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Avatar n tn period symptoms and pregnancy symptoms are pretty much the same. it is not unusual to be a few days late. i just got my period this morning and i was expecting it 3 days ago. i am usually regular/on time. i had all the mentioned above symptoms and i questioned in my i pregnant? then i said, wait a minute, my husband and i didnt have sex for a whole month so it cant be that! you probably have period symptoms if HPT is negative.
Avatar f tn Beta was done 11 days past ET and I got a BFP!!! Try not to worry to much, alot of people say they feel no symptoms at all and still get a BFP. Best of luck to you.
Avatar n tn The problem is sometimes those pregnancy symptoms are an awful lot like period symptoms (it's a bummer that nature works that way). But either way, I started having sore breasts and slight nausea within about a week or so after my IUI. The IUI worked and I did get pregnant... so although everyone is different, the symptoms started rather early for me. We'll cross our fingers for you and hopefully you'll have some good news in a week or so!
Avatar n tn I went to the ER and was given penicillin vk 500. It's been 4 days and its barely gone down. Is this normal? My tooth that has the abcsess is broken down to the gum, if that could be why. What would i need to get done to fix this and does anyone know about the price it would cost with no insurence? Also do dentists office's set up payment plans?
279234 tn?1363108849 Clinically, it looks likes MS, acts likes MS..Your exam is abnormal, and your symptoms and history plays out just like a textbook case of MS, BUT your MRIs are lacking and I can not diagnose you based off of those non specific lesions and I don't feel comfortable doing so." Looks like a ducks, quacks like a duck, but might be something else..Rabbit? But it's duck season!! Rabbits don't fly silly Mrs. Fudd. She said that CC was stumped over my case, as well as her.
Avatar f tn Now the doctor prescribed me with trazodome instead of Seroquel and said to me since I did not take Seroquel as prescribed he refuses to give it to me again. He also prescribed restless leg syndrome pills but I am not taking them as well because since I have been forcing myself to sleep I was able to manage to do that.
Avatar m tn Viki I am thinking monday. I'm laid off so it's all been a weekend for me and that's not really that great after months.. It will be so good to get back to work. Anyway so save the klonapin and the clonadine is ok? I'm nervous about it cuz I've never taken it. Will go out and get the stuff you all have mentioned. I really appreciate all of the responses. I felt so alone in this. Only my middle daughter knows. She's the one that will be watching over me. So one question.
Avatar f tn I was wondering if Lyme Diease can be dormant without even knowing you were bit by a tick, I dont ever recall being bit by a tick, I dont even go in wooded areas or live around where theres deers, I have dealing with nerve caused from taking a medication but was suggested to get a Lyme test done, I got the IgG/IgM Borelli test done it came back NON-Reactive , that test was done here in Canada, but someone told me that Lyme can be dormant , was wondering if that is only if someone had a deer tick
572651 tn?1333939396 At least I know I'm alive when I wake up, even though I'd rather wake up in less pain. Slightly broken doesn't mean I'm entirely broken...just a little. I may have a few chips and scrapes, but with a little TLC, I could shine up really nice.
Avatar n tn I try not to take a lot of the information to heart until I get the facts, but I can't help but notice many of the symptoms they list for this cancer and tumors I have or have had. At one point, I could hardly swallow anything, except liquids, and everyone told me it was basically "in my head", and that nothing was really caught in my throat. It feels like, right now, there is "something" on the left side of my throat, right around that Hyoid Bone.
Avatar m tn Thanks so much Debbie, those r very kind words. My wife did a ton of research & stocked up on everything you mentioned. Amazingly pottasium caps seem to really help, better than I would have thought. I have been taking alot of vitamins & drinking electrolyte infused water, my wife is constantly giving me chamomile tea which helps too, & I even ate a little dinner tonight. The cramps have subsided a little but my leg cramps are killing & of course the insufferable insomnia.
Avatar m tn I posted this info before, but it was a reply to someone else's similar post... I am a 23 year old healthy male. I recently had a full physical and the results were that I am in above average health. I have no diseases, do not use drugs, but drink on occasion. Anyways, just started noticing these strange symptoms, within the past few weeks. Nothing "brought it on" so to speak that I can tell of.
Avatar n tn Also, I have heard about primrose oil and flaxseed oil being good to regulate hormones or help PMS symptoms. (I was mainly on yasmin for PMS symptoms / moods and to regulate my periods) Thank you!
Avatar m tn So, this word of advice to anyone whose dog is on phenobarb, who is terrified by symptoms that mimic an aggressive brain tumor--don't panic. It might be a tumor (heck, my dog still might have a tumor), but it is also possible that it's the phenobarbital. Try to keep a log of what your dog does every day. Does he stop tripping one day? Does he manage to stand all through dinner one day? The progress is very slow. But if it's just drug side effects, it will get better.
Avatar n tn themselves into having symptoms. I know I have done it! And unfortunately, most of the early symptoms of pregnancy go hand in hand with the symptoms of the menstrual cycle. (Sore boobs, feeling tired and hungry, etc.) So it's hard to distinguish between them. The best and only sure way of getting an answer is waiting until the day you are supposed to start. Although it is SO tempting, there is no need to go out and buy tests a week before your period is due.
398459 tn?1262189744 is it 'pregnancy symptoms' or 'side effects from meds?' - nausea, very light cramping, VERY sore boobs, tiredness, did I mention nausea? Missed you all!!! I have to read all the notes and messages to catch up with everyone!!
2095142 tn?1333236800 If caught in it's early stages,Chronic Kidney Disease can be slowed down, and symptoms can be controlled, but Chronic Kidney Disease cannot be cured. Most of the articles that I have read on the internet, say that Kidney Disease is not painful. It has even been called a "Gentle Death." On a personal level, I don't know that I would agree with that. However, even though it may, or may not be painful, it will make your dog sick.
272759 tn?1270489194 ) Do you have any other symptoms? Hard to say if the clear discharge is a sign, like keeks said, the more details the better and knowing when you are due to start AF would help alot too.
Avatar n tn How reliable is that result since I usually have such a normal cycle? I don't have any other symptoms besides frequent urination and butterflies in my stomach that could just be from the excitement of the whole situation. So I guess my question is whether or not it is "worth it" to take another pregnancy test; if so, when; or, what else could even be the cause of such a delay in my usually predictable period? Thanks for any comments, etc! Katie L.
Avatar n tn Once I was told and shown the paperwork my symptoms went.It is therefore very possible to feel symptoms just because others feel them.
Avatar f tn I'm not a doctor, but I've had the same symptoms and sores that you describe. They are called cystic lesions or cystic acne. Additionally, because they have the word "cyst" in the name does not mean they are cancerous. They are benign. My doctor diagnosed me with them recently and they can occur for various reasons. In my case, it is a hormonal problem, so I have been put on oral contraceptives.
Avatar f tn The calcium binds to phosphorus which is deadly to those in renal failure. As you already know, nothing can cure this disease, so all you can do is manage the symptoms as best you can. If you can stand it, check out the several journal articles I wrote on my profile here at Med Help regarding Chica and our "adventure" with end-stage renal failure. You and your husband are doing the same things we did, and your Sandy Grace sounds like the exact same temperament as our Chica.
Avatar f tn But my bb's aren't sore. Isn't that crazy how pms symptoms change everymonth. I think the acne is from all the stress I've been under (long hours, overworked, long days and weeks). But I have no clue why bb's no longer hurt...Maybe cause I'm no longer taking vitamins? I wish it was cause I was preggo but there is no way of that happening. Oh well. Better luck to all you other ttc'ers!
465737 tn?1315758522 That is so exciting. Anyone having symptoms? Or are they cramping like AF is coming? I cramped like AF was coming and I got my BFP the first time. I want it so bad but how can I get BFP on the first go twice. I am scared I am askingt o much. My beta is 17July. Testing sunday and then every day from then. Nuts I know. Good luck everyone for their Beta's this week. I am going to be glued to this computer!!!!
Avatar f tn The bastards just won't die. I have cried and cried, my husband thinks I am dirty. They are disgusting. I have used Pin-X 4 times now and I get real sick everytime, I dread it. I have no clue where I could have picked them up at. When it first started I was rnauseous almost everyday for about a month. I thought I might have been pregnant, so I took pregnancy test after pregnancy test. My doctor couldn't even figure out what it was! Soon after, I discovered a worm. I absolutely panicked.