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Avatar f tn Can i take any type of non drowsy allergy medicine. I took a 24 hr non drowsy generic brand of allegra before i was pregnant? Can i still take it? I really am having a tough time with allergies without any medicine.
Avatar f tn as well as afrin and a couple of allergy medicines (not all allergy medicines though)...every pregnancy is different though and every Dr is different as to what they prefer so I would definitely call.
2114467 tn?1358210256 Sure, ask your doctor about it but my guess is that it will be OK. If it works for you now then I would definitely take it. It helps to have as many knows as possible when you are taking new meds & new rescue meds. Be double sure you drink lots of liquids when you take any antihistamine while treating (well, all the time actually).
Avatar f tn She is out if her first trimester...that makes a huge drs said clariton, zyrtek and mucinex were all fine aswell for colds and allergies...
Avatar f tn Pregnancy Considerations Maternal use of cetirizine (Zyrtec) has not been associated with an increased risk of major malformations. The use of antihistamines for the treatment of rhinitis during pregnancy is generally considered to be safe at recommended doses. Although safety data is limited, cetirizine may be a preferred second generation antihistamine for the treatment of rhinitis during pregnancy.
Avatar n tn Cough drops are safe and I believe zyrtec is safe I would double check with your doctor about allergy meds. My doctor let me take zyrtec when my allergies got really bad I ended up getting a bad allergy cold one day I took allergy meds the next I would do cough medicine I couldn't tell if it was just allergies or an actual cold and I couldn't take multi symptom cold medicine only one that treated cough only.
Avatar f tn If it's allergy related you can take Claritin... Or however it is spelled. If it's cold related really you can only take Tylenol cold and flu. Web MD has a list... Here is the link
Avatar f tn I have allergies and can't take my allergy medicine while pregnant with first child so I took.benedryl the whole pregnancy and she's.
Avatar f tn You can only take benedryl, nothing else.
Avatar f tn What medicine can I take for allergies?
358971 tn?1330888975 they say to take it easy on the IBPROFEN and ADVIL during 1st and 3rd trimesters. but occasionally for a headache is ok. I take 400mg. probably 1X a week for inflammation on my legs. it works fine. and I've done this since my BFP.. no problems so far, but I won't be taking it in 3rd trimester.
Avatar f tn Check with your doctor before taking anything with an allergy component in it. Tylenol is safe during pregnancy, but some antihistamines are not so good. I usually take Tylenol for Sinus when I have hay fever, but not during pregnancy. (The "Tylenol" part -- OK. The "for Sinus" part -- not so OK.) I have heard Benadryl is safe, but don't take anything until you either ask your doc or your pharmacist.
Avatar f tn I have tried allergy medicine (pregnancy safe) but no luck. My eyes are watering and itching so bad and super sensitive to light. Is there over the counter eye drops that are safe for pregnant people to use?
Avatar f tn my boyfriend figured i was pregnant....but i doubted it! i went to the doctor for allergy medicine and took a test just in case and i was pregnant. i cried. so happy and other boyfriend was at work and i texted him and i told him to call me...he did....i started crying again and i said im pregnant. lol he said i shouldnt be crying and i should be happy. lol he told his family real quick.
4244557 tn?1371701336 at the beginning of my pregnancy my doctor gave me a list of medications that were safe to take during pregnancy. for allergies she had 2 different shots listed and an over the counter medicine. I myself suffer from seasonal allergies and so does my friend who is due the end of July. I had told her that we could take the over the counter meds and she told me that we couldn't because allergy meds dry up the amniotic fluid. is that true or is it safe to take the medicine.
Avatar m tn Has anybody experience these little itchy rashes? And is allergy medicine like Benadryl or zertac safe with having hbv? Dr on vacation for next three weeks.
Avatar f tn Does anyone know what kind of allergy medicine you can take, if any? I'm 34 weeks.
Avatar f tn It's not okay pretty much the only think u can take is tylenol . There's others that you can take tho for allergy . The reason I know is because my doc gave me a list . For allergies take either claritin or benadryl thosecare safe for you and your baby. I hope this helps :) if u need any more help on Meds that are safe to take just ask . By the way congrats on your pregnancy.
1688492 tn?1346364370 I have been taking tramadol for over 6 months now due to RLS. It's the only medicine for pain that don't make me sick. Is it ok to take it? Does anyone know or been on it? Thanks!!
Avatar f tn Yes it's safe plus u can always ask the pharmacy
Avatar f tn my 9yrs old daughter suffering throat clearing and dry cough for a almost 6-7months now sometime she frel pain in the throat beacause of the chronic and continuing clearing throat,i already visited diffrent doctors and many doctors as in many and take different medicine and finished all,xray neg,cbc neg,spirometry ok,stethoscope ok,but nothing happened,she take allergy med like cetirizine,loratadine,iterax,zyrtec,claritin etc,nasal spray fluticasone,nasonex,sterimar,different antibiotic clarithr
Avatar f tn Could be. Especially if it's a antibiotic. Or if the Taj is only where you had your IV you could have developed a latex allergy during your pregnancy. Im a phlebotomist so I've heard of that happening numerous times. If that is the case it should go away after delivery. To be on the safe side I would call your doctor.
Avatar n tn I dont have an answere and I have same problem too. All I can do is stop all allergy shots or even medicine. My allergy get worse, but I want a baby badly. I'm on the first IVF because I'm failed all IUIs. I remember the last time I got shots about a year ago, and I got late AF that month. I noticed it to the nurse and doctor send me home without allergic shot then I know should have some thing related to pregnancy. I skip allergic treatment since then.