my pill today, had decided enough was enough. Will this get better if I continue?
Avatar n tn I'm on Bupropion 300mg/day and Xanax (0.25 - 0.5mg as needed). Also taking Metoprolol 25mg/day for hypertension. I'd like to ask my doctor to add Fluoxetine to boost my serotonin. Are there any bad side effects from combining these meds?
284002 tn?1244551155 Hello I have been on 100mg of Bupropion ER and 0.25 mg of Clonazepam for over 4 years. I have tried 3 times before to stop the medications but felt awful side effects and and had to resume taking my meds. Two and a half weeks ago I decided to try again and I stopped all my medication. I know that these are low doses. I have been feeling awful again and I feel as if my heart is running faster than normal which is affecting my personal and work-life.
5371853 tn?1367028972 At the age of 30, after a dramatic weight loss due to a vertical sleeve gastrectomy (50 lbs!) I started to experience SEVERE depression and anxiety for the first time in my lifea year ago. No history of emotional problems, nor is my life troubled. It's actually quite stable. I have spent this year exploring every medical possibility: B12, thyroid, neuro issues, heart issues, thiamine, and more. I broke down and started bupropion 8 weeks ago, I am up to 300XL and have been for 6 weeks.
Avatar f tn not sure what it is i guess it has alot to do with frame of thinking due to when you are having an anxiety attack...
Avatar f tn Take propanolol as required and recently been prescribed bupropion/zyban/wellbutrin for my depression. My research shows an interaction but also that many online people seem to be taking this combo. Have noticed an increase in heart rate and anxiety, but only on day 5 of 150mg sr. Any advice please?
Avatar n tn I have been taking bupropion XL 300 once a day for about 2 months. I had been getting my prescription filled at our local walgreens. My insurance has "forced" me to go on a mail order drug program. (they wont pay for my prescriptions if i dont which is over $200) I started taking the mail order pharmacies bupropion for about 2 weeks same dosage and name... pills look different though.
5050843 tn?1362873926 took half my pill for 3 nights and on the 4th morning I started 150mg of Wellbutrin (Bupropion). This Monday will be 2 weeks that I have been on the Bupropion and it has been a living hell so far. The panic attacks have came back, I'm very irritable, short fused and cry at the drop of a dime-then immediately feel guilty afterwards.
Avatar n tn My doctor swiched me from Paxil to Bupropion Sr. last week and He said that thier was no need to ween myself off of the Paxil. So I started the Bupropion Sr at 150mg once a day for 4 days and then was to go on to two a day, Well since I started the drug. I have been very dizzy and if I move my head to fast I feel like a jolt in my vision. I told my doctor and he suggested to stay on the one a day for another week. I also have lost a pound a day since starting the drug.
Avatar n tn I've been taking Bupropion(generic) for 3 months. I've tried 300mg-XL, 2x150mg-SR, and both times (though I'd take the morning dose at 6AM) had a hard time falling asleep at night, tossing around in bed an hour or so. I normally don't have a sleeping problem. So, I now take only one 150mg-SR around 7AM and no afternoon dose. I can fall asleep fine now, but my energy runs out in the late afternoon ...
Avatar m tn So I have been taking Paroxetine(Paxil) for 4 months now and it changed my life, took away my O.C.D. and my social anxiety. But i had side effects so i started taking Bupropion(wellbutrin) So after 1 days dose which was 1 pill twice a day, I had my O.C.D. back about half as bad and my social axiety came back about half as bad. So i stopped taking the Bupropion and i am still taking the Paroxetine but it's not working as well as it did before.
Avatar f tn I have had severe hot flashes for a number of years along with anxiety. I started to take bupropion sr 150 mg and it has subsided and I have been only on it for 5 days, I hate being on another anti depressant currently also on amitriptyline 50 mg for sleep a big weight gain issue with this.. the only side effect I get with bupropion sr is the is the ringing in my ears that bothers me. Anyone have similar issues?
Avatar n tn Anyone have any experience with taking Chantix(Varenicline) or Zyban(bupropion) to quit smoking? From what I've read it seems Zyban works better and Chantix is a fairly new drug for it. Varenicline is a partial antagonist of the niACH receptor and Bupropion is an antidepressant that acts as a dopamine reuptake inhibitor, and nicotinic antagonist. Sounds similar in that they dumb/prevent the pleasure of smoking. Seems to me thought that the Bupr. sounds like it would work better since Varen.
Avatar f tn put me on bupropion-around the same time I started going thru some really hard personal stuff. The anxiety hit me hard as well as a new symptom that I refer to as crying jags. Went to Dr. and he didn't think it was the medicine-which did wonders for my depression. I started counseling and have been re-learning coping skills, stress management, etc.
Avatar n tn I am being treated for the first time by a psychiatrist for my depression/ anxiety. I have been dealing with this since early adolecence and I am now in my late 20's. I have had 2-3 episodes of Major depression during that time , and possibly 2 episodes of a (light mania?). I am not sure if I am bi-polar. I was treated for postpartum depression after my second son and put on Paxil for anxiety with mild depression 4 years ago.
Avatar m tn doc suggested going off of bupropion and switch to paxil. It has been 11 days. still taking the bupropion 150 and lamictal 100 but have had to start taking a lot more klonopin because to the rise in anxiety and I don't like taking this.
4626633 tn?1382600722 And highly suicidal. I'm better now, as far as the actute wds, but still have the anxiety and panic attacks which put me on them to begin with. Not sure I want to find a new dr to start again. I want to try natural. Anyone with severe anxiety find anything OTC or herbal that truly helps? Or is it a lost cause? I would strongly suggest never using benzo's to help get off opiates. Not what I used them for, but I see people do.
Avatar n tn Hey girl how are you? You know on top of the meds we do have a real reason for anxiety. Change brings on anxiety and not knowing what the future holds does also. I worry that when I get off these meds it will be anti-climatic. You know, like I'll expect my life to suddenly turn perfect and it wasn't in the first place! You are agreat calming force for me, your picturesque descriptions and your tongue in cheek humor!