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Avatar f tn Hi, my husband has mild depression, low sex drive, soft erections, desesatization (which makes it harder for him to achieve orgasm), gained fat around his middle, more tired, but doesn't sleep well, loss of muscle mass, acne on his back, low sperm count, low sperm mobility, and he's had benign enlarged prostate and frequent urination at night. Plus he no longer has morning erections. These symptoms have developed one at a time over the yrs and has grown worse with age.
694895 tn?1263662430 The result was 80...At my age, it should be close to 350. It is possible that low T is responsible for the severity and long duration of this episode. The Rx prescribed is Androgel...but at $250 an Rx I am unable to have it filled...I have no insurance and not enough money to start the treatment...anyone else have their Test level checked as part of a depression profile ? If so, what therapy were you prescribed.
Avatar f tn ) He has even gone to a therapist for counseling for anxiety. I recently googled Androgel and anxiety and did come across quite a few people who have had cases of anxiety with Androgel. Could this be the cause? We think possibly. We recently stopped the pristyq (about 2 weeks ago) and just went to the endocronologist today. First time seeing a specialist. She had him stop the Androgel, although she has not heard of it causing anxiety. She is having him do blood work in 2 weeks.
Avatar m tn The Androgel bottle says it's supposed to be kept at 77 degree's. The room I keep my Androgel in a roo thats about50 degree's . Could this be affecting the Androgel? It doesny seem to be working for me. Started on 4 pumps and worked at first then it didnt. Now on 6 pumps and I felt a difference but now that has declined. Jusy wondering if the room temp could be harming this drug and maybe why it doesnt seem to be working for me. Thanks in advance, Sutallee.
Avatar m tn He said that he has run out of options for finding the root cause and that I just have low t. He prescribed me androgel, which I started last week. I am on no other meds or supplements. My questions are: Any ideas what could be causing this? If I have no major symptoms, do I need to be on androgel? Any other tests I should have done?
Avatar n tn Hi there, Low testosterone can be a cause of low fertility in men. It can lead to low sperm counts, low motility, and even poor morphology. The cause of low testosterone can be related to primary hypogonadism when the problem is in the organs which affect sexual function or secondary or tertiary hypogonadism when the problem is related to the pituitary or hypothalamus. Treatment aims at finding the underlying cause and addressing the issue. Your doctor may prescribe testosterone replacement.
Avatar n tn Well it depends on the sperm count and how low it is. In my case we went to a specialists and was order bloodwork to check DH hormone levels. DH hormone levels were fine and now we are schd to have a sperm biopsy/sperm extraction on thursday so we can begin IVF.
Avatar n tn last month i came to know that my sperm count is low please tell that with this count I we concieve or need medication? volume 3.0 ml cons. 15mn/ml motility 30% morphology 70%.
Avatar n tn i have been married for more than two years now without being able to achieve pregnancy with my wife. so i gave my sperm for analysis and the result indicated low sperm count. what should i do?
Avatar m tn Certain vitamin, mineral, and hormone deficiencies ca also cause a sperm count to be low. Even if these all turn out to be normal, a low sperm count is not that uncommon - even at your age. It may make having a child more difficult, but there are many things you and your dr. can discuss to help raise your sperm count.
Avatar f tn am married from 11 months but till date i am not pregnant when we both go through tests i have ok reports but my hubby have low sperm count problem the repot is as folloes quantity 200 ml liquidfication 30 minutes motility 30% active 10% sluggish 20% non active 70 % colour opeque total sperm count 35 millions we both are under the treatment of gyne but plz tell is there possibilty that we become parents and what is approx time to recover the low sperm counts is there hope fo
1060308 tn?1295956021 Hi All, Has anyone had a low sperm count and then taken all the suggested supplements such as zinc, macca etc and then got a normal sperm count? DP found out he had a low count 2 months ago and since has been taken all the supplements that were suggested and has another test in a month! Im curious to know what the likely chances are of it been better or the same so i can prepare myself!!! Look forward to hearing your stories!
1748995 tn?1427334864 My husband went for a sperm analysis and the doctor says everything is normal except his count & low sperm concentration. His count was 6.2 million. Normal is 40 to 60, so he is quite low! I am so worried, will I even have a chance of pregnancy now??? I know you only need one sperm, but even with men with normal sperm counts there is only a 20 - 25% each month to get pregnant! I am so freaked!! Does anyone know anyone who has got pregnant with a husband with low sperm count??
384464 tn?1217899843 DH also has low sperm count. He is on Clomid and Arimidex - with some positive results. Diet and Accupuncture can also help, as well as staying away from Alcohol and caffeine. I agree with Bree08, he should definitely see a Uroligust.
Avatar f tn My 31 yr old husband has very low sperm count 6 million. Is it possible to conceive naturally? I'm 30 have had no problems with ovulations and have regular periods. Doctor said I am good to go but worried IVF will be the only option.
Avatar m tn If you treat someone who has a low sperm count with a mass dose of testosterone what would be the result and why?
Avatar f tn What are the chances a man with one testicle and a low sperm count having a male offspring, He smokes pot heavily, drinks and has not seen a doctor and does not have a healthy life style.
Avatar m tn last month i came to know that my sperm count is low please tell that with this count I we concieve or need medication? volume 1.5 ml TOTAL NUMBER 15million/ejaculate cons. 10mn/ml motility 48% morphology 4% IMMOTILE 52% PH 7.
Avatar n tn My partner found out that he has a low sperm count what can we do?? Should we be having sex more now as we are ttc when I'm ovulating or less sex some one please help me.
19486964 tn?1478593324 Hi, we are 40 years aged couple and trying to have a baby for last2 years, we already have daughter but planing for another one. Recent test shows 4.0ml sperm count which is low for conceive as well IUI.
Avatar f tn well i was so excited doing follistim this month responded well, went for iui on sept 12, what a slap in face, we knew my dh had a low low sperm count but we have conceived naturally with our first child after 2yrs, this time it has been 3yrs. we tried clomid no help , so we went the shot and iui route, and dh has been on clomid. his count sunday was only 236,000 should be over 2 million, so they said we were wasting our money even gave us check back til we see if positive.
Avatar n tn If you read up about DHEA they say it can increase your sperm ejeculate but not to sure about the count, have you googled how to increase my sperm count, you just may find the answer there, there proberly some quite natural will help, that way no drugs.
1487690 tn?1316760585 What does it mean when you dont get pregnant when you ovulated? Low sperm count? ?
Avatar m tn However in a case of a low testosterone level, the gonads and secondary sexual characteristics are examined to see if they have developed. A sperm count is done to see the status. Testosterone level is tested along with if need be thyroid and pituitary status to know other causes of low testosterone . Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar m tn Hi! If you were my patient, I would advise you that many things can affect the sperm count. Sperm take approximately 3 months to manufacture. You may have had an illness three months ago that affected you, or spent some time in a hot tub. Another possibility is that there could have been lab error. I would recommend repeating the level--in at least 3 days. We never make a diagnosis based upon one sperm count because they tend to fluctuate so much.