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Avatar f tn Actually, if your nipple still has feeling, the chance are high. Breast augmentation (breast implants) isn't a reason alone not to be able to produce breast milk. Most likely, it depends on the kind of surgery you had, but most approaches are compatible with breastfeeding. Incisions made under the fold of the breast or through the armpit shouldn't cause any trouble. A "Smile" incision around the areola increase your risks of breastfeeding complications.
7928796 tn?1396351929 Its really different for everyone... I know one woman who breast fed three babies a year a piece with implants and I know another that breast fed her first, got implants and couldn't breast feed her second or third...
Avatar n tn My implants are over the muscle and was done at the crease under the breast. I have two other children 1 of which I had absolutely no problems nursing,however that was before I got the lift!!! If anyone has experience with this or knows someone I would love to hear what you have to say!!!!! TIA!!!
Avatar f tn Yep you can breastfeed even if you have implants. My sister got silicone implants and went from a size A to a full C and breastfeed just fine... plus her boobs still look perky after two kids while mine now feel the force of gravity and are pointing towards the ground. I'm getting implants when I can.
Avatar f tn Today breast implants are very safe and in majority of cases they do not have any negative impact on breast feeding. But in some cases, breast implants can hinder breastfeeding partially or completely. Whether implants can hinder breastfeeding or not largely depends on where the breast implants are placed and what type of incision was made during the BA surgery. I had my surgery last month but i'm not married yet. Had my BA surgery in DR.Mclean's clinic in Toronto.
Avatar f tn Mine got so big I'm worried about how they will be once the milk comes in. I was a 34D and they have went up to a DD if not bigger. I'm 37 weeks now and terrified how much bigger they will get.
Avatar f tn I have breast implants. Mine are saline and my surgeon and obgyn said i could still breast feed.
Avatar n tn My implants are over the muscle and was done at the crease under the breast. I have two other children 1 of which I had absolutely no problems nursing,however that was before I got the lift!!! If anyone has experience with this or knows someone I would love to hear what you have to say!!!!! TIA!!!
6918915 tn?1395932871 ) you should be fine !
Avatar f tn I agree with kesh26. They get huge and then when you're done breastfeeding they shrink and sometimes get even smaller than they were before. I went from a B before pregnancy to a D during pregnancy to DD's when my milk came in. I only breastfed for 6 weeks. Afterwards my breasts shrank to an A and were softer and floppier. I got implants five years after my son and now I'm pregnant again so I'm curious to see what happens with implants.
Avatar n tn Sorry I posted before I was done lol I think because its under the muscle we will still be able to breast feed. I'm not sure about the sagging part I would love to know that as well. Because I was a deflated A (I was a large B before my first child) then got implants which made me a C and now I'm a D and only 17 weeks so I'm thinking I'll get to DD's at least!
336277 tn?1198034142 Mine were under the muscle as well and I had no problems whatsoever producing milk and breastfeeding my DD. I am due in April with my second DD and I am going to breastfeed again, in hopes that everything goes as smoothly as it did with my first. I did at one point have trouble producing enough for her, but I know a lot of it had to do with how I was eating and how I was drinking.
581359 tn?1454006442 I was wondering the same thing I had a breast reductin a year and a half ago and I think I may be preg now...
Avatar n tn She only breastfed for two weeks. She had one kid, got implants and got pregnant again and then her boobs got smaller sje claims.
Avatar f tn That has nothing to do. I had the same problem when I was pregnant and thought the same thing.
Avatar n tn What is the difference with breastfeeding with implants under the muscle but the incision on the nipple than normal breast feeding?
358455 tn?1277433619 Hi there, i have implants ive had them 5 years now. Im 38 weeks pregnant and so far ive not had any problems, mine are under the muscle and i believe i should not have any trouble feeding. I'll let you know in 2 weeks.
Avatar n tn Not I, but my sis in law. She breast fed her son pumped had no issues. Her milk supply was the same as w/ her 1st child which was b4 she had the implants.
Avatar f tn I've had piercings done n redone and breast implants thru my nipple I pray to God I cud still feed but if not it just means I cud party sooner than expected
643558 tn?1258402509 I do not have any troubles with breastfeeding. I have 525cc for each breast, which took me from a 32A to a 32D. My OB/GYN said that he knew cases were women went too large and ended up causing damage from stretching, but not in my case. I had a friend in Atlanta that had her implants over the muscle, and the incision was around her nipple, and she still breastfed her baby without any problems. I think you should be fine.
6918915 tn?1395932871 I've seen this question before but I don't think anyone ever answered it. I have silicone gel, under the muscle implants. I've been told I can probably still breast feed but my boob haven't started leaking yet and with my first they leaked at 29 weeks (I didn't have implants then.) So now idk if that means anything. But also I want to know about the after effects of pregnancy and breastfeeding. Do they sag and shrink?
Avatar f tn Did anyone's boobs get bigger after breast feeding? I've heard they do! And do they go back to normal after?
Avatar f tn I have never had a baby but a friend of mine had similar problems although didnt have implants didnt breast feed and had very painful swollen breasts.
1481291 tn?1287793105 Hi, about a year ago, I had a breast augmentation with a lift. I am pregnant now and my dr said I probably wont be able to breastfeed. I was really hoping that I would be able to. Does anyone out there whos had breast surgery have any advice on breastfeeding??
Avatar n tn I would not be so alarmed by this normally, but my grandmother passed away from breast cancer and also had cervical cancer. My mother has ovarian cancer and died at age 46. Could this possibly be cancerous? My shoulder blade hurts as well. This discussion is related to <a href=''>breast lump while breastfeeding</a>.
Avatar f tn I have full sleeves, chest tattoo and implants! I have high risk pregnancies (been pregnant 7 times and have 3 kids). Im currently 36 weeks pregnant with my 4th and i see a obstetrics specialist....she has never once said my tattoos are a concern for breastfeeding!! Hope that gives you peice of mind!