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1099201 tn?1338180918 s until I had an ultrasound of my thyroid (my sister had thyroid cancer.) I had no neck pain but sometimes felt a fullness when I swallowed. I would bring it up to your Endo and also have an ultrasound done if you haven't already. Best of luck to you!
Avatar f tn Did you have an FNA recently, Tricia? The reason I ask is because two weeks after my FNA I had neck pain on the whole left side that felt like I had whiplash and I also had a cold/sore throat. The neck pain lasted about a week and the sore throat lasted maybe 3 days. No one else seemed to think it was related to the FNA, but I couldn't figure out anything else it could be.
Avatar n tn I am worried it is my thyroid, I have all the symptoms of thyroid cancer (weight gain, pain, difficulty swallowing, etc) and am not sure what to do. He has done 2 scopes, and just sees redness. What should I do????
647554 tn?1227116482 t want you to worry- thyroid cancer is extremely common and curable! Google neck check for thyroid cancer and check your thyroid ( however, my nodule was tiny, so you may not notice if you have one). Also, do you notice any swollen lymph nodes in your neck? Keep me posted!
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Avatar n tn Often people mistakenly call the cancer in the thyroid throat cancer as the thyroid sits in the throat area. You would be best to post your question in the cancer forum.
Avatar f tn That is fast at 33% increase in a month. Red flag signs of thyroid cancer: male gender, younger than 20 years and older than 65 years, rapid growth of nodule, symptoms of local invasion (dysphagia, neck pain, hoarseness), history of radiation to the head or neck, family history of thyroid cancer or polyposis (Gardner's syndrome).
Avatar f tn to the ladt at the top i woldnt worry you seem to have worry less noduels i have 6 noduels biggest 5mm and 6mm at last scan and they wernt cancer i have huge swelling down left side of neck face swellinfg severe pain in neck and body tired drawn out all time really ill and mine isant cancer i understand you worring but nothing to worry you noduels seem fine just keep haveing scans regulary to keep eye on them i had been told noduels can shrink and dissapear
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Avatar n tn I am sorry to hear about your pain. If you had thyroid cancer then you should ideally get a bone scan done to rule out any cancer in the bone. It can also be a referred pain from abdomen like stomach ulcers, acidity, pancreatitis, or from the chest like in heart attack, pericarditis, pleuritis, pneumonia, and pulmonary embolus. Please discuss with your doctor. You need some urgent tests. Take care!
Avatar m tn I would insist the doctor do an ultrasound and biopsy. I had a small knot on the lower left side of my neck. Doctors kept telling me not to worry was probably a swollen lymph node. After both of my parents & all my grandparents dying of cancer, I insisted my doctor check it out. You guessed it....thyroid cancer. Ten years I had this knot & doctors kept blowing it off. Had to have my thyroid & 22 lymph nodes, of which 7 were malignate removed.
Avatar f tn I had a thyroidectomy for thyroid cancer on May 21st and waiting for RAI. I would like to know if others still had the fullness in neck and ear even after thyroidectomy. What does this mean? I hope they didn't miss something?
Avatar f tn Nodules can cause pain and so can general swelling (goiter) of the thyroid. Very few nodules become thyroid cancer.
1503643 tn?1311518238 I have had cervical cancer, thyroid cancer that metastisized to the lymph nodes in 2003. radiation and 5 surgeries on my neck. I was told that I no longer have thyroid cancer. Biopsies taken back in April said lymphoid proliferation and lymphoid dysplasia. I was told that I have a virus. Then when I saw the doctors last week. They said the swollen lymph nodes have been going on too long to be a virus that it looks like lymphoma. We are going to do another cbc at the end of the month.
Avatar m tn I am worried that it is cancer of the thyroid that is not showing up on any blood work. Is it posible for cancer to cause muscle twitching? I forgot to mention that after I lost that weight I gained it back plus put on an additional 20 lbs. I am going to an Endo in two weeks. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!
Avatar f tn I just had my thyroid and lymph nodes taken out on Monday because I had thyroid cancer. I had a cystic mass on the right side of my neck. Ever since ive had this surgery, the docs say my calcium levels are low. I was released from the hospital 2 days after the surgery, but I just got admitted again because I got really sick. I got really numb and tingly all over my body. The docors are saying its because of low calcium. They give me calcium through an iv and tums.
Avatar f tn While neck pain can be related, I doubt about everything else
Avatar n tn I have a question and am worried. I am a 26 year old female. I just got over a cold about a week ago. The cold lasted about 2-3 weeks and the symptoms were a really runny and congested nose, sneezing, and coughing. About a week ago it felt like a lymphnode under my chin was swollen and kind of sore. That worried me. Yesterday I started having ear pain on that same side. Today the ear pain is worse and my ear feels full, it's hard to describe.
Avatar n tn I recently posted this inn the cancer section, and then noticed someone had a similar issue. So figured id repost here incase someone here could help me, incase its a thyroid nodule. Thanks. Hello. I have a Dr. appointment this week for another problem, and plan to ask about this. But until then, I thought I would ask here. Right near my adams apple, theres a small hard lump. Really small, like maybe alittle bigger than a pea.
Avatar f tn These include infiltrating papillary thyroid cancer, lymphoma, and anaplastic thyroid cancer. Certain facts make it important to consider the possibility that a goiter might be malignant.
Avatar n tn Quick question, I have a thyroid nodule that the doctor is going to biopsy. I also have hashimotos. I haven't had neck pain in the fornt. but in the past I have hhad a sore neck just in the back at the base of the skull. Sore and kind of stiff, that can radiaite to my back. Could thyroid nodules cause this, or is this more likey due to sinus, stress, tension? If thyroid nodules could cause this does it necassarily mean cancer? Any kind of info. would be great as I am extremely nervous.
Avatar f tn Just had ultrasound and the nodule has doubled in size. ENT wants to remove it. I have some compression issues, neck pain, tickle in throat, constant throat clearing. Does surgery sound right? Are these symptoms consistent with nodules? Is that rate of growth a lot. First found the lump in my neck 5 months ago. FNB was benign!