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Avatar n tn Hi, hope you are getting good sleep now. And hopefully you are not taking Ambien. I was prescribed and taking 100mg of Ambien a night for a year and a half. That's 10 10mg pills per night. Before that I was on 10mg for a few years. I was arrested for something I have zero recollection of doing. I spent 5 days in jail, on my face, dying, in medical watch. Then 5 months at an inpatient treatment facility. I did not sleep for 26 days.
Avatar f tn I know this is one area that we don't agree on, but I asked him for a prescribtion for Ambien and he said okay. I had the best night sleep last night and feel better already. I know it's addictive, but I don't care if it means a good night sleep. I'm glad the weekend is almost here so I can finally relax and try to unwind. Who knows, I might even feel like cleaning. I'm not rushing into anything though. How come Men don't see what needs to be done, and just do it? It would make me so happy.
Avatar n tn Has anyone seen anything about the use of ambien for treating brain injury? I've seen some stuff about coma recovery, but nothing on general brain injury. I suffered a cerebral hemmorhage many years ago (22) and presently suffer from short term memory trouble and visual impairment (hemianopsia). About 2 years ago, I experienced insomnia and wa sgiven ambien. Since then, I've taken approx 5mg nightly and have noticed a substantial improvement in my short term memory.
Avatar m tn This led to some problems with mood swings, obviously, but nothing physical for me. Ambien withdrawal was tough at first, because I had been dependent on it for sleep for a year or two, and I was also a bit psychologically addicted to its pre-knockout anxiolytic effects. I looked forward to taking it every night, and I'm pretty sure I had what constitutes at least a mild addiction. I had a lot of rebound insomnia, but I feel much, much better overall now that I don't use it.
Avatar n tn Thank you so much for your reply! I wasn't sure if anyone would see the posting, this is my first posting. I take several ambien a day, so my dr. will not prescribe more. I have been honest and tell her that I don't sleep. I am very much addicted. I don't know where to turn. 30 for a whole month is just not enough. Today I filled a perscription for Lunesta, Very expesive $ 154. it really don't like it. I have taken 3 tonight and I am still awake.
Avatar f tn Since I couldn't sleep for 2 months before withdrawals, and now couldnt sleep going thru withdrawals, I asked the doctor for some kind of sleeping med. he put me on AMBIEN 10 mg's. I took it for about 2 weeks, but only cutting them in half so I was taking 5mg's a night so I could get " some sleep". Didn't want to become addicted. Then, I stopped taking them for about 3 weeks, couldn't sleep and started them again. So basically 5mg's a night for the past 7 weeks.
1473994 tn?1287019508 I drink heavely and also take xanax and ambien for sleep. Im scared i'm going to overdose one of these days but I feel like I just can't stop. My dr just changed my dosage to reprain (?) 5/200, ibuprofen instead of apap. I have an appt Friday and I'm so scared to tell him of my problem cause I know he will take them away and I'm just not ready. I know I can talk him into giving me a heavier dosage and thats my plan. I just cant seem to fight it.
Avatar n tn two, and i have experienced this once, in many people ambien has a side effect of amnesia, especially but not only due to it being mixed with alcohol. for instance you take an ambien to sleep, realize you forgot to do something - take out trash, respond to an email, get something from the store etc... so you go do it.
Avatar n tn like u r speaking of u r askin for problems..snorting ambien is just not in the directions...i have used this drug safely for 15 years when i need help sleeping...i take 3 mg a night as needed and not every night....1/3 of a pill when i need help sleeping...i have never developed a tolerence and i DO have an addiction to opiates...
Avatar n tn Any advice for dealing with a long term ambien user/abuser? Kid gloves? Tough love?? Nag a lot??? Refuses to acknowledge addiction. When told she has a problem, she compares it street drugs, says it isn't that bad. Will sometimes admit to being dependent on it for sleep--is an insomniac. Will often go on binges 8+ 10mg pills a day in some cases. When this happens, she likes add alcohol,too. Has 2 or more MD's RXing for her.
Avatar f tn he needs to be weaned off gradually.....and he would also go thru a withdrawal from the alcohol...he needs to go 2 inpatient get detoxed..but it sounds like this is unlikely due to his present refusal to claim personal responsibility for these 2 addictions.i hope he can wake up and smell the coffee or someone can get him to take a look at how he is killing himself!Thank God no one got hurt/killed when he passed out b-hind wheel 2x's..i take it u were there and took over driving?
Avatar m tn I take ambien as need for does not work for some people and i have heard that if 5-10 mg does not make u sleep it is not a good choice...i can take 2.5 mg and sleep but insomnia is not a problem for me unless i am under stress...i do take 5htp each night 200 is not the type of thing that makes u feel drowsy tho and knock u out...melatonin does not agree with me and i have a hangover the next day from it but many like it...a cal/mag supp at night helps, GABA also helps me....
Avatar n tn I took that for alcohol withdrawal. I took valium and ambien for just a few days for vicodin withdrawal. I honestly don't know has he gotten a few days in without the vicodin. If so then maybe he can make the first week which is the worst. Get him to read and post here. We will help all we can Prayer and support helps. If he wants to quit vicodin that's the biggest step.
Avatar m tn For me 5 mg of Ambien is a very high dose for a senior. We have to take in count that sleep is not what it used to be. Sleeping pills everyday should not be , Once in a while will works better the brain won't get used to it.
Avatar m tn Hey friend!!! Congrats!!!!!!! Isn't it great? We never thought it would end! I've been wondering about you and you're off! Me too! I got off 17 days ago. I'm so thankful it's out of my life now. I also had been taking over the counter natural sleep aids, like melatonin and valerian and stopped all of those 3 days ago. I only got 4 hours sleep each of the last 3 nights, but it was REAL sleep, brought to me by my very own natural body produced melatonin!
Avatar m tn The symptoms you have are common. It took me abit before I could focus on anything and be productive. Is there anything in your life that is contributing to the stress? Seeing a doctor may be a good idea. Often times anxiety or depression show up when we stop. Good luck!!!!
Avatar n tn Hello fellow ambien devotees. I have been hooked to xanax and later ambien for 17 years. Is there a recovered person out there who can tell me a little about life without drugs? I've been taking them so long I feel that I dont know what it even means to be an adult. Any insights would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn She tells me that she takes xanex because of stomach problems, and she takes the ambien to go to sleep. She has been on ambien for about 3 years that I know about, and xanex for about the same. Her moods are awful. For the last year now I don't even know who she is. Always complains about something and never ever feels good. Please help me.
Avatar f tn I'm over 50, used 40 mgs of oxycodone a day (prescribed for severe back issues) and this is taking a long time for me. BUT. I took the oxy for EIGHT years. I'm on day 25. I am slowly getting better with some days good, and some days not so good. You'll be turning a corner soon...the biggest danger is relapsing. Don't get on this merry-go-round again..Good luck!
Avatar m tn I also take Ativan for anxiety (not too often tho, but it is an addictive drug), and Ambien for sleeping issues. And lastly theres Lyrica for my nerve pain in my feet and neck. Oh yah, lastly, I am also a 15 year alcoholic. I am nowhere near as bad as I used to be, but I stll drink way too much. I have 50lbs of beer fat on me. I gained 60lbs after my surgery in 4 months from beer. So, about my Oxy withdrawal. I plan on sticking to my guns and quitting for the long run.
Avatar n tn I am in the midst of methadone withdrawal after being on it for 4 years. I tapered down to 5 mg. without much trouble but at that point had my first dreaded 'night of terror' where I wasn't able to sleep. So I decided this would be a good time for the breakaway. It has been a week now and the symptoms have lessened. I went through cold sweats, back/body pain, flu symptoms, cold symptoms (including fits of sneezing),skin 'crawling', diahrrea, and the anxiety/ sleeplessness I mentioned.
Avatar n tn I'm not advising taking a hydro or a darvocet or any other narcotic at this point. Trading one for another gets you no where. You could try ambien for the sleep. It is addicting as well (but in a much different way), and you most likely wouldn't have to take it for years and years like you've taken the other stuff. There ARE prescription sleep meds out there that will work for some people.
1842804 tn?1319759911 I am on a 5 day regimen of solumerol 1gm(1000mg) daily x 5 days. Newly diagnosed & and this is my first infusion. The only side effects Ive had so far is insomnia & bad taste during transfusion. Im hospitalized & asked for xanax & ambien for the jitters & insomnia. so far it has been working really good. I am on daily prozac 20mg. I am also a Registered Nurse, always been the one taking care of MS patients and now I am the patient.
Avatar n tn What I have is a muscle contraction from hell in my head. I also have inderal for withdrawal ease...I have only had two panic attacks so far...and they were the result of conflict with my boyfriend who has to live through this with me ... I get tired an inflict it on him. Patience, ok.God bless the people who have patience with me.
Avatar n tn It will be different for different people, but for me it probably cut the withdrawal pain in half. Now it's only for the physical withdrawal, but that will help you mentally too, because if you feel better physically, you will mentally. It helped me both ways. It will allow you to handle the depression. You won't feel overwhelmed. I've not had very good luck with meds but Clonidine helped me immensely and is going to again in about a week, where I'll be where you are....again.
Avatar f tn but i have lived through norco withdrawals for a broken back and seriously hated it. am i in for deep **** and what are my options for withdrawal from ultram. my doc has never said a word about tapering off ultram but after reading this.....i think i need some xanax to relax.
Avatar n tn I have been taking the same dosage for about 2 years. Sometimes I think I have some withdrawal symptoms in between doses. Is this bad. I heard the more times you go through withdrawal the worse it gets, then does that mean that I am going through some withdrawal everyday and it is going to be worse on me because I have not increased my dosage and have allowed my body to go through withdrawal many times. I hope someone out there has some answers that will help me understand. P.S.
Avatar n tn I don't even know if any of the normal therapies for managing withdrawal would work for tramadol, but I've somewhere down the road anyway. I just wish I knew how long it would all take. It's so muc easier to be in a hard place if you know when it's going to end. I guess I'm paying for my pain free months this month. I am trying to manage it with kratom to have days that are at least partially productive. I'm hoping I'll get some feedback on that as well. Good luck keeping yourself off drugs.
Avatar n tn I have to cut down and recently cut down to 10 a day and have experienced physical and emotional withdrawal symptoms. I have some clonidine and don't know how much to take for withdrawal. What is the recommended dosage. My goal is to eventually cut down to 4 a day, but have been very uncomfortable at 10. I also take effexor and trazadone for depression, but I am so depressed right now. Hydrocodone, believe it or not has helped my depression and has given me something to look forward to.
Avatar f tn hi and welcome, i myself was an alcoholic and also addicted to benzos, in a strange way, the addictions were linked, i had to come off the alcohol first, for the obvious reason , the alcohol wouldnt make you think clearly and rationally . so i did a home detox , supervised by my dr. but stopped drinking immediately ,and tablets given to help on a sliding scale for a week, next thing was coming off the benzo, my dr.