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Avatar f tn She went into surgery for about 45 mins, came out, went home and that was the end of it. Both my sisters now have breast tissue under their underarms and both hate the way it looks. They both had it checked out and the doc told them it was harmless. One sister though has been complaining that it hurts her when she is close to getting her AF so shes going back to the doc to possibly have it removed.
Avatar n tn The first couple of years they looked great, but now my nipple is looking a little low on breast mound. I was wondering if I had lift if I could get away with using same implants, or do I need a new set? If I got new ones could I get silicone? Thanks for advice!
368461 tn?1291519187 BUT I am seriously considering some breast work - a lift, a reduction and implant. I'd love a second baby - so do you think this is something I should wait on - or does anyone know if my bubs will be OK if I do it before. I hope the "job" will help with my back aches too....
3589321 tn?1347656900 on talking to my surgeon today and with the cancer lump being the size and the placement of the lump right by my nipple, depending on the results of the bubble test, that is being done on Wednesday, if the nodes are cancer clear they will just take the sential node, and because i have breast implants if I dont need to have radiotherapy we have decided between us that the best surgery for myself would be to have a masctomy on my left breast, taking away all the breast tissue and nipple, leaving
Avatar f tn We specialize in answering questions about breast cancer and breast health in this community, however, so I'd suggest you post your GI-related medical questions in one of the expert forums, such as Digestive Disorders/Gastroenterology or Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery.
Avatar f tn From the San Antonio Breast Conference in December, new data shows a higher than predicted rate of breast cancer recurrence even with very small breast cancers that are HER2 positive. The data is from the first large study to analyze early-stage breast cancer patients with HER2 positive tumors one centimeter or smaller. All these women would benefit from adjuvant Trastuzumab, also known as Herceptin, (for one year, the standard in America) -- along with adjuvant chemotherapy.
368461 tn?1291519187 My hips still seem so W I D E - any one else? I stopped breast feeding and feel great about it. Glad i did 3 months, wish I could have done more but the guilt is gone. Hayden started rolling back to belly this weekend - she now does it every time she is on her mat. I bought a video monitor to "spy" on her now in her crib - so I know if she is just fussing or stuck. She is not rolling belly to back as much . She squawks all day!
Avatar n tn I would SUE also! I've had this debate with a number of people, including my own mother. Her thing is ~ we should respect everyone else and cover up because it makes others uncomfortable. My thing is "why are they so uncomfortable with a womans breast?" The breast was made for feeding and its due time people stop looking at it as a sex object. The only thing wrong with this society are those people that don't see the breast for what it truly is.
572651 tn?1531002957 They have a wheelchair lift and can lift me in and out of the pool thats kind of fun * I have fun doing things that aren't enjoyable because I am learning to laugh at myself, with myself, with others and sometimes I am even getting ok at prettending I am able to follow others conversations when we are in a group of people. lol. Well Hun best of luck to your new direction of treatment. I pray your week brings you some wonderful large steps in a good way.
Avatar f tn The TSA pat downs explained by cartoons (on this page) Both groups must show photo ID and go through metal detectors. If that sets off an alarm, they may still get a pat-down in some cases, he said. Publicity or no, some predicted little fallout from the planned protest, with many travelers at airports Tuesday deriding the effort and saying the stepped-up security measures made them feel safer. "I think there ought to be two flights," said Jacksonville, Fla.
251222 tn?1270939717 ) shocking feelings, numbness, incorrect sensations (such as wet when actually not) When I lift my arms over my head to curl my hair my arms go immediately numb So much trouble swallowing that I have almost choked on pills The bottoms of my feet are torture, walking on them is agony Muscle spasms, 'charlie horses' in the legs, just terrible Weakness, I cannot open or lift anything now Mental function is not good, I get confused over things such as the checkbook now, I cannot remember people's
Avatar n tn ( Its so depressing. I had a great young figure before and now its gone. ANY advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!!! Just be thankful you arent in my situation. :( I need to feel good about myself to be a good mom!
Avatar n tn When I fish, wash the dishes, hold my son, or anything with my left side it hurts. Typically the pain subsides when I am able to sit down, relax my left arm, or lift my head. This does not always work, though. I have taken some over the counter pain meds, but they do not seem to make a single bit of difference. It hurts so bad sometimes. Sometimes it feels like the area is tingling, like when your leg or arm falls asleep.
Avatar n tn No problem--until the next day. Severe pain in my right chest area directly under breast. (this was where my most severe pain was when I had this problem back in December.) Pain every day, NOW add to that a pain in my shoulder blade area, plus the chest/breast pain is spreading to the left side of my body. At times, I feel tingling skin in various places on my back, pins and needles type of feeling too.
Avatar f tn I made him a chicken breast (thinly sliced) and gave him half of it. He gobbled it all down. Barked for more. I gave him a wee bit more. A little while after eating, he didn't act right. I believe it was an upset stomach (as you are aware, we know our dogs). His stomach was rumbling a bit and his tail was between his legs. I took him outside. He urinated but did not make a bowel movement. Each time I took him out, no BM just urinated. He laid around the rest of the evening.
Avatar n tn , day 2 every 8 hrs, etc.) Hang in there, you WILL make it. The despair will lift and you'll have your life back. Good luck and I'm praying for you.
398459 tn?1262189744 whew.. he was taking his job seriously yesterday. Now what shall I do? Lift some buildings? Run a marathon? Go adventure racing? Oohh.. I know.. ice wall climbing!
1415174 tn?1453246703 It has been a tough couple of years for me being alone all day until my husband gets home. For a while I couldn't even walk outside to lift my foot up or even wash myself on the lower half. I say this because I've had problems with letting people help me as I have always been the strong one in the family. I feel humiliated when I have to ask people to open doors for me because of my back , they give me funny looks until I explain why. It is a tough place to be and I hate it.
392430 tn?1382908381 She's still in the hospital in lots of pain. She's running a temperature today of about 101. They think it's because she was trying to breast feed, or unable to breast feed. I had a bad connection on my cell and couldn't hear which it was. Anyhow, the babies are drinking from a bottle and doing better. Cadence is under 3 lbs and Henry is just over 3 lbs. Very tiny indeed. I know that you already are but please keep dear Heather in your prayers. BTW: Jena YAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
325477 tn?1250554909 They say you should not lift anything heavy when you are pregnant. How heavy they mean. I lifted my cat today, she is 9 pounds. Is that alright? Now I am worried.. Zuz- good that everything is fine. Your doctor wanted to be very cautious. So when do you go for your next appointment? Anya- This u/s on the 10th is to make sure if my placenta is moving up. My ob was not worried. He said it usually moves up as pregnancy progresses.
Avatar m tn so i went back to the pain management he gave me a shot of cortisone directly into the spine did absolutely nothing but hurt a bit getting itthey did an mri of my lower back and just happened to get the T12 L1 with disk that was bulged and pressing on my spinal cored so it took almost 6 more months to get the surgery now within 2 weeks my right testis feels like some one taped a old good m80 to it and blew it up but the pain does not stop like it was gone so now i have triple the pain in my r
Avatar n tn I am still nauseous but have no breast tenderness like I did with my son. I am afraid of the answer but need to know.
Avatar n tn I think back to when I was young and I mustn't have been fully aware because I was more worried about a scar I had on my breast. My boyfriend who became my husband didn't care at all about the scar and has never mentioned my pubic bone. It turned out that he wasn't sexually active at the time anyway. He was also a wonderful person and serious about our relationship and I know he would never had commented on anything about our private lives to his mates.
Avatar n tn My legs burn with muscle exhaustion from just walking, I can't even lift my arms to try and do anything because they feel as though they are filled with led. Worse is when I have an attack and it's hot outside, or I'm in the hot shower, because then I experience pain in my chest as well. I have gone to the doctors repeatedly, but when I was checked out I hadn't recently eaten, (hence no symptoms). One doctor prescribed an antacid, and a beta-blocker. My father also had identical symptoms.
93210 tn?1287457826 I'm also going to take pictures on a weekly basis because you can't see the transformation on a weekly basis but I think after when you line them up in a photo album you can see from where you have come. I don't know if that makes sense because when I get dressed now being big I look at the outfit I don't look at me because that is too painful for me. I want so much to keep in touch with you and for us to encourage each other.
Avatar n tn im extremely interested in starting this protocol, but i love to weight lift & am committed to my training. i dont want to lose the muscle strength iv worked so hard to achieve...can i continue to work out while on this protocol?