Ammonia exposure decontamination

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208764 tn?1249433257 The symptoms disappeared within another 5 minutes [NLM Signs and symptoms of exposure 1. Acute exposure: Acute exposure to chlorine dioxide results in irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat; cough; wheezing; shortness of breath; bronchitis; pulmonary edema; headache; and vomiting [Genium Chronic exposure: Chronic exposure to chlorine dioxide may cause chronic bronchitis and emphysema [Sittig 1991]. EMERGENCY MEDICAL PROCEDURES * Emergency medical procedures: [NIOSH to supply] 5.
Avatar n tn I had a neighbor that had their house tore down due to mold. She suffered from long years exposure. At that time insurance companies picked up the whole bill, but today Mold is exclusive in our plans to the amount of legit and false claims. Mold self inspection kits will not be inclusive for peace of mind and I would advice a professional certified inspector to come in and check a house if in doubt. Nothing material we have in so important not to leave behind for our health.