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147426 tn?1317265632 Yes, we easterners got a few days of lovely reprieve, and now it's back in the high 90s, with nothing else forecast. Yipes. No rain either, and the grass is totally burnt up. Lu and Q, have a wonderful time together!
414635 tn?1272217693 Was wondering what everyones weather has been like?????\ Here in Nova Scotia, Canada, we've had about 2 weeks of hot/muggy.rainny weather. It ***** no SUN hardly at all, raining almost everyday. The mugginess did break last night and tonight and on sunday...but then it was FREEZING (well not really, but you had to wear pants and long sleeves) and the forecast isn't looking anybetter...
Avatar n tn I was diagnostised with HPV 4 years ago. The Paps havent shown HPV for the last 3 years, my boyfriend and I have been having sex with condom but he wants me to take the pill or any other contraceptive...what are the risks of it?
Avatar n tn low risk HPV was detected in me like...5 years ago...I never showd symthoms or else...and since 3 years more or less is no more to find... my question is... Im I still contagious ?
Avatar n tn ve paid my money to have a consultation and to get my personal forecast. Well, the astrologist looked at my birth date, and place where I was born, and my partner's. The forecast wasn't good at all, she said to me if I decide to have children with my partner it's better not to have them, as she can see that all our children will die (she didn't tell me how, it could be bad pregnancy, anything). I was shocked, we were planning this year!!
1280354 tn?1272581901 If anyone is aware of a good program in the Portland,Oregon area that is not faith based or judgmental would be appreciated. thanks.
Avatar m tn Have posted this here about how R & D reflects Gilead's standing in the future in large part due to it's HCV drug. If this belongs on the " Social Side" Great.. Never paid much attention to which side my info.goes. Cheers... Will In addition to assessing forecast trends in prescription drug sales and R&D spending, World Preview 2018 also looks at therapy area growth and the performance of marketed and pipeline products.
Avatar n tn hey everyone I was just wondering if their are any moms from oregon on here and from what area?
9535172 tn?1409019789 My family is from San Diego and relocated to Oregon a while back! My dad lives in Medford, I try to go up there and see him when I can, it is humid up there in the summer though. I can't handle it :( I moved to Arizona and would prefer the 115 heat with no humidity compared to the hest up there. But It's beautiful up there!
Avatar m tn This thing... I want to say I understand what is going on and I understand the message they are trying to convey but its starting to look a lot like the other "occupy" thing. Stealing a government vehicle, taunting the FBI and then joy riding are probably not a good way to convey any message other than "I am an .......
7143736 tn?1396242800 Any FTM or already mom's on here from Oregon? Around the Klamath Falls, Medford areas? I've seen some women from Kansas and Texas and stuff but no one near me yet.
Avatar m tn I use a very gentle natural soap that is made in Oregon. It is called Sappo Hill. As I have Multiple Chemical Sensitivity I have to be very careful. I use the one they named Natural, but the whole line is natural. Not sure why they didn't use a more accurate name like Fragrance Free or Unscented, but that's what they're talking about with the one they named Natural. It is just the basic soap ingredients and nothing more. No natural essential oils, nothing.
Avatar n tn I live in Central Oregon by Bend. I am so confused right now. I really do not know what to do. They just keep saying fibro/idiopathic neuropathy/BFS/anxiety/post virus. I just want to feel normal again. After 3 years of this stuff I have lost what normal is. I think I will go to the IGENEX site and get the kit. Nobody believes me anymore. Thanks for the info.
1750760 tn?1411482476 AASLD is American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases. I punched in Oregon and it came up with a list. I hope this helps. Maybe some other Oregon folks might chime in by bumping up your post. Good luck! Trish
Avatar f tn Lol I grew up in Jersey. Definitely prepared me for life lol! Kinda miss it tho...
Avatar m tn Do not remind his disciples that of the four close states — those with margins of 2.5% or less — Silver only forecast three of them correctly. And definitely do not remind them that the polls in swing states correctly forecast all but two states (Indiana and North Carolina). Silver’s key insight was that if you used a simple simulation method known as Monte Carlo, you could take a poll’s topline numbers and its margin of error and come up with a probability forecast based on the poll.
Avatar f tn Just get an Oregon ID. Oregon has better healthcare plans than Texas (Oregon was a smart state and expanded their Healthy Oregon medicaid plan). Call and talk to them about your options -ALL of the plans cover maternity - they have to by law. I had BCBS PPO from IL and live in CA, all my pregnancy stuff was covered. But my job ended, i worked with the CA insurance exchange and got new insurance no problem. Both Eugene and Portland have really fantastic hospitals.
Avatar m tn Hi, I can't say for sure what's causing your daughter's sudden symptoms. I developed allergies when I was in my mid-twenties. Prior to that, I had no problems with allergies, none when I was growing up. My mom had allergies all while she was growing up, but they went away when she was in her thirties. Allergies are weird like that. I know my post wasn't particularly enlightening, but my point is that allergies can develop at any time.
Avatar n tn Good luck momma!
Avatar n tn I have hepc and live in portland Oregon. Anyone have a doctor here they could recommend?
Avatar f tn A hurricane warning is already in place for all of Haiti, a country that is still recovering from a devastating 2010 earthquake. As many of 12 inches of rain are forecast for some parts of the country, posing danger to the more than 400,000 Haitians who live in camps. "These rains could cause life-threatening flash floods and mud slides," the National Hurricane Center said. Isaac also poses a risk it poses to the Republican National Convention in Florida.