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Avatar m tn However, intense exercise can have the opposite effect and actually increase your blood glucose levels. The body recognizes intense exercise as a stress and releases stress hormones that tells your body to increase available blood glucose to fuel your muscles. If your glucose levels exceed normal levels discuss with your doctor medication or medication adjustment.
Avatar f tn Weight loss if you are overweight, and exercise are also very important for blood sugar control. At least 30 minutes of exercise once a day (or even better if you can make it longer or more than once a day), would help in controlling blood sugar.
Tbd I just recently had a health screening and after fasting 12 hours my blood glucose was 111. Should i be overly concerned with that? Will they put me on meds or just monitor it. My history of blood glucose levels range over the last 4 years from 94 to the current 111.
Avatar m tn com/health/diabetes-and-exercise/DA00105 As Sally mentioned, it is best to monitor your blood glucose with a home test meter.This is the only way to know, besides being tested at the doctors office, your glucose levels. You can Google "when to test blood glucose" for recommendations, which is different than the above link.
Avatar n tn Strenuous exercise tells the body to release more glucose for energy. Test before and 3 hours after exercising once your body has come to full rest. If you need to eat, eat two-three hours prior to exercising. Do not consume energy bars or sports drinks while working out, only water.
Avatar n tn May be wise to check fasting insulin as well as glucose, and get hba1c done to be sure that average blood sugars are normal. This way you can already monitor and catch early if your blood sugar levels become less than ideal..
Avatar f tn It is also possible to have elevated blood sugar if you fast for a longer than usual period. It is good that your subsequent tests were ok. Anyway, use this as your motivation to stay healthy. Minimize sugar and processed foods, exercise. A regular check of blood sugars every once in a while (and certainly every 6 months) is a good practice so you can monitor yourself over time.
1538488 tn?1331483305 My fasting blood glucose is 110-125 mg/dl.hba1c is 7.96. My age is 57 years.After 2 hrs of b/f 165-190mg/dl. No medication.Glucose level slightly increase after exercise in the morning .What action is to be taken?
Avatar n tn The probable reason you have not been asked to monitor your glucose more often is because at this point you have not been put on medication of any sort. So any glucose changes will happen fairly slowly as your system adjusts to the low-carb lifestyle. Since you cannot take medication if you see a high number, it is almost pointless to do the glucose test. And since you are not taking medication at this point, lows are not an issue.
Avatar n tn He/she sounds like a quack. It is important to monitor your blood sugar (glucose) on a regular basis to understand how well you are controlling your diabetes. Your above 300 mg/dl readings are high and getting real close to a dangerous level where diabetes complications start to set in. I'll get back to when to test your glucose further down in this thread.
Avatar m tn I need to clarify my earlier post. Exercise does burn energy, and eventually exercise lowers blood glucose. When I mentioned "cardio level aerobic exercises" I meant this to be "rigorous" exercises. For example cardio aerobic, fast treadmill workouts, or even continuous pumping of weights. In a way, your liver "has a mind of its own" and continues to produce glucose while you exercise.
10374491 tn?1441916101 A blood sugar monitor only gives the blood sugar that is present in the blood at the time it is done. An HbA1C blood test gives the average blood glucose that is present in the blood over a period of 9-12 weeks. The glucose sticks to the red corpuscles and these are renewed every 9-12 weeks. The doctor is the best person to give advice whether to use a home blood glucose monitor. My doctor will not prescribe a home monitor for me because my HbA1C levels are well managed.
Avatar f tn my husband was 2yrs post liver transplant, that is the one reason why he is also now suffering from monitor blood sugar problem. my question now is about fluctition of his blood glucose, we have a kit monitoring it before and after meal, but there was time when we check it is high then after just a minute it drop down, we are really worried why is this happening? hoping that anyone could help!
Avatar f tn This was based on a fasting 3 hour glucose test and likely my weight. Since then I have been checking my sugars at least twice a day and making better choices when eating. Nothing too restrictive, just less stupid. She also put me on 500 mg of metformin once a day. In that two month period my blood sugar has never measured over 119. My fasting BS (in the morning) is almost always under 100 and never over 119. Two weeks ago my A1C was 5.6.
Avatar m tn you have to fast for 8 or 12 hours, they test your fasting glucose, then they give a sugary drink. 2 hours after, they test your blood sugar again. if your blood sugar is >11.1 mmol/L then you are will consider diabetes, if >8mmol/L then you will be consider prediabetic-mean that you are borderline diabetic but can reverse back to normal if you improve your eating habits and exercise. hope this helps!
Avatar f tn The majority of gestational diabetes patients can control their diabetes with exercise and diet. Between 10% to 20% of them will need to take some kind of blood-glucose-controlling medications. Undiagnosed or uncontrolled gestational diabetes can raise the risk of complications during childbirth. The baby may be bigger than he/she should be.
Avatar f tn I am also having trouble with low blood sugar. My blood sugar goes from 44 to 255. I know normal is 80-120 . At the Diabetes clinic they said if mine dropped from 50-70 to take gluclose tabs, 8, but my body is reacting like a normal one. I take 4 at 44 which is life threatening low. I also notice that lately it's dropping after I eat which I don't understand. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/621786'>Blood sugar drops after eating</a>.
Avatar m tn The blood glucose test is ordered to measure the amount of glucose in the blood right at the time of sample collection. It is used to detect both hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia, to help diagnose diabetes, and to monitor glucose levels in persons with diabetes. The urine glucose is seldom ordered by itself. At one time, it was used to monitor diabetics, but it has been largely replaced by the more sensitive and “real time” blood glucose.
Avatar f tn If you have any concerns, ask your doctor to arrange for you to have a glucose test, or a HbA1C blood test. The home monitoring prick testing kits only will show the sugar levels in the blood at the time that you do the test. The HbA1C blood test shows the percentage of sugar levels in your blood system over a period of 9-12 weeks. The glucose sticks to the red corpuscles and they are renewed every 9-12 weeks. Best wishes.
Avatar n tn To sum up, I had never had a fasting blood glucose, have diabetes in my family, so decided to get a home monitor, see where I stood (given I am still in my 20's but not in good shape - getting there, exercising now, but wanted a baseline). So I hadn't been getting goog night sleep due to work, but checked it a few times in a week (in morning, after a 10-14 hour fast fort those morning tests) and generally got 103, 104 for most. Mornings.
Avatar n tn Lots of things can cause blood sugars to go low. Exercise causes the body to use glucose without needing insulin, and lots of exercise can cause the body to use extra glucose for hours after the exercise is done. Swimming, for example, causes my daughter's blood sugar to srop like a rock. Stress can cause blood sugars to go high as well, and conversely, excitement or anxiety can cause them to go low.
Avatar m tn // They will likely ask you to make these lifestyle changes (even giving you specific food guidelines) and they may ask you to monitor your blood sugar. If things get worse, they may give you safe medication to counteract it and they will, of course, monitor your baby more closely. https://www.mayoclinic.