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Avatar f tn Before I has my two children, I had c cup breasts. I breast fed for a year and now my breasts are back to a c cup but with d cup skin. My areolas are huge! My husband has admitted that they "aren't as nice as they used to be." I'm interested in a breast lift and areola reduction, and wanted to hear some of your experiences. How bad is the scarring and healing process? How much does this typically cost?
Avatar m tn m 40, childless (which means ptosis was not due to breast feeding) and had a breast lift 4 weeks ago. Implants were out of the question for me. If you want perkiness a lift, whether the incisions will be concentric, lollipop or inverted T is for you to discuss AT LENGTH with a plastic surgeon. I received an inverted T, which I am not at all happy with because the P.S. that did my breasts did not specify that during my consultation.
Avatar n tn Looks like an abscess on the gum line after sinus lift procedure 4 months ago - nothing has cleared it up. Tried antibiotics And now for 2 months nothing except salt sinus rinse and occasional steroid spray. The sinus and this swelling are sore off and on. Does this indicate the graft has failed, can the abscess be cleared and leave graft? Please give opinion - I dread another surgery.
Avatar n tn How long should one expect to have to be so uncomfortable after a lower face lift.? It seems to get worse if I am at all stressed or after having done some physical activity.
Avatar m tn Hi I just had a revision procedure that included neck lift to correct my platysma muscles. I originally had liposuction and a thread lift done to rejuvenate my lower part of my face. I didn't want anything invasive so opted for the thread lift with lipo under the chin and lightly underneath my jawline. After the healing was done it was obvious that the procedure did not obtain good results and exposed my platysma bands and had much indentations where the thread lift was placed under my jaw.
Avatar f tn Instead,you could apply some warm compresses, gently massage your breast, wear a good supportive bra and try not to lift heavy things.You could also take some OTC pain killers,like Tylenol to help ease the pain. Hoping that you'll feel much better soon...
1551642 tn?1294351934 As soon as I stopped taking it (and even a few days before), I was having tenderness in BOTH sides, not just my GM (left) breast. My first thought was definitely that it was starting again. But after a week or two of tenderness and shooting pains, it just stopped. My breast is almost normal again. The scars will always be there, and there appears to be a build-up of scar tissue inside the breast in the spots that were hard-hit. But I don't care.
Avatar n tn I had a breast lift w/ lipo 20 months ago- my left breast has been feeling like something is tearing inside and I have a strange, almost achey feeling in the breast and towards my armpit. This breast is larger than the right, but always has been. I also gained apprx 15 lbs since then and am not sure if this has caused these feeling. I am at a point where I don't know if I should be concerned and go back and see the cosmetic surgeon or should I see my family doctor.
Avatar n tn Hi Dr. Rosenberg, My ps is about to perform a capsulorraphy on me for my bottomed out revision using PDS sutures only to 'lift' the pocket up and hope that scar tissues will build up and help create a newly formed crease. Since my breast is already harder than the other side and have had more surgeries, I am concerned about capsular contracture. I heard taking Vitamin E and other supplements such as the following (Scar Multiplex Formula) would help: http://www.smhomeopathic.
Avatar n tn This reduced swelling could just be healing callus as mentioned in another message. Do not worry as stress delays healing too. Grafts may take healing time of about 6 months for complete bony recovery. Take care.
Avatar f tn Hi I am after the second opinion as I seem to be getting from bad to worse everyday after breast reduction. Up to 3rd week, all was and I seemed to be healing Ok all around. At 3 week mark visit, I got told that some of my healing has stopped due to low blood circulation and that I need to remove dead skin and scabs around to heal properly. Thats when things started to get slowly bad.
Avatar n tn My health insurance ghi does not cover breast lift or reduction. I am currently a size 42dd and my breast are sagging. I cannot afford the procedure or do not know exactly what I need if its a breast lift or reduction. I suffer from shoulder pains almost everyday am my doctor only prescribe me motrin for the pain. I really need help and cannot afford it. Is there a list or some doctors that can help me for free in nyc?
Avatar f tn Breast lifts are uniformly performed with breast reductions. With a lift as the sole procedure, often just excess skin is removed without significant reduction of breast volume. With a reduction, both breast tissue and fat is removed along reshaping the breasts and elevation of nipple position. The decision as to which procedure to select depends on whether there is a need for volume reduction.
Avatar m tn Both breast reduction and Breast lift are about re-positioning the nipple areolar complex to a more appropriate level (above the Inframammary fold), tightening the breast tissue and removal of excess skin. In breast lift, only a small amount of tissue is removed for shaping purpose but in breast reduction, a more significant volume is removed to actually changed the cup size of the breast.
Avatar f tn To help in the healing process,you could apply warm compresses, gently massage your breast, wear a good supportive bra and try not to lift heavy things.Over the counter medication such as Acetaminophen or ibuprofen usually can address the pain related to this type of nerve injury.
Avatar f tn Dear Kelik, For patients with breast implant reconstructions, exercise can usually be resumed within 2 to 4 weeks. For patients with living tissue reconstructions (e.g. a TRAM flap), most exercise can usually also be resumed within 2 to 4 weeks, however, abdominal exercise should be limited for about two months. Use caution with exercises that seem to cause you more difficulty or undue discomfort – you may want to discuss these issues with your surgeon.
Avatar f tn breast lift, breast reduction, and breast enlargement (augmentation). Depending on your specific case, one or more of these techniques would be helpful to restore a youthful look to your bosom. Breasts are not stagnant organs, they are always changing throughout life. In a young women they grow and develop. They change each month with the menstrual cycle. Pregnancy affects the breasts as does nursing.
Avatar n tn for me there was enough scar tissue left to hold the tissue he tightened in my neck in place. For you removing the sutures might change the results of the breast lift since the sutures create a kind of bra support on the inside. So it might not be what you want to hear, however if you are experiencing a bad reaction to the sutures it might be what you need. Unfortunately your surgeon won't really be able to tell you if its that or not.
Avatar f tn Hi - i am 55 yrs old - full menopause - taking no hormones. I have recently noticed 3 " strings" under the outer lower edge of my right hand breast if i lift it up. They seem to go into the breast and 1 radiates downwards to about the level of my ribcage. They are not painful - just slightly tender - and i feel a pulling sensation. There are no glands up under my arm.
Avatar n tn I will be done with the tissues expander in couple of weeks. The size looks acceptable, except two breats are mile apart. I look ok with a bra and some creative inserts to lift the sagging breast.. My PS almost always does a small implant to accomplish symetry. My obgyn says it will interfere with the screening. There is also an option of breast lift. I 'd like to hear from those who have gone through this. Thanks This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.
Avatar f tn I had a lift and augmentation about a week and a half ago. I was adamant that I did not want the lolipop or anchor scars, my surgeon assured me that neither were necessary, and that she could do the procedure completely through the nipple and areola complex. I am very happy with the size, and shape of my breasts, but the incisions look horrific! The areola and nipples are stretched to the point that they are completely flat, even indented.
Avatar f tn Hi! I had a breast lift done about 8 years ago and i'm currently 22 weeks pregnant with my 3rd child. I know a lift and reduction are different but I did ask my OBGYN and was told being able to breast feed would depend on if the doctor severed or removed any ducts. You'll find out when the time comes so don't waste your emotions worrying about it right now. Plan to breast feed if that's what you want and just be emotionally prepared for the alternative.
Avatar f tn Summer is near, yesterday I tried on swimsuits and bras. Today my breast is sore and tender. The scar under my arm is sore and it hurts when my arm brushes my breast. Now I'm needing advice on comfortable clothing for summer. I have always worn bras with underwire to lift. The couple bra's I found to be comfortable are too big, with too much cup. My old bra's rub on the scar are uncomfortable while wearing. What have others found to be the answer ??