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Avatar n tn I just had my 1-hr glucose screening test last Thursday. I was told not to fast at all. I did eat before I went to the appointment. I also had an apple & 2 cookies that day as well before my appointment. I ended failing the test. :( The cutoff was 139 and my result was 141. Now I have to go tomorrow to take the 3-hour test. I think it was the cookies (stupid me!!) and apple that pushed me over. Thoughts? I really doubt that I have gestational diabetes.
Avatar f tn t need to do Lab work on me because I see a Rheumatologist every three months, and he always has my blood checked for the meds I take for rheumatoid arthritis. The last two years I have asked my PCP if I could have a fasting glucose screening, and she said I don't need one. Last year she said I didn't need the screening because my cholesterol was very good last cholesterol testing several years ago. I'm confused as I thought a diabetes screening was a part of an Annual Exam?
7913021 tn?1418048620 Hello ladies!! I have my glucose screening next week-- I'm 24 weeks! & I've heard horror stories! :( I'm worried I'm gonna throw it up cause it's obviously horrible & I still have morning sickness! Mine never went away! Any tricks or advice to the moms who have had it done already??
Avatar f tn Hey I have my doctors appointment next week where im getting my glucose screening test done. When they do it I know I will drink the nasty drink thingy and they will need to take some blood later but I have a question... Is it a ***** of the finger, is it just a regular blood drawing, an I.V.? I have heard some different things and I was just curious what to expect. Also does anyone have any tips to make it an easier visit? I heard it can be an uncompfortable one.
1132307 tn?1357908608 I had my glucose screening at 26 weeks and it came back elevated. The doctor has now scheduled me for the 3 hour screening, which I'm not looking forward to. Has anyone had an elevated screening and then passed the longer test? I eat really well, exercise on average 4 times a week and have only gained 8 pounds so far in my pregnancy so I just don't get why my blood sugar was elevated?? I feel very down today.
Avatar m tn Hi I had my glucose test this morning and was discussing blood tests with the phlebotomist.. up until this point (28 weeks) I have only had one other blood test. At my level II ultrasound they said everything looked great but how would they really know if the never did a blood test for AFP or quad screening?
599954 tn?1227493985 I feel horrible!!!! Today the Dr. did lots of blood work and set us up with the glucose screening...I need some input on screening. Can it vary thru different days? Can glucose be different from hour to hour?
Avatar f tn m still in the throws of 1st trimester nausea. Trying not to throw up. But already dizzy. If you did a 1st trimester blood glucose screening, how did yours go?
434240 tn?1216392070 I have my glucose screening in the morning, and although I've done this in the past, I can't remember if it is ok to eat or drink anything other than water before having it done. They never said anything when they scheduled my appointment, so I'm just curious. Really don't want to fail and have to have the 3hr test since I can not stand the whole needle thing!!
Avatar f tn So I just had my one hour glucose screening test and it kind if sucked... At first it wasn't so bad then about half way through I felt so nauseous and light headed and now I just feel like crap! I'm really hoping I pass so I don't have to do the three hour test.. Anyone else feel really crappy after this test?
Avatar f tn There are 2 Glucose test. The one hour is screening test. Typically they don't tell you to not eat or drink prior to this. I chose not to eat anything the morning of the test. Because if your glucose is too on the screening test you will need to take the full glucose tolerance test (diagnostic test). Which is a pain. I failed my 1 hour test (1 point too high) so had to do the full three hour test. For this you do have to fast for at least 8-10 hours before the test.
Tbd I just recently had a health screening and after fasting 12 hours my blood glucose was 111. Should i be overly concerned with that? Will they put me on meds or just monitor it. My history of blood glucose levels range over the last 4 years from 94 to the current 111.
Tbd Preventive Services Task Force recommends screening for abnormal blood glucose in adults aged 40 to 70 years who are overweight or obese, and repeating testing every 3 years if results are normal. Persons with family history of diabetes or other risk factors should be considered for earlier and more frequent screening.
Avatar m tn She said there were traces of glucose and white blood cells in my urine. She has asked me to go in for a blood test and I think a Prostate psa test. I'm worried it could be something serious?
1209036 tn?1299178657 The oral glucose tolerance test involves quickly drinking a sweetened liquid (called Glucola), which contains 50 g of glucose. The body absorbs this glucose rapidly, causing blood glucose levels to rise within 30 to 60 minutes. A blood sample will be taken from a vein in your arm about 60 minutes after drinking the solution. The blood test measures how the glucose solution was metabolized (processed by the body).
306245 tn?1244384967 The accepted ways of screening for diabetes are a fasting glucose, a random glucose(not as good) or a 2 hour glucose tolerance test. A HgB A1C is sometimes used by doctors but it is not widely accepted as a good screening measure, so I suggest a fasting or an OGTT. You should also have a thyroid screen(TSH) done. Fasting glucose is not perfect, so yes you can have a "false negative" in terms of saying you have no abnormalities in glucose handling.
Avatar n tn Generally oral glucose tolerance tests are not performed. these days. Instead a blood test known as an HbA1C is performed, which establishes the glucose levels over the previous three months. Not that there is anything wrong with taking the glucose tolerance test.
Avatar f tn Probably send u for blood work and ur glucose test and most likely ur 20 weeks ultrasound