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Avatar m tn Pt is a 23 yo Caucasian male presenting with a rash over the entirety of his back with blotchy concentration on the lateral area over the latissimus dorsi and solid concentration over the shoulder area. The rash is red in nature, does not itch, is not raised. The severity comes and goes without known cause, but remains constantly. Presentation began 2 months ago and has increased in severity since. Pt has no known food or drug allergies.
Avatar f tn Any other moms having pregnancy rash ?! Anything I can do or put on it to make it go away?
Avatar n tn then monday I realized I had some sort of rash in my back. A bit in the lower region and on the sides near back ribcage and near neck. Not all red but more like like bumps in my skin... Also my back feels like it's on fire... I had sex with a prostitute not too long ago but used condoms but I read that this could be a sign of HIV. I have herpes so this really made me scared...
325477 tn?1250551309 I went to dermatologist and he said it doesn't look like a pregnancy rash, more like a medication rash...anyway, we couldn't rule anything out but he didn't give me any oatment, he said it would hurt the he said it will spread more!!! and then go away in 2 months...gosh! Anyway, he did blood work for thyroid...really weird staff... on another note, I had very strong period like cramping for the last two days continuously....really worried, going to have a sono today.
Avatar f tn I'm 7 Weeks Pregnant, & i Have The Worst Back Pain. I Don't Even Want to Stand Very Long Or Get Out Of Bed, its Alot Of Lower & Some Upper. Help , Please !
Avatar n tn respiratory infections are not generally considered symptoms of ARS and the rash is typically a body rash in addition to a severe sore throat, high fever ect...occuring 2-4 weeks post exposure and lasting 1-2 weeks. Your test at 6 weeks will be a good indication of your status, just follow up at 3 months for a conclusive result.
Avatar f tn Hi guys I'm suffering from sever pregnancy rash on my left butt cheek and my left thigh front and back. It's just that one place where I am constantly itching and I just want to scratch so hard, it's been a week since this rash is there and it just itches all the time, every sec. Are these rashes normal and does anyone have any advice on how to ease the rash or itch.
8102917 tn?1402457914 Omg. Me too.
Avatar f tn Thanks for the response...but I have seen a neurologist and orthopedist. Had MRI of head, neck, C, L, and T spine. All normal. I truly feel hopeless about the pain...but now the D Dimer is worrying me. I am scheduled for a bone scan. I guess the D Dimer is elevated because of the inflammation in my back and ribs....but what is causing it?? I am on 34...I shouldn't be hurting like this. Not pregnant...just had a baby 9 months ago. The day I had the blood work drawn, my spince was very sore.
Avatar n tn I need help im 14 weeks pregnant and have a small rash on belly and the right side of my face is broken out and I dont know what that means.
Avatar f tn so there were a few days there that my face was broke out i thought it was acne then yesterday woke up with rash on arms ans chest and back..
Avatar f tn I'm currently 23 weeks pregnent with my 2nd child and its such a different pregnancy to my first and my problem seems to underneath my boobs are all very spotty and red and can get very itchy at times was wondering if anyone knew a good cream to put on i only bought cocoa butter bust cream but doesnt seem to be doing any good and have asked other mums but none of them seem to have this problem and couldnt suggest much apart from nappy cream if anyone has any suggestions i would be very grate
Avatar f tn Look up PUPPPS it is a pregnancy rash. I developed it st 16 weeks also and still have it. 27 weeks now. Check to see if it's symptoms match yours. If so I can give you everything I do to help with it.
Avatar f tn So I've gotten a red rash with blisters I was putting peroxide on it I covered it with a bandaid and it leaked yellow stuff went to the Dr he said it looked like a viral infection did a sample and on my paper he gave me says herpe symplex virus 054.9 what does that mean?
Avatar f tn ve been getting an itchy bumpy rash 2-3 times everday in different spots of my body...especially the palms of my hands. It's kind of like a heat rash. anyone else experience this?
Avatar f tn So I know about the hole pregnancy glow great skin thing. Though this time I have incurred a rash on both my brest and some strange painfull markings on my back. Has any one ever experianced this kind of thing. Just wondering ifit could be related to the pregnancy?
Avatar f tn I took them over the weekend and the back showed some improvement. My doctor is not aware of the small rash and the tenderness in the left thigh. Should I go back? Does back pain correlate with shingles? I have no temperature. Slight headache two days. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/202913'>SHINGLES AND BACK PAIN</a>.
5692644 tn?1388472314 Thank you everyone! I'm going to google the pupps rash and see if it's that or heat rash. I'll make sure to ask my doctor too. Thank you so much!!
Avatar f tn I had a developed an itchy rash on the back of my hands, on my wrists, stomach, and legs. The physician at the Urgent Care center gave me an steriod shot and prescribed predinisone 10mg. He questioned me about my last period, but he never conducted an urine sample to do a pregnancy test. After taking the meds for a week, I found out that I'm 5 weeks pregnant. It's scary because I know my pregnancy is very early and I don't want any developmental issues going on with my unborn.
Avatar f tn I'm starting to get what I think is a rash,this is my first pregnancy I'm 14wks. Started on my lower breasts,not sure if i should wait and see if it spreads or get a dr app..
Avatar n tn About a week ago I got a strange skin rash or infection on my back, Its sore and a little painful, It has delevoped small blisters. Its about the size of a half dollar. Any ideas what it could be? it dosent seem to be going away.