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1391695 tn?1298143389 I colored my hair 1x during 13 week treatment, Not sure if it would have been better or worse. It was falling out plenty before, not much more after. Are their studies to show hair falls out more if colored? Or is it an assumption? I didn't do highlights, just covered my gray with brown.
Avatar m tn Hello everyone. I would like to tell you my story, and ask a few questions if you don't mind. I am a straight 31 year old male. Last year (July 2010), my wife and I of 11 years, momemtarily split up and I was talking to a friend of mine from my past when we were kids. she came from kentucky to see me, she too had been married for a while 7 years, was still with her husband, and has 2 kids... at the time one was just turning 7 and one was 12.
Avatar n tn Cirrhosis occurs as a result of excessive alcohol intake, viral hepatitis, obstruction of the bile ducts, and exposure to certain drugs or toxic substances. People with cirrhosis often experience loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting and weight loss, giving them an emaciated appearance. Adults with cirrhosis require a balanced diet rich in protein, providing 2,000 to 3,000 calories a day to allow the liver cells to regenerate.
Avatar n tn Today I just feel that constantly my throat is constriced and my sternum hurts along with the area around my sternum. My questions are is this a normal reaction to mold exposure? Should I seek professional help? Since my work is not likely to fix the mold problem till next week what should I do to keep myself safe and help myself get better? I'm also worried about my residents who also have history of respiratory problems. What should I do for them? Thanks!
Avatar f tn A lot of doctors simply don't check for toxins or parasitic exposure. I have Hepatic Encephalopathy, which causes ammonia toxicity and other toxins to build up in my blood and pass thru the blood/brain barrier, due to a cirrhotic liver, and it presents very similar to your symptomology. I wish you the best.
Avatar f tn Lactulose is also used to reduce the amount of ammonia in the blood of patients with liver disease. It works by drawing ammonia from the blood into the colon where it is removed from the body. This medication is sometimes prescribed for other uses; ask your doctor or pharmacist for more information. That would be entirely irresponsible of your doctor to not tell you if you have HE. Did you not ask why your were taking lactulose?
Avatar m tn DETOXIFYING AMMONIA Ammonia toxicityIn part 2 of AMMONIA TOXICITY we are going to find out what we can do to remove ammonia from our body, both by supporting the organs involved in processing and disposing of it, and by taking supplements with an affinity for removing ammonia. We have seen that there are 3 organ systems in the body that produce and/or deal with ammonia: the liver, the kidneys and the intestines.
Avatar n tn weak, continued to lose weight. Had brief exposure to ammonia cleaning detergent spill on 04/ air into house..but still felt ill...slowly started feeling better(was afraid more damage to lungs?). Then 04/25 felt dizzy, lightheaded(after a weekend of rain where it made lungs feel "heavy" and "burning" both sides) Had not used Proventil, but used it 3 times between 04/25 & 04/26).
Avatar n tn 2 questions: 1. Do all hcv patients who have hepatic encephlopathy have cirrohsis, and.... 2. Is it true that you can't get a liver transplant if you got HCV from intravenous drug use, even though you've been clean (completely) for over 20 years? i live in nj if that matters.
Avatar f tn Hi Doctor, thank you for the service you provide. i have 3 questions about Chlamydia: (1) how long does it take for zithromax to be effective (i.e., when can i have sex)? i took a single 1000mg dose. I still have symptoms 24 hrs after taking it. (2) how effective is zithromax? (3) how likely is it that i passed it on to my partner in one unprotected encounter (sexual intercourse, not brief)? our relationship is new and fragile, and an std could end it.
186166 tn?1385262982 A lot of people have been writing questions about early symptoms of HIV infection. Many of these people do not seem to have any risk for HIV, but may be having some kind of anxiety related to an encounter with a sex worker (or as in the case of question one, a strip club). Most have tested negative for HIV and are beyond the window period. They report a wide array of symptoms, some of them are very severe.
Avatar m tn I don't know the exact cause of PATM, but from my obversations on myself, I think we have been exposure to extreme hot weather or hot water which our body causes a strange reaction. My suggestions: 1. Avoid using hot water while taking a shower or use very light warm water. Try to take cold showers sometimes. It feels nice and you will get used to taking less warmer showers. Stay away from hot weather. Basically, keep your body temperature low as possible.
Avatar n tn I was so much worried about HIV, that I never thought about the possibility of getting Hepatitis. Last week (18 weeks after exposure) I tested for HEP A, B and C. Results: Hep A: +Ve Hep B: -ve Hep C: -ve Can anyone advise me on the results. Why my Hep A is +ve (though no jaundice)? Can I take my HEP B and HEP C -ve status as final? I am constipated very much and also having frequent burpings and stiffness in neck. I am fed up. I don't know what's behing all this?
Avatar n tn After feeling like a freak in a circus side show and being asked the same questions over and over by a plethora of doctors and med. students and no resolution, I got up and left. There doesn't seem to be any explanation or cure, but if anybody has any insight or ideas into this condition, please share them, it might benefit all of us who suffer from this condition. I was just fishing 10 days ago and am in the height of peeling cracking and pain!!
Avatar m tn Hello everyone. I would like to tell you my story, and ask a few questions if you don't mind. I am a straight 31 year old male. Last year (July 2010), my wife and I of 11 years, momemtarily split up and I was talking to a friend of mine from my past when we were kids. she came from kentucky to see me, she too had been married for a while 7 years, was still with her husband, and has 2 kids... at the time one was just turning 7 and one was 12.
4877493 tn?1391634776 I've been unable to find and documentation linking cirrhosis with exposure to either ciproflaxin or to ammonia in the environment (doesn't mean its not possible, just not well documented). You probably know if it is alcohol, but the viruses require blood tests to confirm. If you have either if these viruses it is really critical information, and it makes little sense to worry about anything else until you know whether or not you've been infected.
Avatar m tn PS My understanding is that in pediatric settings vs end-of-life settings, ammonia management has become a critical component in managing pediatric liver disease; prolonged exposure has been associated with permanent brain damage, so does play in further into metabolic rather than viral causes...
Avatar n tn He may have hepatitic encephalopathy (confusion and disorientation) if he does not take his medications that prevent the build up of ammonia in his body caused by liver disease which might make him even harder to care for and in need for constant supervision. With the problems he has he very well might find himself returning to the hospital often in the days ahead.
Avatar m tn ROFLMAO --- Jasper... OMG - too funny --- I wasn't thinking of the ahem... that part of it...
Avatar n tn Inflammation of the sinuses could be due to an allergy, an infection, or ongoing exposure to an irritant, such as pollution or smoke. Symptoms can include a headache or pressure in the area of the sinuses, a stuffy nose, achy teeth, an odor coming from the nose, postnasal drip, cough, sore throat, laryngitis, lightheadedness, constant low fever, and thick, yellow to green nasal drainage. This inflammation can block sinus drainage and cause increased mucus production.
1896835 tn?1321576203 If you have any other questions let me know. Unfortunately I will be at the transplant center here today a good part of the day, so it will take time to get back to you. I'll be back after 7 PM California time. You can send me a private message and I can help you with the details. FYI: Your brother should stop taking all vitamins as in his condition they could be making his illness worse. A platelet count of 40 is typical for his condition. But it is nothing to worry about. Hang in there.
Avatar f tn Of course, I had never been tested for Hep C and all of the other things I've had checked now. My Iron level and ammonia level are both elevated as well as the alphafetoprotein, tumor marker. I'm a Genotype 1 and stage 3-4. I'm just really wondering why all of a sudden all of this seems to have been stirred up after almost 40 yrs of nothing. Could it be the menopause? And if so, wonder if taking hormones would slow things back down. I don't take anything I don't have to take.
Avatar n tn 44 As a follow-up to my original question, should ammonia level be tested? I know encephalopathy is criteria for transplants and he has never had this test. However, his mental function seems normal. He also has never received any treatment for the varices, which have not bled to my knowledge.I had read that there is preventive treatment. He is taking Celebrex for arthritis as needed for the past couple of months, prescribed by his internist. Is this safe and can it affect his blood tests?
137025 tn?1217768341 The danger I see in using someone elses descriptions is that should the doctor still not know exactly what you mean and questions you to qualify it further and you can't or do so in terms that are unrelated, then it may result in them questioning whether you are truely having those experiences or not and may result in having them cast a shadow of doubt over things you tell them.
320576 tn?1204087293 I dont think he has had a stroke, they scanned everything and had him on a heart monitor in the hospital for 3 days. He just seems to take longer when asking questions and his questions dont always make a lot of sense, like he loses his concentration half way through. I hope he does get more involved. Like I said we were having some problems before marriage wise, nothing real serious just kind of growing apart and then with his change in personality and my losing 200 pounds.
Avatar f tn All I can hope for is this is a false positive or maybe learn that it was such a small exposure from my ex that it is in remission??? Or the results were skewed due to the medicine I am taking? Please write me back with some GOOD news for a change.
Avatar m tn so scotthunter tell us, how did you proved your theory ? what is your export? can you count by hand how many doctors can find it real?
488823 tn?1218374167 It sounds like you are having some symptoms of hepatic encephalopathy if you are on medication for ammonia. Hopefully your doctor is a liver specialist (hepatologist), and hopefully he is monitoring you carefully. Some of the side effects of triple therapy with Incivek include fatigue, flu like symptoms, nausea, rash, anal/rectal discomfort, and anemia. Do you have a friend or a family member who can help you out for the first 12 weeks?
Avatar m tn The technique has not been tested on chronic fungus infections, although I had great success against one. It certainly does work in the early stage of exposure to a mold or fungus, for the same reason that it works against bacterial infection—if you flush out the toxin, you may flush out the problem in your sinuses. If you have one of the other forms of sinusitis, your doctor can take an x-ray of your head, and the infection may show up as an opaque area on the x-ray.
173975 tn?1216261375 Yeah, sorry for all the questions but memory isn't so good here. You've had nine viral load tests since you started treating 14 weeks ago? Did your hemoglobin drop fairly quickly to 11.4 or was it gradual? Do you have your CBC results handy? Wanted to know how much you weighed because that's how they mostly determine your ribavirin dose. But since you say you're on 1000mg/day of ribavirin, Im going to assume you're below 165 lbs, and that's without "Venus" sitting on your shoulder.