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169867 tn?1327602254 I was wondering if anyone had any personla experience of or knew of any websites or anywhere where I can get more info on breastfeeding and breast implants. I'm 25 weeks pregnant and have implants (over the muscle) but need more info before I can make any decision to breastfeed. I have already got 4 children (all breastfed) and have had my implants a couple of years, so this is all new to me. I'm hoping it will still be possible, I'm usually leaking by now but so far not a thing...
Avatar n tn I had breast implants in for 20 years. I went in regularly and had them checked. I did not, however, breast feed my kids. I waited until I was done. The doctor kept telling me he thought everything was fine. I began having major health issues. I told a friend how I was feeling and she asked me if I happened to have implants. I couldn't believe it! She said that many girls have sued the implant company and gotten money because they have gotten ill from the implants.
Avatar n tn My implants are over the muscle and was done at the crease under the breast. I have two other children 1 of which I had absolutely no problems nursing,however that was before I got the lift!!! If anyone has experience with this or knows someone I would love to hear what you have to say!!!!! TIA!!!
Avatar n tn Hi ladies, I'm about 17 weeks along and have breast implants and I do plan on breastfeeding. I'm a little nervous about this because I do not have saline implants, I have silicone as part of an FDA study. I was told by my surgeon and obgyn that breastfeeding should not be a problem as long as my milk ducts were not damaged in surgery (which I don't think they were).
Avatar n tn My implants are over the muscle and was done at the crease under the breast. I have two other children 1 of which I had absolutely no problems nursing,however that was before I got the lift!!! If anyone has experience with this or knows someone I would love to hear what you have to say!!!!! TIA!!!
Avatar n tn My implants are over the muscle and was done at the crease under the breast. I have two other children 1 of which I had absolutely no problems nursing,however that was before I got the lift!!! If anyone has experience with this or knows someone I would love to hear what you have to say!!!!! TIA!!!
Avatar n tn HEre I am! :) YEs I have implants as well and mine are under the muscle. If you had yours done above the muscle, my own surgeon told me your chances of being able to successfully nurse are about 50/50. Under the muscle your chances of nursing are the same as they are without implants at all because they don't disturb the mammary glands. I am nursing my son with the implants and it is really no different than when I nursed my DD without.
Avatar f tn I was a 34D and they have went up to a DD if not bigger. I'm 37 weeks now and terrified how much bigger they will get.
7928796 tn?1396355529 I know one woman who breast fed three babies a year a piece with implants and I know another that breast fed her first, got implants and couldn't breast feed her second or third...
Avatar f tn The most common difficulty presented with breastfeeding and implants, is the inadequate production of breast milk. Patients with breast implants will notice enlargement of the breasts with the hormonal surge that is associated with pregnancy. Though there is not much reason to worry, you should also consider the possibility of your implants leaking into the breast milk.
Avatar f tn I have breast implants. Mine are saline and my surgeon and obgyn said i could still breast feed.
6918915 tn?1395936471 ) you should be fine !
Avatar f tn Today breast implants are very safe and in majority of cases they do not have any negative impact on breast feeding. But in some cases, breast implants can hinder breastfeeding partially or completely. Whether implants can hinder breastfeeding or not largely depends on where the breast implants are placed and what type of incision was made during the BA surgery. I had my surgery last month but i'm not married yet. Had my BA surgery in DR.Mclean's clinic in Toronto.
Avatar f tn Yep you can breastfeed even if you have implants. My sister got silicone implants and went from a size A to a full C and breastfeed just fine... plus her boobs still look perky after two kids while mine now feel the force of gravity and are pointing towards the ground. I'm getting implants when I can.
Avatar n tn What is the difference with breastfeeding with implants under the muscle but the incision on the nipple than normal breast feeding?
169867 tn?1327602254 You are one of the lucky one. Mine breast implants are under the muscle breastfeeding did not happen for me. It works for some and not with others. I still would encourage ladies not to get them if they plan to have more children and breastfeed. It doesn't work with everyone. Like peekawho said there can be problems - it can go either way. I can tell you I was very depressed in not being able to breastfeed. I also leaked a little to. Please keep in mind it does not work for everyone.
11431088 tn?1418226428 Ok show of hands who's had babies before breast implants? And then after implants? So i had 2 babies before my implants almost 10 yrs ago, experienced the leaking and engorgement and a yr and a half ago i had my 3rd baby my supply of milk was very low, no leaking no engorgement, so im due with my 4th in 4 weeks, should i expect the same outcome as with my 3rd or can it change ? What was your experience?
643558 tn?1258406109 I do not have any troubles with breastfeeding. I have 525cc for each breast, which took me from a 32A to a 32D. My OB/GYN said that he knew cases were women went too large and ended up causing damage from stretching, but not in my case. I had a friend in Atlanta that had her implants over the muscle, and the incision was around her nipple, and she still breastfed her baby without any problems. I think you should be fine.
336277 tn?1198037742 Mine were under the muscle as well and I had no problems whatsoever producing milk and breastfeeding my DD. I am due in April with my second DD and I am going to breastfeed again, in hopes that everything goes as smoothly as it did with my first. I did at one point have trouble producing enough for her, but I know a lot of it had to do with how I was eating and how I was drinking.
142722 tn?1281537216 I run the clinical studies in the plastic surgeon's office I work for, and we all know implants don't last forever. Pregnancy and breastfeeding always have an impact on your breasts, period, because of hormonal changes and weight changes, but implants are pretty resilient. Silicone- or saline-filled; the outer silicone shell is quite tough. I've heard of demonstrations of cars being slowly driven over them!
142722 tn?1281537216 I am now 6months preg. and going to try and breast feed. Will breastfeeding effect the way the implants look? Will my breast look bad? I have heard some say they look bad after breastfeeding. Will they sag?
358455 tn?1277437219 Hi there, i have implants ive had them 5 years now. Im 38 weeks pregnant and so far ive not had any problems, mine are under the muscle and i believe i should not have any trouble feeding. I'll let you know in 2 weeks.
Avatar f tn I cursed myself for getting the implants because it keep me from breastfeeding my son. I got over it and I'm fine and my son is happy. You may be ok. I just wanted to let you know how it was for me.
6918915 tn?1395936471 I have silicone gel, under the muscle implants. I've been told I can probably still breast feed but my boob haven't started leaking yet and with my first they leaked at 29 weeks (I didn't have implants then.) So now idk if that means anything. But also I want to know about the after effects of pregnancy and breastfeeding. Do they sag and shrink? I know my implant won't actually move but I'm worried my real breasts which are over them will sag and then look weird. I've gone up two cup sizes.
Avatar f tn Actually, if your nipple still has feeling, the chance are high. Breast augmentation (breast implants) isn't a reason alone not to be able to produce breast milk. Most likely, it depends on the kind of surgery you had, but most approaches are compatible with breastfeeding. Incisions made under the fold of the breast or through the armpit shouldn't cause any trouble. A "Smile" incision around the areola increase your risks of breastfeeding complications.
Avatar n tn im 23 yrs old when i give birth to my only child and i was breastfeeding in 8-9 months, in my three months of breast feeding i noticed a movable mass in the upper part of my left breast. i went to the doctor and he was so shock what he felt in my breast.he ask me if im breastfeeding and i said yes then he told me to go back to her if i stopped breastfeeding.but i dii not because i don"t feel anything in that time. but 2 yrs i feel slight pain in breast and underarm.
Avatar f tn If you have saline water filled breast implants then most doctors foresee no problem in the quality of breast milk. However, if you have silicone breast implants then some doctors may advise you against breast feeding and some may give a go ahead. So talk to your doctor regarding this. Regarding the actual process—yes you can breast feed. However you may feel more pain due to blocked ducts and internal scarring due to the implant. Also, the quantity of milk may not be sufficient. Take care!