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Avatar f tn Anyone live in texas? I am due in 21 days with my first. I would like to meet or talk with moms :) my friends where i am are so young and ots just not the same. :/ ive only been living in Arlington since August last yr ..
Avatar n tn anyone who can help me find a study with the pills gs-7977 in north east texas, please, I need a phone number!!
Avatar f tn Groesbeck...abt 45 min east of east of waco.
Avatar f tn I would give my toe to be in cali right now east coast stinks!!
Avatar f tn Where are all the west Texas mommies at? I live in Lubbock, anyone near or is everyone far far far away lmao...
Avatar f tn I just bare it, I guess. I prefer to work out outside, but on the days where it's bad for me & babes to be outside exerting myself (98+) I go really early in the AM when it's still 80-85 or I go to the gym. Anything over 80 feels uncomfortable to me though, I've never been so hot in my life, haha. I am from the East Coast, too.. and thankfully we are moving back for my last two months. Still quite a bit to go until that though!
334876 tn?1229979296 I'm quite envious of your cool temperatures. I've been having a hard time of it here in Texas - we haven't had a day below 95° in at least two months. This week is forecast at all 100s across the board - Sunday through Sunday. Ick. It's enough to make me want to move north. Not that I want to move north, but I can't take this temperature. I end up getting too hot and spending all my weekends asleep on the couch!
Avatar f tn I went to texas road house and had a grilled prok chop and mash potatoes and chilli
Avatar f tn If the forecast by the National Hurricane Center holds, it could approach South Florida late Thursday or early Friday as a hurricane. Eric Blake, a hurricane specialist at the center in West Miami-Dade County, cautioned that there was still uncertainty in the forecast and the storm was still a long way away – about 1300 miles from Miami at 8 a.m. Sunday.
Avatar f tn If you live on the east coast, I am not surprised that a.) you are sick year round with allergy problems. My boyfriend is allergic to everything (even horses!) and constantly has sinus drainage, headaches, congestion. And b.) that your symptoms are getting worse. The east coast is the worst place for people who have tree/grass allergies. That being said, you need to get allergy shots based on what the doctor found.
Avatar f tn ) Please any women living in the middle east or third world type countries who are from the US or UK or somewhere similar :)message me and we would love to add you to the group!
1320677 tn?1305757368 Texas is super friendly I love that chivalry isn't dead in Texas!