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Avatar n tn me and my fiance are trying to conceive since last December. but they had him on testosterone and is only 28. so he quit in December. he has an appointment this month to get his sperm levels checked. but his doctor said that the testosterone was such a low dose it wouldn't affect his fertility. but I'm not pregnant so there goes what she knows.....lol. just try not to stress and get him to a doctor..
Avatar m tn Hi! If you were my patient, I would advise you that many things can affect the sperm count. Sperm take approximately 3 months to manufacture. You may have had an illness three months ago that affected you, or spent some time in a hot tub. Another possibility is that there could have been lab error. I would recommend repeating the level--in at least 3 days. We never make a diagnosis based upon one sperm count because they tend to fluctuate so much.
136689 tn?1419580447 Hi All, My partner is currently on TRT, and we are looking at wanting another child, which we will have to use a fertility clinic as our previous children were conceived through IUI with FSH and trigger shot, my question is that we are worried his sperm count will be low. Has anyone partner been on Testosterone replacement therapy and had to use Clomid or HCG to get there testicles starting to produce viable sperm?
Avatar m tn If you treat someone who has a low sperm count with a mass dose of testosterone what would be the result and why?
Avatar m tn This is what I have learned. The urologist and the RE always debate on this. Testostrone lowers your sperm count. Your body quits producing it naturally and hense your sperm count goes down. My DH's count started out at 28mil (although that is still low) after approx 4 years on Testosterone, his count has went down to approx 7mil. We are doing icsi with IVF to avoid this issue.
1752752 tn?1312171958 It is possible that whatever condition your husband has could affect his sperm count, and using depo testosterone in high doses for prolonged periods of time can affect the sperm count as well. IF he does have a low count, there are lots of options for achieving pregnancy, so don't despair! Good luck!
Avatar m tn I have read that a varicocele can contribute to low testosterone and a lower sperm count. As for your hubbies testosterone levels the ones that really matter are the free testosterone levels or the ones readily available for use. I have other symptoms of low testosterone too so I am working on that. I retested my blood and I am waiting on my results. Anyway good luck and do let me know. I'm curious about my options if i face the same situation.
282812 tn?1225110981 Hello, My husband had low sperm count and low testoterone and was placed on clomid. After three months his levels increased...We are heading in for an FET next week. We had 15 good eggs and 8 fertilized....Good luck to you and your husband!
Avatar m tn Hi, My name is Terry , 30 years old Male and I recently went through my SA test, This was my first Semen Analysis Test and it shows that Total Sperm Count as 'No Spermatozoa seen'. ph = 8; Volume = 8; Viscosity = Viscous; Puss Cell = 0-1/ HPF. I consulted Urologist and he advised me to go for FSH/LH/PROLACTIN/TESTOSTERONE BLOOD TEST and USG Doppler Scrotum. My Blood Test says: --> SERUM TESTOSTERONE = 3.04 ng/mL --> SERIUM PROLACTIN = 10.54 ng/mL --> FSH = 29.
Avatar m tn Married 1 and half year ago still not able to conceive my wife. Did Semen Analysis, had 78 Million/ml sperm count, but viscosity is abnormal and motility is 8% only. Got scared, sad and more stressed for three months after that went to saw a Urologist. He ordered hormone tests , results are prolactin - 20 (max range of 15 ), FSH and LH is 4.5 , testosterone came as low of 210 . More scared now. My stress after the semen analysis would have caused low testosterone. Please help.
5033762 tn?1370785022 IF you were my patient, I would advise you that testosterone supplements CAN affect sperm count and male fertility. Probably the best way to find out in your case is for him to do a semen analysis. This could be ordered by his doctor or yours. Good luck!
Avatar m tn hello I am 33 years old man six months ago my sperm count was zero, I took clomiphene citrate and the count increase to 55 millions, and my testosterone level increase, but motility is just 10% after 1 hour. 1 month ago I made a test for Prolactin level and it was 700 (very high) I started taking bromocriptine to reduce the Prolactin level . my question is: 1- will bromocriptine increase the motility. 2-I stopped taking clomiphene citrate, will this reduce the sperm count to zero again.
Avatar f tn may I ask where you live? it's funny my hubby went to urologist this a.m. and the urologist mentioned the implant but said it wasn't avail in OH yet???? Just curious. I wish my husband would go to an edocronolgist! I think he needs to get of the testosterone! Every RE we have spoken with (3) says that testosterone decreases the # of sperm and it's quality because it doesn't force the brain to make it's own.
Avatar f tn t know everything, but i do know that the man should stop smoking, maintain a healthy weight and diet, avoid heat and tights as they really harm the sperm, so no sauna, no steam baths, no long bike rides. hope others may add more useful points.
Avatar f tn The last doctor he saw for this issue gave him injectible testosterone without telling us that is would make his sperm count really low to nothing so we lost some months there. Just feels like a never ending battle.
Avatar m tn Well I think you should also take blood tests for FSH, LH and Testosterone and perhaps repeat prolactin again in a few months time. If you know that you produced sperm at some point in your lifetime, then probably you will be able to produce sperm again once the medication takes full effect and prolactin is stabilized. However, FSH is the best test you can take because then you will know whether your testicles are working or not.
Avatar n tn I have went to the doctor 2 times to have my sperm count checked. The first time the count was 7 million sperm, the second time was 11 Million sperm. I was abstinent for 3 days prior to the test. What can I do "naturally" to increase my sperm count. I am a man age 30, I consider my self to be a healthy guy, my wife and have been trying to have children for sometime, she has had 2 miscarriages and is a Type 1 Diabetic.
3103226 tn?1345829161 Hi Waddy, best advice would be for you to get to a doctor and get some tests done, that way you can have a sperm count done, and have your testosterone done at the same time to see how your count is. When you have had all that done go to pegym and look up edging, its an exercise to help with your pre ejeculation problems.
Avatar n tn my husband sperm count has come out to be nil.His FSH is 17.He is 31 years old and otherwise a healthy male. We have not done biopsy yet.can anybody tell whether this condition can be reversed naturally? through alternate therapy or anything else?
384464 tn?1217899843 DH also has low sperm count. He is on Clomid and Arimidex - with some positive results. Diet and Accupuncture can also help, as well as staying away from Alcohol and caffeine. I agree with Bree08, he should definitely see a Uroligust.
Avatar f tn My husband did a SA analysis two weeks ago and the results were shocking to us he has zero sperm count. We could not believe it we are still trying to adjust to this. His SA results are as follows: Volume: 3.5 Sperm count: 0 Viscosity: NORMAL Liquefaction: COMPLETE pH: 7.2 WBC: 0.02 Fructose: POSITIVE FSH: 22.33 LH: 7.1 Prolactin: 14.9 We are still waiting for the testosterone level result. Did anyone had similar situation and what can we do!
Avatar f tn I'm sorry to hear that. I've heard of men testing and having no sperm count and then years later tested again with a low sperm count. Look into taking vitamins supplements. I know folic acid is good for reproductive health. Have your testosterone levels tested too. Good luck!
Avatar m tn 7 if I am not mistaken, the thing is I guess now I will be patient a hormone replacement therapy for increase my testosterone and let me know what to expect, experiences or something that can help me with this new experience , thanks.