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Avatar f tn I can not afford 2 of my medicine each month..Even after a prescription medicare D pays. It leaves me owing $100 on each..Plavix and Ranexa.. Were can I get help with these medicines? I must take these due to my health.. Any info. will help me..
Avatar f tn You can only take benedryl, nothing else.
Avatar f tn Can i take any type of non drowsy allergy medicine. I took a 24 hr non drowsy generic brand of allegra before i was pregnant? Can i still take it? I really am having a tough time with allergies without any medicine.
Avatar n tn I read a different post of yours speaking about shoes. Yikes, I'm glad I don't have the severe skin problems from shoes! But, have you tried to find work shoes that don't have rubber soles? I still avoid rubber like the plague, because it will burn my skin, too, and being around products made from rubber will make me nauseous and cause me to have an asthma attack from all the off-gassing.
1364792 tn?1278051187 It was first marketed in the US in 1989 by AstraZeneca under the brand names Losec and Prilosec, and is now also available from generic manufacturers under various brand names. AstraZeneca markets omeprazole as Losec, Antra, Gastroloc, Mopral, Omepral, and Prilosec. Omeprazole is marketed as Zegerid by Santarus, Prilosec OTC. The side affects mentioned in the above post can happen after long term use.......
Avatar m tn Also,if it is your private pool,then ask swimming pool manufacturers to replace chlorine with some other chemical to which you are not allergic. If you sense any difficulty in breathing after entering the pool,then pls consult an ER immediately as it can be life threatening anaphylaxis. Hope it helps.Take care and pls do keep me posted in case of additional queries.
Avatar n tn I got scabbies a few years back and was treated. Went to the dermatologist twice and he gave me some medicine for scabies. He also gave me antibiotics and a pill for the anxiety because I started to think that my unprotected ** may have something to do with it.
Avatar f tn as well as afrin and a couple of allergy medicines (not all allergy medicines though)...every pregnancy is different though and every Dr is different as to what they prefer so I would definitely call.
Avatar m tn My wife has suffered with a serious garlic allergy for over five years, which now seems to be progressing to cut peppers. Having spoken to quite a number of people about this we have established that this allergy is not as rare as the medical profession seems to believe. We have met a number of people who are effected by garlic to one degree or another. Food manufacturers often to not include it on their list of ingredients.
Avatar n tn Is there some kind of test that can tell me if I do have a chlorine allergy? Is there something I can do to prevent this from happening?
Avatar n tn condoms that claim to use no irritating chemicals with no luck. I also went for allergy tests and came back negative for latex allergy. At this point I can only guess that it could be something in the vulcanisation process, or something to do with the lubrication used on the condom. (this information is very hard to come by, as manufacturers rarely state what their lube contains.
1754037 tn?1327886811 What kind of allergy medicIne can a pregnant person take when sick? I already took Tylenol for my fever. I have running nose & keep sneezing! Ugh!!! Pls. help me! I feel so miserable! I am 34 weeks pregnant & my baby shower is tommorow! I want to feel semi better by then!
Avatar f tn You should NEVER give a prescription medication to someone for whom it hasn't been prescribed. It not only could be dangerous (say, suppose they have an allergy to it that they/you are not aware of), but it's also illegal to give someone a medication that has not been prescribed for them. I would think the 4 advil would be ok for him, based on his weight, however, I would make sure he took them with food, as they can be very hard on the stomach.
Avatar f tn She then proceeded to instruct me in the reasons not to ignore the symptoms of am allergy. She stated that while I was taking the test, she was watching my hands grow redder and swell inside the gloves. I had just not noticed. When I moved, the floor in the new house made my feet swell, and the bottoms were bright pink. When I checked, the landlady informed me that they had just put in new vinyl floors. I have been searching for shoes that I can wear without socks.
Avatar f tn I began to have terrible itching and hives and swelling. So I stopped the medicine. I am wondering what are the side effects of not having a thyroid and not taking the medicine? If anyone has an answer please I am interested in what to do next.
Avatar f tn If it's allergy related you can take Claritin... Or however it is spelled. If it's cold related really you can only take Tylenol cold and flu. Web MD has a list... Here is the link
Avatar n tn Which brands of these beverages have you been drinking? It could be other ingredients that you're allergic to. Consult a doctor, and they'll test you for the various things in them, and hopefully give you medication to prevent it from happening again.
Avatar m tn Has anybody experience these little itchy rashes? And is allergy medicine like Benadryl or zertac safe with having hbv? Dr on vacation for next three weeks.
Avatar f tn Often, the best/easiest thing to do is simply ask your pharmacy to change manufacturers, since all manufacturers use different fillers/binders/dyes in their pills, unless you want to go to the trouble of finding out the inactive ingredients in the pill you're taking. Another thing you can do is ask your doctor to prescribe a brand name medication, such as Synthroid, Levoxyl or Tirosint. Most people seem to have the best luck with Levoxyl or Tirosint...
Avatar n tn You can find out whether you are allergic to mint or any other ingredient by getting allergy testing done. Skin tests are used for this purpose. This test involves pricking, scratching or injecting food extracts into the patient’s skin. The skin will react with redness and swelling for those extracts capable of eliciting an allergic reaction when consumed.Other tests used are blood tests like RAST and food challenge tests. Treatment is complete avoidance of the offending agent.