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Avatar f tn This week, a dad in Fort Wayne, Indiana, has been arrested after allegedly strapping four young children to the hood of his car after a liquor store stop. The Journal Gazette of Fort Wayne reports that Aaron Stefanski told police: "I was only going to drive around the corner. I thought they would like it.
Avatar n tn I live in Fort Wayne In. Trying to find a doctor who will give me the time of day, I am in pain all the time I have every sympton of the diease that is out there. Does anyone know of a doctor in this area that is familar with fibro? My worse part of all this is that I have liver diease also and can't take much pain meds.
Avatar f tn Here in Fort Wayne we have a baby store "Once Upon A Child" where you can sell baby items and get cash.
1301089 tn?1290666571 Xbox blocks W.Va. gamer over town's name: Fort Gay By VICKI SMITH Associated Press Writer The Associated Press Wednesday, September 8, 2010 12:39 PM EDT MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (AP) — Microsoft Corp. and the chief rules enforcer for Xbox Live are apologizing to a small West Virginia town and a 26-year-old gamer accused of violating the online gaming service's code of conduct by publicly declaring he's from Fort Gay — a name the company considered offensive. The town's name is real.
292066 tn?1220873812 Yes. I feel a LOT better on several levels. Physically better - no hacking cough, walking up stairs now without having to breathe heavy, waking up in the morning without that stale taste in my mouth. I've also found that I don't get sick as often as I used to and that I handle the allergy seasons much better. On an emotional level, I've reached the point for some time now that I think of my self as a non-smoker...not one who is merely trying to quit.
Avatar n tn I m from New York & my due date is Feb 5, 2016
Avatar n tn There are few reasons which can cause a nipple to bleed and other symptoms must be taken on granted too. It is better to visit a doctor in order to make an assessment of this in associate with other factors.
Avatar f tn Just because he's the father doesn't mean the Bby has to have any part of Hys dude is the same way we aren't married an if I don't have Hys last name neither is our if yu guys break up or anything he should have ur last name so that yu will get help if yu become a single mother..
Avatar n tn Thank you so much for all the information. I'm in Fort Wayne, IN. I'm working to get the earliest appointment possible between University of Michigan and an endocrinologist in Noblesville. Any other suggestions?
Avatar n tn I was dx with ms in Jan of this year. My first symptom was not being able to open my eye lids. this lasted appx 4 weeks. I also had a emg test that was negative Are you diagnosed?
Avatar n tn Hi just checking if anyone has done IVF with donated eggs in Fort Lauderdale Florida and was successful. I am thinking of going there but have no idea where and who is the best and most affordble.
168348 tn?1379357075 it's 16 degrees celcius, here in the south of england and i am currently going hypo, so feeling cold and shivery, praying for nice weather for my wedding in september :) x x x
Avatar f tn Daniel Anthony Wayne or Logan Anthony Wayne? I can't decide.... I'm 38 weeks and 3 days ftm. And by the way I'm drinking my raspberry leaf tea right now. Went in Thursday and was one centimeter! So which name should I pick?
292066 tn?1220873812 Since I just left a support group that I'd been with for a year, I probably need to reintroduce myself here since I haven't posted here in nearly a year. I'm on my third serious quit. The first quit was back in 1996 when I managed to stay smoke-free for about 18 months. I then thought I could get away with a little puff. I did. For about 3 or 4 days; then I had a couple little puffs...we know where this leads.
Avatar n tn you can still keep "Jalen" for a boy.