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317787 tn?1473362051 The following is a list of the most common antibiotics groups being used today. Each is ordered according to their potential harmful effects on the liver, the top group being the most potentially harmful and the last group being the least. 1. Tetracycline family The following antibiotics belong to this family: Tetracycline, Minocylinum, Guamecycline, Oxytetracycline, Doxycyline, Methacycline, and Demethylchlortetracycline.
9905230 tn?1409236395 Sitting here miserable with a sinus infection :/ took benedryl earlier and it onky helped for a little while i got a little bit of sleep but im probably not going sleep at all tonight :/ making a doctor appointment tomorrow but does anyone know of any home remedies or anything that could help?
Avatar n tn Late fall 4 years in a row sinus infection is back. The strangest thing is the flushing and sweating on my face and head. It seem very much like anxiety. It seems to come in waves with little or no activity involved. Saw ENT yesterday 2 diff antibiotics and a spray. Two shots in each nostril. I am 43 years old very well adjusted and have suffered from depression and anxiety over 10 years ago and it really scares me to think that this particular symptom is unrelated to my infection.
Avatar f tn Even though they checked my heart, I think it's my lungs. I have acute chronic sinus infection that the last does of antibiotics didn't even faze. I think the infection may have spread into my chest. Last night, I began to get this *graveling* feeling under my sternum. There was a *gurgling* feeling in my throat and it restricted for short periods of time. I don't cough much or even sneeze a lot. The last few days the pain in my chest seems to have become more *defined*.
Avatar n tn two years ago I suffered i will call it an alergy attack, i was out in the park and all of a sudden my nose, sinuses and ears were stuff with fluid , i was advice to take benadril , i was deaf for a week and later a could hear from my left ear bu lost hearing from my right i went like this for 4 months when i went back to the doctor i found out i had an ear infection the strange thing is that i never experience pain or fever i took antibiotics and the infection went away buy i lost hearing on
Avatar n tn The viral thing turned into a sinus infection that took 3 rounds of antibiotics to cure. Even when the sinuses were better, the equilibrium stayed messes up. The balance problems finally started to resolve, and then I caught another cold, and now I'm right back where I started. I did get a referral to ENT who ordered an MRI of head/inner auditory canal. The only thing they found was a cyst in one of the sinuses, which they feel is not causing the problems.
Avatar n tn I have just been diagnosed with sinus tachycardia - a nurse called me yesterday with these test results, from a holter monitor. She told me my doctor would like to put me on medication, and that I should see the doctor next week (I got this call on a Friday, and my doctor wasn't in). Well, I'm leaving town at 5:00am on Monday for my job, and after leaving several messages for a doctor to call me back, I still have not gotten a response. My main question is - is it safe for me to fly?
Avatar f tn The Sphenoid sinuses are located in the body of the sphenoid bone. This is located just behind the eyes. The inflammation of this sinus often is felt as a nagging headache behind the eyes or on the side of the head. A sinus is an air pocket within a cavity of a bone and has a narrow opening for blood vessels. These vessels are very very small and blood must pass one cell at a time.
145997 tn?1196795421 That was brutal, and now I have a stupid sinus infection. Dr. put me on antibiotics today so hopefully I will better soon. I hope all your tests go well and you get pregnant really soon. Keep in touch.
620923 tn?1452919248 but, we also know we have many more symptoms that r chiari related that fall thru the cracks...lets make a list of all the symptoms not on the Official lists.
Avatar f tn Could you please tell me if Levofloxin or Erthromycin are safe for a cirrhotic patient to take for a sinus infection. If not could you please recommend a safe alternative. The person in question is allergic to penicillin and Sulfa. Is there a website that specifies what antibiotics are and are not safe in this situation.
4939681 tn?1361302899 You pose an excellent question. There is some dispute about Lyme being acquired through blood transfusions, but there are certainly case reports out there. It is definitely known that Babesia can be acquired through a blood transfusion. I imagine there are quite a few othera. I guess that docs believe that if you do get Babesia from a transfusion, then they can just treat you and you'll be fine.
Avatar f tn My recovery went normally, but at 5 months post op I got a terrible sinus infection. Antibiotics for a week, cleared up for a week and then reinfected, antibiotics again for 7 days, clear for a week, then reinfected. ENT that performed surgery said she removed a lot of my turbinates and I have a quarter sized hole into my sphenoid sinus now and its a clear shot for bacteria I breath in directly.
Avatar n tn Now that I have found a great ENT , I realize the extreme substandard care that I have receiving, including a first sinus which was completely unnecessary becasue there was no sinus blockage and just a small area of pus. If you are sick and feel that you have a sinus infection, and your ENT says they don't see anything, I would seek a second third and fourth opinion, until someone does see something, or at least believes you.
552011 tn?1239336819 I am still having sinus infections and just recently had a double ear infection that has taken 2 rounds of antibiotics and is still not gone. I have tried all the Migraine avenues, pain management, acupuncture, chiropractors, neurofeedback, injections, etc. the list goes on and on with no relief. Could the ENT damaged a nerve or or some how gotten too deep and into the brain. If so, how do I get it diagnosed and get it fixed. Any help would be greatly apprediated.
Avatar f tn I'm 14 weeks and on antibiotics now for a sinus infection I was worried too but they wouldn't prescribe it if it wasnt safe.its not good to just let the infection stay and not treat it.
Avatar f tn Could be a bacterial sinus infection. No meds were given? Just MRI and go home? Im having unilateral sinus issues. Post nasal drip on one side causing earache on one side and minor sore throat for 4 weeks. On my second course of antibiotics. Time to see an ENT for both of us.
Avatar m tn Doctors usually prescribe antibiotics for 10 to 12 days in cases of acute sinusitis. Whether or not the short-term use of antibiotics actually works against sinus infection is still open to debate.
Avatar f tn i dont know when you saw the doctors and when they stopped the antibiotics but if the problem has continued for a few weeks you could be developing a sinus infection and could very well now need them. glad you learned your lesson and i pray you feel better soon.
Avatar n tn You are lucky fi you can take antibiotics at all. Antibiotics (almost of them) close my throat. Antibiotic treatment for something as simple as strep throat could kill me. I've had several close calls. I'd love to be able to just take an antibiotic when I have something bacterial, or when I need surgery. Life is a lot more risky for me.
Avatar n tn Hi! I was diagnosed with transverse veinous thrombosis on left side the last Friday in may of this year. It all started with a headache I couldn't tolerate. I had been medicating it for close to 2 weeks and it wasn't getting any better. Earlier that month I had seen the dr twice for a severe tonsil/throat infection. It was viral and gone onto infection & was treated with antibiotics. Then the headache arrived. It started dull and moved onto a very odd burning sensation on the top of my head.
Avatar m tn Then I went to ENT and he told me I had a sinus infection, with some fungus growing on the right side of sinuses where my eye was always swollen. I had surgery and they ran some cultures, on top of everything else I had MRSA (staph) in my sinuses. They put me on Vancomyacin for the staph. The Doctor told me he cut out polyps which are a sign of auto immune disorder, which explained all the breakouts on my skin. Also explained that those who get staph or MRSA have low immune system.
548980 tn?1214826012 I am all done my antibiotics, ive been off them for 5 days now. i was on antibiotics 2 months ago also for the same thing. I have not had any relief from the antibiotics at all. i really think my ears are not draining properly? Ill let you guys know how my balance testing goes. Thanks Willyp27 Any more suggestions greatly appreciated!
299940 tn?1192322967 I feel as if there is more infection in my sinus cavity, but CT shows nothing major. Was given antibiotics for rhinitis, ear infection and throat infection. I had a peritonsilar abcess on the same side (right side) shortly after this all began. Due to this pain, I have had all 4 wisdom teeth removed, the infected root canal tooth removed and many trips to the doctor, and er.
Avatar n tn There doesn't appear to be an sever sinus infection but could sinus pressure build up arise from some type of on-going irritation in the environment?Aside from daily doses of Nasonex, which don't appear to be working! Could the vertigo diagnosis go in hand with the sinus pressure build up??? Looking for relief.
2125872 tn?1335238667 It is a spirochetal bacterium, which is the same family as syphilis, and back in the day before antibiotics, a syphilis infection (after a sometimes-seen 'chancre', or initial sore) would go underground and then years and decades later sometimes cause dementia.
590279 tn?1286339622 After five weeks of antibiotics, steroids, and nasal sprays, my CT Scan reveled I don't have a sinus infection and my sinuses are perfectly clear. My PCP said the infection in my mouth and throat has gotten worse, despite the antibiotics, but they don't know the source of the infection. I still have the painful pressure in my forehead, shooting pain in my cheeks and teeth, and numbness along my jawline.
Avatar m tn , Wednesday - have infection in one sinus and the other started bleeding again, headaches r back full force, i guess im pushing it to hard, even though im not out in the cold... tried my sinus rinse, i got a bad blockage, wouldn't budge just caused bad pressure and now--- back to bed with ice pack. Thursday.
Avatar n tn Yeast infections don't respond to antibiotics (in fact, antibiotics can trigger yeast infections). So, are you sure it's actually a yeast infection? Also, I doubt that you're immune to Diflucan. I would think that instead you are either 1. not having a yeast infection at all, or 2. have a type of yeast infection that might be resistant to treatment. I'd see your doctor.
Avatar m tn Yes if the doctor is saying you have a sinus infection and you don't feel well plus do you have a fever? If you have a fever you should take the antibiotic.