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Avatar n tn Hello, I'm a volunteer and not a medical professional so please check with your doctor to address any concerns you have regarding your particular condition. With that said, below is an excerpt from the Virginia Mason clinic website: which states the norms for blood sugar levels: "A fasting blood glucose test. This test is performed after you have fasted (no food or liquids other than water) for eight hours.
Avatar m tn I had a full blood check up last week and my glucose levels came back as high for a morning reading at 9.2. I had some more tests today including a fasting test and a hba something or other. My question is soe this now mean i have diabetes. I am very much a night person regularly up til 4 in the morning and eating and drinking before i go to bed. I am white, not over weight and have no family history.
Avatar n tn Hi, Your fasting number of 104 mg/dL is considered in between normal and diabetes, referred to as "impaired fasting glucose(IFG)". While it is not diabetes, having IFG does increase your chances of developing diabetes in future. The good news is that you can most often reverse IFG back to normal through dietary changes, increased exercise and weight loss.
Avatar n tn Usually 1 hour after eating blood sugars rarely exceed 140 mg/dl, and return to normal levels within 2-3 hours. If your test results during these time periods fall between 100 and 125 mg/dl you are considered prediabetic. Above 126 mg/dl is considered diabetes. As you can see having levels of "always 115 to 147" is not normal. Testing anytime is not a good idea as it fails to provide an accurate insight on your blood sugar levels.
Avatar n tn There are several ways you can diagnose diabetes. Your level last night after one cup of soda is more representative of a random blood glucose. A random glucose of >200mg/dL with symptoms of diabetes is diagnostic of Type 2 Diabetes. Therefore, from that one measure, you do not have Type 2 Diabetes. However, your fasting sugar is within the pre-diabetic range. Are you pregnant? You posted in the gestation diabetes section which is diabetes within pregnancy. Hope that helps!
Avatar n tn I have read the fasting and post-meal (+2 hours) glucose levels for individuals with and without diabetes. Some "reputable" diabetes sites recommend that "normal" blood glucose levels are under 180 two hours after a meal, while other sites recommend under 140, suggesting that 180 is too high even after two hours. I've even read various doctors give different recommendations that are between 120 and 180 two hours after a meal.
Avatar m tn There are different schools of thought. My two-cents worth is that initially, you should be testing very intensively. Later on, when you get a handle on your insulin utilization situation, you can test less often. The problem is that none of are very good at "guessing" our blood sugar levels.. (1) Fasting (or one definition anyway) is the level when you get up in the morning without eating all night. (2) Generally, two hours after every meal. (3) Before going to bed.
Avatar n tn A fasting glucose of 100-125 mg/dl indicates prediabtes, unhealthy. Normal is 70-99 mg/dl, healthy. Some doctors say as low as 60 mg/dl but it is known that at 70 mg/dl lethargy starts to set in. By eating well-balanced meals (no sugar, no bad carbs) in the correct amounts, along with moderate exercise (like walking) and weight control, you can keep your blood glucose level as close to normal (non-diabetes level) as possible. "inulin was 4.
Avatar m tn I used the word 'normal' to begin my search string which resulted in these Google finds. Next time I suggest you try a search before posting, you will be delighted at what you can find on your own.
Avatar f tn In a person without diabetes, the glucose levels in the blood rise following drinking the glucose drink, but then then fall quickly back to normal (because insulin is produced in response to the glucose, and the insulin has a normal effect of lowing blood glucose.
Avatar n tn Levels up to 100 mg/dL are considered normal. Levels between 100 and 126 mg/dl are referred to as impaired fasting glucose or pre-diabetes. These levels are considered to be risk factors for type 2 diabetes and its complications. Diabetes is typically diagnosed when fasting blood glucose levels are 126 mg/dl or higher. Note: mg/dL = milligrams per deciliter" Weight control and diet play a large, large part in controlling diabetes. For reading on diabetes control go here http://tinyurl.
1154802 tn?1266489320 "If you are the former, then it would be abnormal to rise above 120 for a non-diabetic." The aim is to keep postprandial blood sugar levels below 140 mg/dL; anything over 180 mg/dL. is unacceptable. These are basic USA standards and may or may not be practiced by your doctor in Australia. Call or visit or your doctor and ask for his/her reference range.
Avatar f tn "He's on Amarel 2mg in the morning , and Metformin 500mg after lunch , and i think he's doin quite well with him." It is Amaryl aka Glimpiride not Amrel. It is important when quoting medicine to be exact with spelling. According to your 1st post he isn't doing well but you now say he is. Contradictory and confusing. "What is LADA ?" Latent Autoimmune Disease in Adults. See this link
Avatar m tn After my blood sugar has returned to normal levels (101 mg/dL in 3 hours) can I be sure that I shouldn't have any symptoms of hypoglycemia or on the other hand if my blood sugar levels are in the normal range, I shouldn't have any symptoms of hypoglycemia? Or there is a possibility to suffer from hypoglycemia symptoms when your blood glucose levels are within the range?
Avatar m tn Hi, I have notice in several home tests that my morning blood sugar is around 103 mg/dl. If I re test in 2hrs time without having my breakfast it give mid 90’s mg/dl….. 2 hrs after breakfast result gives mid 80’s. If I test my blood sugar 6 hrs after any heavy meal the result would be 85 mg/dl. As you see the only reading that concerns me in the one right after waking up in the morning. Should I be concerned??
Avatar m tn Buy some hard sweet candy or glucose tablets. Keep one handy in case your levels drop below 60 mg/dl. Do NOT consume more than one. If you see levels <70 mg/dl a follow up visit to your doctor and/or a referral to an Endocrinologist for proper evaluation should be confirmed. "My blood glucose levels drop below 60 on numerous occasions" When stating test levels it is important to know the time it occurs, makes a huge difference.
808221 tn?1242747788 "Can somebody explain to me why my morning(bbkfast) glucose levels fluctuate like they appear to be doing." You kept your glucose levels a secret. "Or are my sugar levels ok" You kept this a secret too. "I try to stay away from bad carbs, sugars and starches. I read labels very carefully to avoid pitfalls." That's an attaboy, gus. But are you also keeping a normal weight and doing moderate exercise daily? These help to lower your glucose level.
194838 tn?1303432144 html Here are the fasting glucose ranges Normal 70-99 mg/dl or 3.888-5.5 mmol/l Prediabetes 100-125 mg/dl or 5.555-6.94 mmol/l Diabetes 126 mg/dl and above or 7 mmol/l and above Postprandial (after meal) 2-3 hours <180 mg/dl or <10 mmol/l Some doctors want <140 mg/dl or <7.777 mmo/l (< means less than) You should try to get a home test kit. It is the only way you're going to know firsthand what each type of foods is doing to your glucose levels. Ask your doctor.
Avatar n tn Basically I am worried because from what I understand a person living without diabetes should not have blood glucose levels so high at any time. I guess I should tell you I do not have family history of type 1 or 2 diabetes in my family. I am 21 years old and have a BMI of 23 (therefore I am at a healthy weight). Thanks for reading and any advice/comments for me!
Avatar n tn 108 to 132 mg/dL), but my HbA1c remains normal or near-normal (range: 4.5 to 5.3%). My fasting insulin and C-peptide are within normal ranges. A low-carbohydate diet (<100 grams/day) did not help; increasing my activity level helped somewhat. I would describe myself as a very anxious person and, in the past year, would probably have satisfied the criteria for Generalized Anxiety Disorder, if I had chosen to seek medical help (doing a bit better now, thanks).
Avatar n tn 88 mg/dl ; HDL : 16 mg/dl Triglycerides : 66 mg/dl ; TC/DL Ratio : 7.5 Repeat test also showed similar results. Current medication : Tricor 145 mg and Simvastine 80 mg/day The current fasting blood Glucose is at 120 and post food is at 180 (method of testing finger *****) Can I ask my doctor to reduce the dosage of my medication or skip them altogether? does my blood glucose readings mandate any diabetic medication?
956931 tn?1271639769 "My glucose level at screening was 102" "She never mentioned to me that I was insulin resistant" ------------------------------ Tell her that according to the American Diabetes Association, you are pre-diabetic (insulin resistant)....and insulin resistance lowers treatment success. From the American Diabetes Association's website..... "Normal fasting blood glucose is below 100 mg/dl.
Avatar m tn That's fantastic, thanks. Couldn't draw enough blood to repeat the test today after eating and I ran out of strips trying. Looks like I'm not diabetic or pre-diabetic though so far.
2157587 tn?1336732580 Actually, the process of sugar molecules bumping into proteins and bonding to them happens in normal metabolism with normal blood sugar levels; it just happens a lot faster when blood sugar is elevated. The harm occurs because whatever function a protein was performing before bonding to a sugar, it can no longer perform that function. These protein-sugar molecules are referred to as 'Advanced Glycation End-Products or AGEs.
1666903 tn?1383335756 Presently, I feel more even, more stable, but another serious problem has appeared on the scene. Since the change in dosage, my blood glucose levels have shot up to over 200mg/dL. They are consistently that elevated, and my normal dose of insulin is insufficient to handle it. My doctor instructed me to raise my insulin (Lantus-a 24 hr., "background" insulin) by 5 units. So far, this has had no noticeable effect.
Avatar n tn If these were in mg/dl then you would be considered normal. Scroll down and read the thread in post - [What are the non-Diabetic levels (mmol/L) of Glucose by Frank303, Nov 08, 2008] for mmol/l and mg/dl glucose table.
Avatar f tn Elderly persons, on the other hand, may have less creatinine in their blood than the norm. Infants have normal levels of about 0.2 or more, depending on their muscle development. In people with malnutrition, severe weight loss, and long standing illnesses the muscle mass tends to diminish over time and, therefore, their creatinine level may be lower than expected for their age" An abnormally high value can idicate a kidney disorder.
Avatar n tn Actually, pre-diabetes is a blood sugar >100. "Normal blood sugar levels are less than 100 mg/dl. Pre-diabetes blood sugar levels are between 100 mg/dl and 126 mg/dl. and Diabetes blood sugar levels are 126 mg/dl and above."
Avatar n tn "Would it be correct for me to say that my one hour reading should have been the higher reading of 6.3? And then at the two hour mark my sugars should have started dropping back to my starting numbers?" This would be a good assumption. After fasting normal glucose levels are 60/70 to 99 mg/dl. With an OGTT, at 1 hour normal levels are <111.1 mmol/l [<200 mg/dl], 2 hours <7.77 mmol/l [<140 mg/dl].