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Avatar n tn it is only 2 years ago that my lips become itchy and red, when touch with my tongue it hurt like fresh wound , skin which protect our lips seems peel off.I went to a doctor and he prescribed allergy medicine Loratadine. I am afraid to take this every time my lips inflame, please advice if there's solution to this allergy?
1398560 tn?1281851178 so i meet the 1st doctor and she gave me loratadine 10mg. the effect only stand like 4 hours and its start to itch morning my lips swollen and become very dry.. i met the 2nd doctor and told him bout it, then he gave me piriton 4mg.. WORST! my lips become sOoOo itchhhhhyy.. it swell than the first one.. then i have dry patches below my eyes.. :( but my rash reduce. so i went for the 3rd doctor... she gave me steroid to help on my swollen lips.. Uhuh.. im getting worse...
Avatar m tn few weeks ago I had a serious allergy attack & my eyes, lips were swollen & I had rush to emergency to get Piriton & Hydrocortizone shots to get relief. Now I'm having this allergy attacks almost every day with red patches in my arms, face, legs with itchy & swelling. I got medicine from a dirmotolegist ( Allegra 360mg,Loratadine,Zyncet 10mg with Vitamin A) & still continuing same. My problem is I'm getting these attacks while I'm taking these drugs!
Avatar m tn If you try to take some OTC medicine like - loratadine for treatment of allergies it might help. It also comes in a syrup form so that would be useful. Try it if no effects manifest then you may need to have blood tests to determine the blood clinical indexes they may say if it is an allergy or smth else. Hope you get better soon.
4319578 tn?1352739861 The loratadine started working for me. Should I go to a allergy specialist soon or wait few days to see the action of loratadine?
450190 tn?1205509947 Hi, You could try oral antihistamine medications like loratadine or cetrizine. You should also try steam inhalation, saline nasal drops and see if this helps with your symptoms. Are you allergic to any specific substance? Are your symptoms aggravated or relieved by any factors? How long have you had these symptoms? If your symptoms still persist, it would be advisable to see your doctor or allergy specialist about this and get a complete clinical examination done.
Avatar f tn It gives discount on allergy test. Only an allergy test can give you clear picture of which foods are causing allergy. Consult an allergist with the report.
Avatar m tn Hi, I have mysterious allergy issue, for a long time I didn't know the cause of tingling/shaking, but now I do. My body tingles/shakes all over for day's, after I have a sneezing fit, always happens after I mow the lawn. I'll sneeze 10 times in a row, my nose becomes severly congested, then the symptoms begin. I even wear a mask, but still sneeze. No allergy med helps, I've tried em all, Loratadine, Claritin, XYZal, Benedryl, Zyrtec, etc.....
Avatar f tn my 9yrs old daughter suffering throat clearing and dry cough for a almost 6-7months now sometime she frel pain in the throat beacause of the chronic and continuing clearing throat,i already visited diffrent doctors and many doctors as in many and take different medicine and finished all,xray neg,cbc neg,spirometry ok,stethoscope ok,but nothing happened,she take allergy med like cetirizine,loratadine,iterax,zyrtec,claritin etc,nasal spray fluticasone,nasonex,sterimar,different antibiotic clarithr
Avatar n tn Everything that the doctor already suggested does help, but I still have to use allergy medicine. I use Benadryl and Nasonex. Nasonex, because it is fragrance-free. Flonase isn't fragrance-free and I could taste that one going down the back of my throat through the nasal passages connecting to the throat. That affected me negatively in other ways, too. I'm glad my doctor changed my prescription to Nasonex.
Avatar f tn I can't take benadryl either. I take loratadine, it's generic clariton and works perfectly for me and my dr said it's fine!
1372727 tn?1279195840 I went into a pharmacy and talked to druggist one day and explained it to her and she said it sounded like an alergy and gave me some over the counter Loratadine Tables, used for indoor and outdoor allergies and it does work for me if I don't forget to take it, that is.
Avatar n tn my dad is sufferin from some kind of allergy...coz of which he has all rashes on his body...which itches him a is some kind of food allergy..dunno wht to do..
Avatar n tn When you are pregnate can you form an allergy to HCG and what is this called. Is it dangerouse?
Avatar f tn You can only take benedryl, nothing else.
Avatar f tn Can i take any type of non drowsy allergy medicine. I took a 24 hr non drowsy generic brand of allegra before i was pregnant? Can i still take it? I really am having a tough time with allergies without any medicine.