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Avatar m tn Can you share your anti-aging regimen like cream, facial wash, soap, supplements, diet, etc. Would appreciate any info. Thanks!
Avatar f tn Well you can't stop aging, but you can look younger and more attractive. My best bet is BioSil.
Avatar f tn Hi there, based on my experience ******* oil or cocounut oil on a hot day is the best moisturizer I would recommend. I used it from the very beginning till the today and thank God I don't have any. I did try bio oil and other anti-stretchmark cream trust me ,it doesn't really work. Key point is , keep your tummy moisturIse at all time. Especially when you about to go to bed, it helps.
999323 tn?1249913386 I'd like some recommendations for a good moisturizing face cream. Anti-wrinkle, maybe? it's actually too late for that!
Avatar m tn The cut on foreskin is getting healed after application of cortisone cream. But the cut came back when ever penis is enlarged but this time cut was smaller. For dryness I am using cortisone and Vaseline every day 2 times from past 1 week(advised to use for dryness on on of the forums). The dryness came back when I forgot to apply the creams yesterday. Is this a normal thing which can be cured with Vaseline or any contagious disease? Please advise me. Thanks.
Avatar f tn Hi I'm 20 yrs old and I would like to know what anti aging face cream should I put on to prevent wrinkles.
Avatar f tn yes i had seen a doctor and he priscribed me anti fungus cream with one anti allergic pill. But you know in india the doc are too greedy so i want to know from you generally how long does penis yeast infection takes to get alright and is the red part on the penis shows the infection....?
Avatar m tn It turned red after scratching and later turned dotted but did not spread to feet and above the knee. When I went to India the dermatologist prescribed Betagel - g cream (Betamethasone dipropionate and Gentamicin cream). It was all cured but dark marks remained. When I reached back, the problem recurred. But unfortunately, I have to use controlled medicines like hydrocortison cream and egoderm cream. Now the itchiness is severe and spread across both legs between the palms and knees.
Avatar n tn 2) while doing family screening 1 month back my mother had hbsag negative ,anti hbc igm 1.54 ,,,positive , anti hbe positive , anti hbs 5.6 negative . I did a test yesterday which shows anti hbs 69.7 positive . In my limited knowledge it seems that she just recovered from an acute infection . Her anti hbc total was 0.98 . While 1.0 is border for positive . I just administered 1 vaccine of hep b as told by doctor . What is your input on this ?
1547525 tn?1293750771 As far as skin creams go, the Nivea is pretty good, but I use the Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti-Wrinkle cream and I think he helps cover at least some of those ugly smoking lines. Hope it helps you too!
Avatar m tn Hi, Kinetin is a cytokinen which is useful in cell division. It is used in many cosmetics for anti aging. Please discuss the same with your dermatologist before going in for any cosmetics. i hope it helps. regards.
Avatar n tn I used some anti fungal cream because I seemed to have contracted athletes feet from working and using the same shoes. I work at an old peoples home and use the anti fungal cream from there it's 2% miconazole nitrate cream I only used it one time it's by dermaRite. I called the advice nurse and she said to stop using untell I talk to my doctor.
Avatar f tn does it due to premature aging?i live in south india where tempreture is about 30 degrees celcius.what can be precautionary measures i should take if i have to go again?please help me.
Avatar f tn after 15 days I got burning sensation in vagina so I did pcr test for chlamydia, urine culture (medium chocolate agar, blood agar,MC conkey agar),and trichomoniasis urine test ..all were negative. I took anti fungal medicine and cream for vaginal candidiasis.its still there. do I need to worry about gonorrhea chlamydia trichomoniasis.???
Avatar m tn Doctor said its just a yeast infection and gave me 30 days medication! and 8 weeks Fluconazole 400 mg per week and an anti bacterial cream to apply on the penis head twice a day!! but i still feel that burning sensation occasionally and when i apply that cream that burning sensation is little bit higher!! How long it will take to cure yeast infection or bacterial infection on inner skin of penis head? no other rashes on penis and testis and no pain and no pain during urination!!
Avatar n tn And told us to get my mother tested ,even though i said that we all got tested for hbsag after this outbreak and came as -ve . They told us to get anti hbs , anti hbc, anti hbc core(total) ,,,,are these tests necessary ??? His results are as follows _ Hbeag negative 0.23 Hbv dna 34 iu/ml which increased to 242 iu/ml in 3 mnths Afp serum 2.52 ng/ml IgG serum 19.8 g/l HbsAg 302 iu/ml Anti HBe 0.02 reactive ,,,AHBeAb-T 5.
Avatar f tn I have used 2 types of face creams I think have made it worse - both were over the counter daily anti-aging moisturizers - but thats not the only time it seems to get worse. Does anybody know what this is from and what I can do about it??? It makes it look like I have a mustache but its nothing I can wax off! I have seen Ambi, a OTC skin lightener, but I am scared to home bleach my skin.
1107839 tn?1328435691 The sexual dysfunctions started On the first day of using medications and those are loss of libido and sex drive and erectile dysfunction and weight gain and aging type of characters.Although there are no anxiety and depression now. Please suggest me some solution as i am going to marry next year.
Avatar f tn chard, dandelion, kale, celery, carrots and ginger. Your best bet is to blend them into a smoothie so you can eat a lot at once. Raw coco butter and almond oil rubbed directly on your skin helps with elasticity and hydration drink a lot of water.These measures will make a small difference but generally the skin has already been damaged from being stretched and it will wrinkle and sag when it's no longer being extended.
Avatar f tn He can also use a barrier cream with zinc oxide paste or calamine lotion or a mild steroid cream like dermacort on the rash.Also he has to keep the area adequately moisturized.If the rash is itchy,he can take some antihistaminic like benadryl or Claritin. If the rash persists then it will be best to get it evaluated from a dermatologist. Hope it helps .Take care and pls do keep us posted in case you have any additional queries.Kind regards.
Avatar f tn Go to ulta and talk to their estheticians for a professional recommendation. While pregnant do stay away from retinols which are anti aging. They can cause birth defects. But look for something that has hyaluronic acid in it which is a natural chemical our body makes which helps retains moisture by 1000x its weight. So it is super hydrating which will help reduce and prevent wrinkles.