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Avatar f tn While elevated ammonia levels are seen in cirrhotic patients there can be encephalopathy with normal ammonia levels and there can also be no mental impairment in some patients with elevated ammonia levels. Basically, ammonia levels are of limited use for diagnosing cirrhosis or hepatic impairment. I would also think some other results of your blood work would have been out of range if you are cirrhotic or are suffering significant liver impairment.
Avatar m tn Hepatic Encephalopathy ensued (of course). Her ammonia level came down, potassium came up. Her blood levels were all normal. Her MRI of the brain, liver biopsy, EEG, blood tests, and lumbar puncture were all unremarkable. She was put on an NG tube. She came out of her unresponsive state a week later. They took her off the vent three days after that, and she seemed pretty with it, but would be confused from time to time.
Avatar m tn I was misdiagnosed with optic neuritis for 9 months. I don't notice my flashing lights all the time, different light levels either show it as light like a moving fan or black like writhing snakes.