Ammonia levels won't go down

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Avatar n tn UID=%7B941B2BBF-610E-4CF8-A58F-169D2D8B2301%7D This site has a table about 1/2 way down that indicates what normal ammonia levels are at various ages. A little bit further down the article explains that ammonia levels do not necessarily correlate with the symptoms of encepalophy. I hope this helps.
1184842 tn?1264268787 the brain damage caused by high ammonia levels not to mention accelerated liver damage are not what you want either right? I think the better part of valor is to tolerate the taste so that you can keep your wits about you...unless dymentia, brain fog and liver failure sound good to you.
Avatar n tn I can smell the ammonia in my nose and on my breath. I've had blood work done and my liver function is normal, ammonia levels normal, blood glucose and a1c is normal. I have been diagnosed with non -alcoholic fatty liver and I have insulin resistance. Anything would be helpful!
Avatar f tn I think I started this post just to ask if he would excrete ammonia in his urine if his levels were high; it's beginning to appear to me that this is the case. Any idea if this is an early or later sign of the progression of this disease? Without him agreeing to see the doctor, I have to depend on the knowledge of others.
1391441 tn?1333851561 He presently takes Lactulose, but has been hospitalized in the past to help with the high ammonia levels. A low protein diet sometimes helps with ammonia levels, but not always. The only thing that has recently helped my brother with symptoms is the "Alzheimer's patch." I won't mention the name of the medication or the pharmaceutical company, and no--I'm not a rep for the company. It is being used off-label by my brother's doctor and his quality of life has improved dramatically.
Avatar n tn It took me a little over two months of strict eating to bring it back down to normal levels. Luckily I haven't had to go on meds for it (yet). After I started tx I haven't been eating as strict as I should. My first A1C was very good. But I'm due for another this Fri and I'm a little scared it's going to be higher. My liver dr said to keep a close eye on it cause the TX can cause sugar levels to raise.
Avatar f tn Are these any signs of his liver being on the road to shutting down? He won't see a doctor, or get a test done. Just wondering how long does he have? We're hoping perhaps of he goes to a hospital they might do a liver biopsy.
Avatar n tn take care of could go right down with's too much for anyone...on the other hand if he quits drinking all the way maybe stay...the abuse your taking can have lasting affects..what he's doing to his brain when he drinks is doing so much damage already having an impaired liver.... this post isn't all about brain fog from hep c..sorry to sound so nasty....good luck...
Avatar m tn Same old tired story that's been retold on here a dozen times. If you go through the archives, you'll find those who proclaim the loudest that they "can't" treat with interferon are the ones who become hysterical and angry if you ask them for details of why they can't treat. Mysterious sores and rare syndromes sound more like rationalizations and doctor/patient screwups than actual reasons the closer that their stories are examined.
Avatar n tn His mind was just going because it was poisoned by the high ammonia levels from drinking and his liver couldn’t filter out the toxins. I saw him again in September 2008 for my older sister’s wedding. He was worse then. He could barely walk, it would take him a very long time to respond during the limited conversations we had and he looked so detached. There was a true emptiness behind his sad eyes.
4043517 tn?1374010173 First get my bowels working and my ammonia down. I'm out for a few weeks right before Xmas, that figures.
29837 tn?1414538248 Increased ammonia levels are related to liver damage not the treatment drugs. Did your doctor say what the levels were? Did he put you on meds for it? Are you seeing a Heptologist?
Avatar m tn thanks very much my potassium was 15 on the 1st blood test at the ER, AST/ALT 80/250 I had a trach operation and was dizzy/exhausted more than before in life for 1 month after (recovery is 3 days supposed to be). O2 was going down to 89 and I had flank pain for a few minutes can the ER really mess up a potassium blood test like that? the doc just put me on prednisone for asthma. can I do anything to lower my AST/ALT levels?
4884707 tn?1360517061 but its almost like a presure thing. you put presure on his head it seems to slow head ache down... the presure that is. hes had them several times this week. plus vomiting... idk what to do... he wont go to doctors due to no insurenece... is there anythg i can do to help releave any if not all of the pain hes going through... i Pray daily and i ask god to give me his pain for i know i could handle it way better than he could...
Avatar f tn Once in the hospital they did a test to see what his Bilirubin counts were, they were 27, his ammonia levels were 67% he was making no sense at all when he talked, just talking a lot of crazy stuff. He was admitted. The next day the DRS said this would be his "terminal" event and he only has 4% liver function left.
1130715 tn?1262104030 In the past week his ammonia levels are all over the place..........he just came out of the hospital this Wednesday with a level of 57 and yesterday it was 102. Sunday when he went in he was really out of it with a level of 97....I can't understand that he is not as bad as he was on Sunday and it's higher. Any answers or suggestions?
1008841 tn?1293602560 I was really kind of out of it at the time. But, they said that the varices would probably go down after that. I was in and out of the hospital for months with pneumonia and different things. I hardly remember any of it except wanting to get out of there and come home to my cats, who I had no idea who was caring for them. I was a terrible patient. I was suppose to see a hepatologist when I got out. But, for some reason they never gave me an appointment.
Avatar f tn I know it helps to keep her ammonia levels down. I really don't know much about all the other meds. I know she is 3-4 on the scale. I'm guessing that's the worst since she's on the list now. Well, Maybe if u get some time u can explain what medications are the best if u know of any. I'll find out what that medication is called that's keeping her levels down and let u know. Thanks a bunch!
Avatar n tn I'm wondering what "tx" means. I know it's the abbreviation for my home State, but, it isn't what it is used for in this forum. I've seen it elsewhere too. Will someone explain it to me? Here's my story about "shaking"...I've had Hep C since 1990. Here's the post I just posted in Life Extension Forum's web-site: I had been convinced that BHT would likely destroy Hep C VIrus. It didn't do it for me. Here's the post: I've been tested again, after 3 months of BHT.
Avatar f tn He won't accept hospice and he won't accept medical intervention (e.g., checking ammonia levels, transfusions). My heart goes out to you and your loved one. I am so sorry. Joanne.
Avatar n tn Many would move to have a doc like that !! Have you tried lactulose to reduce ammonia levels to get rid of the 'brain fog'? Have you had your blood ammonia levels done? If not, ask your doc to do it and get a script for lactulose.. it sits there, gathers up all the extra ammonia and takes it on a trip where it can no longer create 'frogs'.. until the next build up, that is..!! I am 1a, 3rd stage VL was down to 373K in April, then suddenly 2.2mil in July.
1008841 tn?1293602560 Once in the colon, lactulose is metabolized by colonic bacteria and the pH is lowered. As a result, peripheral ammonia levels are reduced. Rifaximin (550 mg 2x per day) is also used with Lactulose and doesn't have the unpleasant side effects of Lactulose. Common precipitants that may trigger an episode of hepatic encephalopathy in patients with otherwise stable liver disease include: Eating red meats. Patients with HE should get their protein from chicken, fish and vegetables.
5901196 tn?1395547509 If you treated before with peg-interferon and ribavirin (although this combo was not available in the late nineties) you will have to wait for the next generation of treatment which will be all oral drugs without peg-interferon. Ammonia? It is very rare to have high ammonia levels caused by liver disease without being stage 4 (cirrhosis). When was the last time you had a biopsy? In the last 3 years. Are any of your blood levels abnormal besides AST and ALT?
1396982 tn?1285326833 If you get your hair dyed I would highly suggest going to a salon and informing them that you are pregnant. Because your PH Balance is all messed up due to hormones it can cause weird effects to hair dye. Like turning it pink or purple for instance.
1391441 tn?1333851561 Really no side effects other then gastro stuff like growling bowels and diarrhea of course. Have you had high ammonia blood levels? Nausea and reduced appetite and foods tasting bad are usually a combination that goes together. But again only decompensated cirrhotics have liver disease related nausea. I agree if you are ill you should resolve it before starting treatment. Hiccups are sometimes related to GERD. Have you ever been diagnosed with GERD?
Avatar m tn I had asked my rheumatologist to let me try it for fibro due to the side effect of possible weight loss and he hadn't even heard of it. Regardless he won't give me anything not approved for fibro. Luckily I have reduced my Lyrica dosage and am finding my appetitie going down.
Avatar f tn i am not familiar with protocols.
Avatar n tn It is a miracle she is alive and functioning so well but how do we know this won't happen again. What about the ammonia level rising again? The plan is to keep her on the tegretol for 6 months to a year and then wean her off. Have you ever heard of such a case? Her husband is planning on taking her to Cleveland Clinic for a second opinion once she is well enough to travel since the Drs at OSU have told him he may never have an answer.Any recommendation on who to see for the second opinion??
5901196 tn?1395547509 You say that your liver biopsy said you have stage 3 liver disease, yet you mentioned at least one complication of cirrhosis (stage 4), Hepatic Encephalopathy . If you had high ammonia levels and the symptoms of HE I would question whether your diagnosis is correct. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Hepatic encephalopathy is a syndrome observed in patients with cirrhosis.