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1325668 tn?1294447726 This med is a stimulating anti-depressant, not usually used as a primary tool for anxiety. I suppose there must be some research showing it helps people quit smoking, but it seems like taking a drug to quit a drug is a bit odd, especially this one, which can cause anxiety. Stopping nicotine usually makes people nervous, and this can make people more nervous. But what do I know?
Avatar f tn He started me for 7 days on 150 mg and then went to 300 mg. Everyone is different but the Bupropion gave me back my libido and still keeps my depression in check. I do recall my doctor saying the Bupropion can take a few weeks to get the full effect since I had already been on the Celexa. I would hang in there for a few more weeks and let your body adjust and get used to the Bupropion. Let it build up in your system.
Avatar f tn Hello, I have been on Bupropion XL for a year now for my generalized anxiety disorder...I started out on lexapro, but the unfortunate sexual side effects were far too terrible..So my doc switched me to bupropion. That worked out great for me, I was having the best sex of my life with my fiancé, except I was losing way too much weight on it. I have always been thin, 5'5 & when I started out I was 123 pounds....last check up I was all the way down to 108 pounds, which I am not okay with.
Avatar f tn So ive been taking .5mg lorazepams when needed. I used to be on 150mg bupropion but stopped when i got pregnant. Anyways Im scared now to take them both at the same time. I have post pardum depression and ive been exercising to help but its not fully helping. Any thoughts? The Zoloft reaction was the worse thing ive ever experienced with medicine. Severe hot flushes for over 24 hours. I think im traumatized by it really.
Avatar f tn Hi, On day 11 Bupropion. Has been a very rough ride so far. Major anxiety, tearfulness, no energy. Grumpy. Hear this can just be a start up blip. Any Advice please? Never took my pill today, had decided enough was enough. Will this get better if I continue?
Avatar n tn I believe your wellbutrin is already targeting serotonin to a lesser extent than ssris, so your psychiatrist can advise if this is a good idea, but know that welllbutrin is perhaps the most stimulating antidepressant and Prozac is the most stimulating ssri, so if you're prone to anxiety and hypertension it's already not the best combination you're on. Do discuss this with experts.
Avatar n tn I have been taking bupropion XL 300 once a day for about 2 months. I had been getting my prescription filled at our local walgreens. My insurance has "forced" me to go on a mail order drug program. (they wont pay for my prescriptions if i dont which is over $200) I started taking the mail order pharmacies bupropion for about 2 weeks same dosage and name... pills look different though.
Avatar n tn This is beyond my knowledge but maybe someone else can help.
Avatar n tn From what I've read it seems Zyban works better and Chantix is a fairly new drug for it. Varenicline is a partial antagonist of the niACH receptor and Bupropion is an antidepressant that acts as a dopamine reuptake inhibitor, and nicotinic antagonist. Sounds similar in that they dumb/prevent the pleasure of smoking. Seems to me thought that the Bupr. sounds like it would work better since Varen. is only a partial nicotinic antagonist plus Bupr.
Avatar f tn Usually following a somewhat traumatic event. My anxiety seemed to have shifted to depression for many years and my Dr. put me on bupropion-around the same time I started going thru some really hard personal stuff. The anxiety hit me hard as well as a new symptom that I refer to as crying jags. Went to Dr. and he didn't think it was the medicine-which did wonders for my depression. I started counseling and have been re-learning coping skills, stress management, etc.
1342640 tn?1276185528 But even in cases of depression, wellbutrin is so stimulating it often causes anxiety, so it's not generally a first resort med for anxiety. Good for depression, though, and is often used with an ssri to mitigate side effects such as sexual dysfunction, lethargy, and weight gain. At any rate, we'll let the psychiatrist handle this one.
4626633 tn?1382600722 I have read many times that Valerian root works for anxiety. Even melatonin or alteril can calm you down as it is used for sleep. If those don't work you may want to check out vistaril or elavil. They both need prescriptions. I took elavil years ago after my brother died and I was having severe panic attacks. It really worked and I didn't become addicted to them as I only took them when I had a panic attack or knew one was coming.
Avatar f tn Antidepressants treats anxiety very well. That is what they prescribe for you to treat panic attacks. Been there, done that.
228686 tn?1211558307 Hello and welcome..... What is Wellbutrin? Wellbutrin is an antidepressant medication. Wellbutrin is used to treat major depressive disorder and seasonal affective disorder. At least one brand of bupropion (Zyban) is used to help people stop smoking by reducing cravings and other withdrawal effects. Wellbutrin may also be used for purposes other than those listed in this medication guide. The one thing not mentioned a lot about his med is the one common side effect......
Avatar m tn And we've tried several combinations, before bupropionxl, plus clonazapen worked. This two together, because as you said, bupropion alone, wasn't just enough for the anxiety. We even tried bupropion xl, with 5mg of lexapro, trying to reduce or avoid sexual side effect, but no luck with that. Ssri, even ivery small dose, will still cause sexual side effect. As of right now, the best combo and dose, that seems to be working is what i sade above.
Avatar n tn I am now taking propranolol for my anxiety, and it is doing wonders. Been on it for 4 months now and have not had a panic attack in that time. Not only that, but my hands don't shake like a 90 year old man anymore, and I feel much more at peace. Only problem is it is messing with my asthma that I have had my whole life, 28 year old male by the way.
416279 tn?1206234369 anxiety in the sense that there is a rational and known cause for it. For those of us who have anxiety attacks but have no idea what the cause is, that's when it gets bad. So..........I'm not sure if I answered your question or not. If you know the cause of your anxiety, it's still anxiety, but it will probably go away. Let me know if I need to try again!
Avatar m tn I've been on bupropion xl 300mg for 7 years and it has truly changed my life. I used to have very severe Seasonal Affective Disorder and social anxiety, both of which have been all but cured with the medication. However, I have also struggled with ADD my entire life and now, finally, at 44, I have sought treatment for that as well. I was prescribed methylphenidate ER-LA 20mg. I am trying to determine the best strategy for taking these pills.
Avatar f tn If it helps, here is a lits of problems that I have, that I never really though to list together before (because they all seem unrelated) ADHD (diagnosed, taking meds) Depression (Diagnosed, taking meds) Anxiety (diagnosed, also taking meds) taking 200mg daily of bupropion for the above 3. Concerta did not work for me, but the bupropion is helping my mood and energy levels.
7001009 tn?1386967533 You're posting in the anxiety community, and wellbutrin is mostly used as an antidepressant because of its stimulating properties (although it is often used as an adjunct to an ssri for those who suffer sexual side effects and weight gain). So it could be the stimulating properties that are wearing you out, though it's hard to say from what you report. I do think you've been on it long enough to know if it was going to work, most likely, but we're all different.
Avatar n tn Can increase anxiety. For sexual side effects it is used in conjunction with an ssri, not instead of one for those suffering from anxiety, and even then you have to be very careful about increased anxiety.
Avatar f tn The sex drive is good to know. Citalopram also gave me that side effect. I am glad the Wellbutrin did not make you gain weight. I wonder how long until it is out of my system. The doctor said if i quit cold turkey on Citalopram, it can cause bad side effects. That's why I am taking half a pill of it. I know you are not a doctor, or maybe you are, but how long until you think the Citalopram is out of my system? Thanks!
Avatar f tn I have heard before that if you are thinking about checking into the hospital/psychiatric ward you should just do it. Is that true. I absolutely hate hospitals. Last year my fiance was in the hospital for almost 2 months. I sat there everyday basically watching him die from kidney failure and balled my eyes out every day because there wasnt anything i could do for him.
Avatar m tn Sandostatin LAR for acromegaly Corlux, Mifeprestrone for Cushing's (ketoconazole is being used currently short term as well) I have no idea if any of those work by blocking dopamine though.
Avatar f tn I don't really get it. Atenolol is used for people with high blood pressure or arrythmia or people that have had an heart attack to avoid them having another one. Has your doctor talked about something like that? or does it perhabs have anything to do with bupropions slight risk of seizures? You have to ask your doctor! Good luck!
630798 tn?1222317314 It affects chemicals in the brain that may become unbalanced and cause anxiety. Ativan is used to treat anxiety disorders. Both are good medications, but as with all medications different people react differently to each medication therefore what might work for one individual may not work for another.
Avatar n tn I was taking bupropion for 1 1/2 years and have been off of it for at least a week probably close to 2 weeks. I saw a new doctor who prescribed nortriptyline. After reading the article on this site I was alarmed about the possibility of seizures. Was I off the bupropion long enough before starting the nortriptyline for it not to be a risk?
Avatar f tn Topamax! It is an anticonvulsant used for epilepsy, migraine prevention, and off-label used for bipolar and weight loss. I have read good reviews for people using it for bi-polar. I am surprised no one mentioned it to you already. Good luck, although I am sure you have already been put on something. I have found that the key to taking medications is research A LOT before you put it in your mouth. http://www.iguard.
Avatar f tn (I know it is considered a stimulant for a lot of people - hence the usual weight loss.) Is there anyone else here who has an anxiety disorder and is taking this combo of meds with good results?
1000686 tn?1250006493 I had an almost fatal illness and now take Bupropion, Cymbalta for anxiety and depression, Celebrex for Ruem Arthritis, and Trazadone to help sleep. Now we are going through IVF and I'm wondering what I should do? They are ALL Class C meds. I start the full cycle with injectables in 2 weeks. I have researched it but it is all circle talk, "you can take it but it is high risk" kind of talk. What should I do?