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Avatar f tn Hi Everyone, My friend is moving to MA, USA next month.. she is TTC for 3 years now..her ob/gyn has recommended for, she is looking for best clinics in MA..I have suggested her to visit Brigham and Women hospital which is in Boston,MA as she has heard it's one of the best hospitals in this area.. So, I want your opinion about Dr. Janis Heidi Fox, MD or any other fertility specialist in Brigham's hospital..
Avatar n tn Has anyone had Gastroc recession surgery in the Boston area/or anywhere in eastern MA? Looking for a good DR that does that surgery-been in too much pain for 6 yrs. thanks!
Avatar f tn Anyone in the Boston area know of any GOOD OB/GYNs. I have recently had a terrible experience with my PCP when I got pregnant and miscarried. I don't have a OB/GYN and am looking for a good one.
9438876 tn?1403825372 I like the names Ashton, Ryan, Boston, Beckham, Blake, Devan, Jason....
Avatar f tn http://www.medhelp.
Avatar f tn We are researching IVF options with donor eggs and are trying to get a straight answer as to what BCBS actually covers if you use donor eggs. Anyone from Massachusetts (MA) that has gone through IVF with donor eggs with BCBS able to share the out of pocket expense of going this route?
Avatar f tn I live in Boston, MA, and am looking for a good EP. I had ablation for SVT six months ago, but I still have problems. My EP was not very understanding or nice after the ablation, so would like to find somebody else. Any suggestions?
Avatar f tn // We r happy to have u join us, but not happy about the reasons that bring u.
Avatar m tn hi can anyone tell me where (hopefully in Boston,ma) got help my brother still needs medical as well as rehab for his ischemic stroke his eyes cannot open less he holds them open he keeps falling he needs care around the clock so he will not fall as he tries to get up very worried as each time he falls it sets him back looking for a good place he can also get rehab and speech therapy.he is not well enough to come home.....
Avatar n tn I recently asked my primary care for help, they tried to send me to neurosurgeon of their choice, but he doesn't take my insurance, my primary is now trying to set me up with Dr.
Avatar f tn For MA people with Lyme. I am looking for an LLMD in the greater Boston area..... While I got names from ILAD, one said she does not treat lyme any more than a generalist and is just a member. The others are not in my insurance network. I guess this is not something they add to their degrees (LLMD), so how do I find an in network lyme expert? Could those of you in MA provide me with names of Doctors... (I can see about the insurance).
4397957 tn?1354280922 I'm just south of Boston. Please send me a private message with your email and we can talk that way for now at least. I think a live and in person group is a great idea!