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Avatar n tn Diflucan is a very effective tablet by Rx. Or take Azo-Yeast, 2 pills a day while reducing dietary sugar and carbs and increasing vegetables. Use a very mild soap, like unscented Dove. You could use a topical yeast medicine, but they have ingredients that irritate a lot of women.
Avatar n tn I thought taking products containing lactobacillus (good bacteria) like Azo Yeast etc can prevent yeast infection to reoccur. But I have read that they can cause dental caries (which I can notice ). http://en.wikipedia.
144586 tn?1284669764 Orange soda, as well as many artificially colored sodas, are asthma triggers. The culprit is F D & C # 5, an azo dye used as a "lemon yellow" coloring agent. The chemical name is tartrazine.
Avatar n tn I agree with Vicki on the cranberry juice, but an easier way to get the same ingredients is taking AZO cranberry every day (or another cranberry tablet, you find them in the vitamin aisle of the grocery store). There's an ingredient in cranberry that keeps the lining of the bladder from supporting bacteria, so you won't get repeat infections. Grocery store cranberry juice is almost 0% cranberry, you have to go to specialty stores and actual cranberry juice is about $17 a quart.
Avatar f tn Try to improve your diet, eating few carbs and sugar. Eat vegetables and lean meat and whole fruits, not juice. Take Azo-Yeast, which is OTC. I believe it is 2 tabs a day. Do the Sitz baths. That sounds smart, because if you try to pry the stones out, it is going to hurt unbearably.
Avatar n tn It's not painful, but it is rather annoying, and I'd like it to stop. My friends automatically say UTI, and I should drink cranberry juice and take AZO, but with such a sudden onset, and no changes in my regular routine, I'm doubtful. I don't make a habit of holding it..
Avatar f tn They also maximize the use of certified organic ingredients and have over 60 colors. If you have any further questions regards salons that carry their product, or allergen information I would contact them via their website.
Avatar m tn i took a home uti test, i think azo. and it was positive, very strongly positive. i'm sorry to keep asking questions, i've made another doctor's appointment concerning it. could my symptoms could have been from a uti all along. again sorry to keep asking questions, just trying to solve this and put my mind finally at ease.
Avatar n tn It was in my bath gel, bar of soap, condoms, spermacide, ky jelly AND my deoderant. In many cases, it was the one of the main ingredients. It took a while to figure out what was plauging me. Doctors were no help. They would usually say it was my diet or that I wasn't following through with the instructions to keep taking meds even after it cleared up. I knew that wasn't the case.
Avatar n tn following the meal with a peppermint tea to aid digestion and I take a Boots Wind Relief tablet before turning in (active ingredients are Dried Aluminium Hydroxide Gel,Magnesium Hydroxide,Simethicone). I am now able most nights to sleep through with little or no pain although when I get up in the morning the pain returns until I pass water or shift some wind again. Hope this helps.
Avatar n tn Moderation of everything and avoiding anything with long lists of ingredients you cant even pronounce is the long term cure. I stumbled across an interesting cure when my itching got so bad that I even would have outbreaks in other sweat areas (arm pits etc.). What happened was my dermatoligist saw my hands and feet were even getting yellow nails. I was only 25...He perscribed Lamisil. A pill specifically for the nail fungus. I took for four months and my nails were cured.
Avatar n tn So, stick with it ladies! It's worth the discomfort to have a va-jay-jay that feels normal. I also am taking AZO Yeast tablets and Aciddolphilus which are loaded with awesome probiotics (good bacteria). I was also on my period, so i stuck with maxis and changed them frequently. I am now pretty much symptom free (a little irritation in the morning), washing with a Homeopathic feminine wash called Yeast Guard to help keep the vaginal area pH balanced.
Avatar n tn Please go buy AZO yeast pills at your pharmacy or online. Take one everyday and never have another yeast infection. They also make a UTI prevention one. I had uncureable chronic yeast infections for years until I found this pill! It's under $8 a month. Walgreen has it but its cheaper like on Amazon in bulk 3 packs.
Avatar f tn After trying everything, I started treating it as an environmental fungus, as someone here suggested. I have been taking homeopathic pills from AZO Yeast (twice a day) and applying diluted (safe for face) tea tree oil (anti-fungal agent) topically to the areas at night. I have only been doing this for two days and my skin is pretty much completely clear (knock on wood). I've never written on these forums before, but know how frustrating this is. Give this a shot.
Avatar n tn Sometimes it flares up a teeny bit (stress can do this) but nothing near to what it was before. I believe it was all triggered by a change of ingredients in my laundry detergent that wasnt put on the box. I know this because my mother has sinitis and noticed it got worse wearing freshly washed shirts. She called the detergent company to ask had they changed ingredients. They had. That was roughly the time I started itching. Obviously we dont use that detergent anymore!!
Avatar n tn I did notice that when it gets at it's worse that a sock in the tub helped for awhile, but with the added ingredients I am sure it will help more. Than you all so much!!!!!
Avatar n tn i take my time and search threw the different kinds of yogurts to find one that has the cultures listed as one of the first 4 ingredients... anyways, i ate a tub of it and most of the time the infection goes away completely after about 3 days..... now this time it did not work so well so i tried monistat.. What a mistake that was..
Avatar n tn I also get frequent yeast infections almost every month around my period. I just started taking AZO Yeast, (over the counter- WalMart) and I think its going to help. Its a daily pill to treat AND prevent. CAN ANYONE CAN HELP ME DIAGNOSE THESE PAPERCUTS?
Avatar n tn I rarely get a yeast infection, but just started to feel one come on a few days ago and took the homeopathic AZO pills - I never got the yeast infection, but did get the cuts (it is a few days before my period) but worse this time. (My gut feeling from reading all these other stories and my personal conditions tells me it has to do with some kind of yeast bacteria and the birth control pill affecting hormones - but what do we do about it!