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Avatar n tn I take HCTZ 25mg as a diuretic to prevent water build up etc. I also take Amlodipine 10mg for blood pressure along with Benazepril 40mg. It keeps the water away, no problems yet. I have gout also and take allopurinol 300mg for that. But some people may be affected differently by the same meds.
Avatar f tn I seem to be having trouble finding a BP medicine that works and also doesn't pose addition problems with my COPD. The Metoprolol and Amlodipine kept things in fair control but Metoprolol aggravated my already low functioning lungs. Now I am on Losartan and at first I thought it was working. But maybe that was just because I still had the Metoprolol in my system. In any event, once again my breathing function is worse. I started off on Lisinopril with a different doctor.
Avatar m tn I had been taking AB 5mg for about 4 years and all of a sudden I started having random leg pains and maybe once a week my ankles would swell a little so my doctor took me off it a week and 3 days ago but my legs still hurt. Anyone have any experience with this or know if this goes away after awhile? Thanks BTW I am 28 192 pounds and I now just take lisinopril 40mg.
Avatar n tn is it harmful in anyway to switch from amlodipine 10mg to lisinopril 10mg?
Avatar m tn amlodipine, Victrelis (boceprevir) MONITOR: Coadministration with the hepatitis C virus (HCV) NS3/4A protease inhibitors, boceprevir and telaprevir, may increase the plasma concentrations and pharmacologic effects of calcium channel blockers, especially the dihydropyridines (e.g., amlodipine, felodipine, nicardipine, nifedipine, nisoldipine).
Avatar m tn I was put on lisinopril and amlodipine. Ever since I started taking these medications my ocd has been totally out of control. There are rituals and image problems that I have never had before and it's really getting worse. Does anyone here have anxiety problems along with HBP and the medications have made them worse? Doctors don't believe me but I know my own mind and how different it is since I went on these medications.
1069105 tn?1256704012 5 mg Lisinopril: 40 mg Atenolol: 50 mg Omeprazole: 40 mg Aspirin: 100 mg She has no other risk, CHADS is "1". 1. Given her near-death bleed out, how safe is it to continue any blood-thinning therapy? 2. Are there any no problematic drug interactions with her medications? We are particularly concerned with some of the Atonolol’s side effects (i.e., the potential to develop type 2 diabetes, and unsteadiness when walking leading to more falls.
Avatar m tn I have high blood pressure and am taking Lisinopril and Amlodipine I have had some breathing problems that come and go, but are not related to activity. I am having a stress test done next week, but am still nervous because I am not sure what could be causing this.
Avatar m tn I take 40mg simvastatin for cholesterol , also 10mg amlodipine and 40 mg lisinopril for blood pressure . what are side effects? As well as this I have received letter from my Doctor stating that my medication is changing from 40 mg Simvastatin to 10 mg Atorvastatin . .BP and cholesterol is under control. Issues I have in recent years is significant and worsening swelling of ankles and legs , as well as Erectile dysfunction . Is there any better drugs or treatment?
920737 tn?1250351810 Was switched from lisinopril to amlodipine. Began Plavix. Was told that I had so many blockages/narrowings that additional surgical intervention would be fruitless. Had multiple brief blackout spells at 5 mg dosage. Reduced dosage to 2.5 mg, still having significant issues with light-headedness and angina. Reluctant to drive. I cannot tolerate beta blockers (metoprolol among others) due to similar problems with fainting and falling.
612551 tn?1450025775 The metoprolol keeps my BP down successfully thank goodness. Had trouble with Lisinopril, Amlodipine, Doxazosin previously - would not work. I keep walking, and going to the gym 3x's a week, try to build muscle. I'm 59 1/2.
514494 tn?1376514748 I would like to share this news article with the MedHelp community. It describes 5 dangerous drug interactions that need to be avoided. Follow the link to read the types of side effects that can occur:
Avatar f tn Currently being treated for extensive multiple bilateral pulmonary embolisms with Xarelto. Hypertension is not being controlled adequately with Lisinoprol 20mg BID. Runs around 147/93 pulse 104 while sitting. They had me taking metropolol 25mg BID on top of the Lisinopril, but had to discontinue due to abdominal cramping, diarrea and major depressive mood swing, confusion and just a general feeling of being in a fog. Has body become so used to the Lisinopril that it's just not working any more?
Avatar f tn My list is Lisinopril 40 mg, Amlodipine 10 mg, Clonidine .1 mg, labetalol 300 mg. All once a day except for my Clonidine which is twice a day. I have an erectile dysfunction issue that I would like to correct. Is there any medications I could take that will not kill me that will go along with what I take everyday?
20003202 tn?1488261662 (stopped working), now just Amlodipine 10 mg. Since taking the Amlodipine 10 mg. for about a week, my blood pressure keeps going higher and higher. Today readings were between 160/90 - 165/125. Also, my lower legs are sore, I have dizziness and feel light-headed, and are extremely lethargic. Is there any light at the end of the tunnel? Is there a cleaner medication with better results and less side effects. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I am desperate....
Avatar m tn I've been in extreme pain since January and been taking darvocet every 4 hours, I am also on metropolol, lisinopril, amlodipine and furosmide foor HBP and Sertraline for anxiety, Could any of these medications be the reason for the lower EF? I have had no other pains besides my hip.
Avatar n tn Anyone taking cozaar? I am supposed to start 50mg in the morning. My lisinopril was making my throat itch. I have tried benicar and azor in the past but they made my pulse shoot up and I couldnt breath. I am not sure of cozaar is in the same class. My blood pressure just started to be on the higher side, usually 130/98 at rest. When walking around and taking BP right away it's usually 160/110. I am wondering if I need a bit of a beta blocker.
Avatar f tn My long time meds are for blood pressure... Amlodipine 5mg and lisinopril/HCTZ 20/25mg. Oh and lamotrigine 50 mg for the last two weeks. I quit heavy drinking a about 8 days ago reneeding hospitalization fot 4 days due to extreme withdrawal. Anyway as of today I'm noticing definite noticeable hand tremors. I'm wondering if it's from my combination of meds?
Avatar n tn I tried Verapamil, didn't work for me for the migraine's was an ok blood pressure medicine when used in conjunction with lisinopril. I think it reduces your blood pressure by expanding your blood vessels, or making them more elastic or something like that, anyway it works a little different than many other blood pressure meds. good luck, but please let your doctor know you take another blood pressure med.
Avatar f tn amlodipine, lisinopril (is your pain well control? Do you smoke?) 3. COPD: Flonase (you may need to add a long-acting beta agonist for better COPD management, and have you quit smoking?) 4. Depression: do you mean sertraline, not "certazin"? If it is, please note the drug interaction with tramadol from the manufacture label statement. 5. Anger issues: may effect your blood pressure and overall health and healing. Hope you are getting psychotherapy to help resolve them.
Avatar f tn All of the tingling and numbness stayed with me until I got diagnosed with an under active thyroid on on 29/10/08 when I started Levothyroxine (2 x 25mcg) On 13/11/08 I got diagnosed with high blood pressure and started on 5mg Amlodipine. I couldnt tolerate these tablets and so I was started on 2.5 Lisinopril which I am still on. After about six weeks on thyroxine it seemed to help a lot with the numbness. I still have a lot of numbness and tingling especially every morning when I wake.
Avatar n tn I am taking prilosec 20 mg bid, carafate 1 gram tid, in addition to my usual meds, lisinopril 20 mg bid, HCTZ 12.5 mg bid, amlodipine 5 mg qd, estrace 3 mg qd, zyrtec 10 mg qd, and singulair 10 mg qd. I was recently diagnosed with gastric artery and kidney artery having bruits, but with normal flow. This set of symptoms and diagnosed bruits appeared at approximately the same time, in April, 2 weeks after returning to San Jose from Boston, gradually worsening as the days went by.
Avatar n tn I was sent home the next day but with 4 medications which included Lisinopril, Lipitor (cholesterol), Aspirin, Amlodipine, which I will be taking for life..sad but true. I suppose people like your husband and myself have a different way of taking the stroke into our system. Like what the doctors told me, I am lucky, that I am able to walk, no speech problems and my right arm and leg are well. Please see a doctor soon.
Avatar f tn I was put on BP medication in January 2012. I started off with Amlodipine and Lisinopril and the Lisinopril darned near killed me. The prescribing doctor WOULD NOT take me off it so I just stopped taking it and made an appointment with another doctor. I have been taking 12.5 mg of Metoprolol and 10 mg Amlodipine for about 3 months. I have COPD and something was aggravating my breathing problems. I went to the doctor yesterday and he took me off the Metoprolol and put me on 100 mg of Losartan.
1069105 tn?1256704012 30 Amlodipine Besylate: 5 mg Lisinopril: 40 mg Atenolol: 50 mg Omeprazole: 40 mg Aspirin: 100 mg Medications AFTER 5/10 stroke: Simvastatin 10mg Warfarin She has no other risk; CHADS is "1". 1. Her stroke symptoms indicate neuro problems. Shouldn’t a neurologist be her main Dr.? 2. Was her stroke most likely secondary to a blood clot (i.e.
1102792 tn?1285928860 Drugs, atenolol, lisinopril, moduretic, amlodipine. have not been regular. 37 yr old man last week I decided to go jogging as part of my weight loss plan, I had been cycling and playing table tennis for a while now.
Avatar m tn My BP was ok until I hit my late 40's then it took off. Out of Control. I was on 20mg Lisinopril and 5mg Amlodipine. It was pretty devastating for me as I've always been in top athletic condition and all my lab results were picture perfect. You might want to start on a DASH diet or if you're feeling highly motivated as I was go Vegan and eliminate meat, dairy and oils. I was able to wean off my meds in 6 months and now maintain a BP around 115/65.
Avatar n tn They did many ECG's, gave me aspirin, took several chest x-rays during the course of the night, took blood work, put on a nitro patch, gave me 3 sprays of nitro and then the nitro drip along with Plavix and Metroprinol something and Heparin. I was also admitted to CCU and the next day sent for an angiogram. Luckily the angiogram was good, showing clear arteries but mild disease and ventricular changes. I was released from the hospital with a prescription for Pantaloc.
1102792 tn?1285928860 Hi Welcome to the MedHelp forum! If your EF has dropped from 48 to 36, then it is not improving. Before exercising further you must talk to your cardiologist. Maybe you need stenting or bypass surgery to overcome the ischemia to the heart muscles. It is difficult to comment beyond this at this stage. Do consult your cardiologist without delay. Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!