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Avatar f tn Hi, Of course there is....Treatment should be aggressive and many survive breast cancer stage 3 C. Stages 3 c breast cancer may be treated with a mastectomy, surgery, radiation and/or hormone therapy. Stage 3 - C cancer of the breast is subdivided into two more classifications to differentiate them better. The two types of stage 3 - C carcinoma differ from each other because one is operable while the other is non - operable.
Avatar f tn Architectural distortion by itself is not a diagnosis of breast cancer. It just means that the tissue in the breast has been altered or disturbed. Microcalcification is a normal part of the aging process.In some situations, they can form around cancerous or precancerous conditions.If the calcifications are numerous, scattered throughout the breast, or large there tends to be less concern.
Avatar n tn FYI - All other x-rays, MRIs did not show any signs of metastatic cancer and I had 2 nodes postive with a tumor approx. 2 cm. Clear margins on the lumpectomy and the nodes were not attached to anything else. ER/PR+, HER2 neg, and all other results from biopsy of lymph nodes were favorable.
Avatar f tn Im 17 years old and i found a lump on the back of my neck about the size of a pea . At first it was extremely large and hurt very bad . Within a week it shrunk to the size it currently is . It is hard as a rock and does not move . About a year ago i had 2 cysts in my breast .. One was the size of a quarter and the other was the size of a baseball . They were just cysts , but they moved around if i pressed on them and they were soft . This one on my neck is Hard and does not move .
Avatar f tn hi, any one had dermatomyositis with breast cancer? please tell me everything. i had a lumpctomy following chemo therapy, radiation therapy on the tumor area and the neck! . but no hormone therapy! any one with similar conditions?? ps: i had affected lymph nodes but after the chemo they are clear now. is it true that cancer may come back harder in the cells that were affected befor??
Avatar f tn I just noticed my mother has BC stage IV, when her treatment was done in Aug 2013, it was more than 8,9 months she had pain in legs and lower back but her oncologist told it is arthritis, now the pet scan shows cancer in bones, neck, pelvic, sacrum and Liver highly active, they do not know to start treatment with xeloda first or do radiation due to the location of tumor that can cause her paralyzing.
Avatar n tn I know a male breast cancer survivor that runs a website that you might want to check out. There are so few resources for men. This fine gentleman is in his 60s and would be happy to talk if you just need someone to understand. Go to:
Avatar f tn I have a very close friend who has Stage IV breast cancer where the cancer has spread to back and lungs. Two major hospitals have informed her that unfortunately they have done all they can. She refuses to continue taking her previously prescribed medications or morphine. She is currently hospitalized with diagnosis of pneumonia for 5 days now. I went online myself to see if there was something, anything that would be helpful at this point. That's where I found your site.
Avatar f tn hi, any one had dermatomyositis with breast cancer? please tell me everything. i had a lumpctomy following chemo therapy, radiation therapy on the tumor area and the neck! . but no hormone therapy! any one with similar conditions?? ps: i had affected lymph nodes but after the chemo they are clear now. is it true that cancer may come back harder in the cells that were affected befor??
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with PASH in June 2007 (a benign breast tumor) and with Papillary Thyroid Cancer on 3/13/08. I definitely think the two are related. At the time I had started back at work and my milk was drying up. I was using Fenugreek, which I have since read online has an effect on Thyroid hormones. They didn't catch the lump in my throat until my 12 month post-partum exam in November. When is your TT scheduled?
Avatar f tn Hello everyone, I have just been diagnosed with secondary breast cancer, I had breast cancer 16 years ago. My question is, since the beginning of the year I have had a dreadful cough. I have also had severe bouts of being really poorly, sickness, loss of appetite and losing weight. My G.P. did a breathing test and with the results diagnosed asthma and put me on an inhaler. I maintained from the start I felt the inhalers were not helping.
Avatar m tn I don't see anywhere in your post that you have been diagnosed with breast cancer so this is pretty much out of our realm of expertise here as we deal strictly with Breast Cancer issues. This seems to be an issue for Internal Medicine or possibly Cancer in General/ Oncology. I can answer your last question : 1. nodule -- a fairly hard more or less round abnormal structure. 2. node -- similar to the nodule except that it is not an abnormal finding. 3.
Avatar n tn My mothers Breast Cancer Biopsy report says ER- Positive(9/9) 90% nuclear staining with strong intensity PR- Weakly Positive(2/9) 5% nuclear staining with weak intensity Cerb-2 Negative Impression: Left modified redical mastectomy: Infilrating ductal carcinoma grade III with metastasis to regional lymph nodes. Will the new invented "Single-Dose Breast Cancer Radiation Therapy" be effective for her As per the news I have read in the URL "http://www.themedguru.
Avatar n tn However, it sounds like radiation therapy is an appropriate next step to treat this cancerous area in the spine, the idea is to prevent tumor from pressing on the spinal cord, and to help to control pain in that area. In general, treatment of metastatic breast cancer is done to control the disease and symptoms associated with the disease, which it sounds like is happening.
Avatar n tn I have been around the cancer scene, beginning with a breast cancer diagnosis much like yours in terms of stage and aggressiveness. I have had chemo, also TAC, hormone treatment, (which is not indicated for you) and radiation. Over the past three years since first diagnosis My cancer has advanced and spread and I have had more treatments, both with chemo and radiation. And then of course surgery, a total mastectomy. Chemo can be repeated or switched, but once you have an area radiated, i.
Avatar n tn This report indicates a locally advanced breast cancer. There is cancer involving the nipple, breast tissue, 15 of 15 lymph nodes removed as well as multiple nodules within the fat pad. The recommendation of AC + T is appropriate. Did they test for Her2/neu receptors? If these are positive, herceptin may be an option for the future.
Avatar n tn I was recently diagnosed with metatastic breast cancer. First alittle history. Sept 03 left breast cancer 3.2cm ER/PR neg HEU2 neg 3 node positive breast cancer. Breast/nodes removed. AC&T dose dense. finshed Jan 04. Nov 04 found lump under right arm. Oncolongist observed for one month. Biopsy in late Dec revealed cancer in lymph node. PET scan show no other areas. right breast/nodes removed end of Jan 2005. NO primary found in the right breast. cancer in lymph node 1/2 cm.
Avatar n tn I had other fibroids removed, 1 in my arm and 1 in my neck, all benign, so I really thought the lump they found in my breast would simply be some sort of cyst or fibroid growth or fatty tumor. Not, it was cancer! I am not trying to scare you, but I just hope you or your docotr are taking this cyst seriuos.
541196 tn?1293556536 I also got really stressed and finally my immune system broke down and about a year later I ended up with cancer (which is especially bad with a prolactinoma because this type of tumour causes breast cancer to head directly to the lymph nodes). My doctor was monitoring it carefully but didn't know what to do after the surgeon didn't advise operating and I was allergic to the Bromocriptine.
Avatar f tn Im sorry for not getting back to all of you I had a bad week. I was referred to a new Dr as mine was retiring and this Dr doesnt believe in Narcotics so I was taken off the vicodin--cold turkey. this Dr would not even give me enough to taper off. The only thing that works for the pain but what was worse was the withdrawls for 3 days. Needless to say I am seeing a new Dr this week.
Avatar n tn hi ther my name is lorraine i am on cemo called carboplatin as last year me add breast cancer not it gone to me liver hi but me got 3 loving kids and a great mum and family sporting me over this and me am a figther so me will get ther but this time the cemo is macking me ill but the other cemo dint and if anyone can dend me a cancer diet wht would help me i would be gratfule thanks lorraine xxxxxxxxxx
Avatar f tn Over the years i thought ive had testicular cancer, (yes im a guy), lou garrigs disease, early parkinsons, certain mouth diseases, throat cancer, male breast cancer, intestinal cancer, brain tumours, skin cancer, muscular dystrophy...etc...does it ever end? i feel like if it keeps going on like this im really going to go insane, and i dont mean this as an exaggeration, i just dont think my mind can take it and i dont have the mental fortitude for this.
12758 tn?1201223280 Welcome. Sorry it's not under better circumstances. I'm confused, you said you're diagnosed with Hashi's but your TSH level looks good - are you on thyroid meds and if so what dose? You've already picked up that GravesLady is the labs goddess - I'll leave those to her. One thing I noticed though (and I'm a novice at labs so take it for what it's worth) with your ANA count and some of the other labs being off, have you discussed with your endo other autoimmune diseases aside from Hashi's?
Avatar m tn Early last year, my wife went to a surgeon due to an inverted nipple and aching in her breast. An ultrasound yielded no findings. About a month later, I began experiencing CMV symptoms (lymphadenopathy, night sweats, rash, etc). I'm confident I acquired CMV. My next unprotected sexual encounter with her was in May. About three weeks later, she complained of swollen lymph nodes in her neck. I believe it was at this point she was exhibiting the same symptoms I has months earlier.
Avatar n tn The doctors are now saying that they'll treat it as if it were lung cancer. The secondary sites are in the left node of her neck and over the sternum area. She has been exposed to TB many many years ago, but never received any treatment. My question is, should this be something the doctors should look at. AT present she has had 3 rounds of Chemo, being Tamoxifen, and carboplatin. Is there something else we should do or look in to?
Avatar n tn Poor thing. He sounds like he's having a hard time right now. Have you asked the vet about this lump? That would be a good idea. Plus, you need to have the other problems looked at, the running eyes/peculiar smell about him/lack of co-ordination. I don't know what those things are, but if you can get to the bottom of that, his general fitness might improve greatly. DON'T take my word as gospel!
364228 tn?1214576973 Her oncologist was originally surprised because supposedly this isn't the normal pattern of breast cancer. And all I hear from her doctors are "Do you feel ok? You look great." So what does that mean? They haven't given my mother a "timeline" on her life, but from everything I've researched, her prognosis isn't good. What should I expect?????