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Avatar n tn I feel your pain! I have lived in Texas for 3 years now. Since moving here I have developed cluster headaches, asthma, allergy to my much loved cats and severe nasal congestion in the spring. My nasal congestion is so severe that I can't sleep. When I do fall asleep I wake from dreams about not being able to breath. I take Claritin D 24 hour because it's supposed to be the best. I am going to try taking 2 of them at a time. I have to worry about my blood pressure though.
Avatar f tn I have been to opthalmologist 6 times and they have prescribed me steroids drops, allergy drops, antibiotic gels drops. They even suggest I take allergy medicine daily. I haven’t worn contact or make up in over a year. I have tried so many eyes products for dry eye, allergy eye, etc….. I’ve been to 3 different opthalmologist for help and nothing seems to work. Any suggestions?
Avatar f tn For many people, allergy season has become a year-round stint, according to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology (AAAAI). But there's good news too. "With the latest allergy treatments available, there's no reason for anyone to go around feeling miserable," says William Howland, MD, director of the Asthma and Allergy Center of Austin, Texas.
Avatar m tn ask your doctor about singulair - allergy based asthma drug that might help if taken at bedtime; or take a normal allergy med before bed to hopefully limit the allergy reaction. Pollen is the worse first thing in the morning. I would still do allergy shots - they make your symptoms disappear and are worth the long term commitment.
Avatar f tn Of course, a second opinion might be a good idea, especially since your doctor has some thoughts about IgE levels that I have never heard. I have heard of people with much higher IgE levels - even reaching into the 3000 range. Usually they have a lot of eczema problems and other issues. I hope that helps some. You have a hard decision to make.
5535868 tn?1369422777 On 5/13 I woke up to congestion in my head and chest, due to a tree allergy. Every cough and sneeze is painful. . to the max. I am a 56 yo female, I also have Rheumatoid Arthritis, former smoker and now I have emphysema. The worst of my pain is my left breast, even though my incision stops before my breast. Getting jarred, shook is a whole nightmare. And now I am having shortness of breath when I exert myself, I am on Percocet, Neuronton and Soma. Any advice is greatly apprecited.
Avatar m tn I have tried cleaning my sheets, pillow cases, vacuuming with HEPA filters, air conditioner filters, and so on. I live in West Texas and the wind blows and kicks up dust storms often which also can trigger my headaches. The pain is always behind one of my eyes, and can move over time to my other eye. They can last around a week or two. The only relief I can get for these headaches is taking Excedrin Migraine, and laying with the lights out until it passes.
Avatar f tn I live in Texas where fall and spring have very high allergy counts. I am suffering over here because it seems as though all allergy medication is class c or lower. Class a and class b medications aren't helping me at all. I'm too congested for a neti pot, nothing ever comes out the other end, regardless of how often I blow my nose. Anyone have any advice??
Avatar m tn I live in an area of Texas (Austin) that may be the worst for allergy sufferers. I was much better in February but March has brought back the clogged ears, tinnitus, and severally stuffy nose. I have had this for 2 1/2 weeks now. Back in December I was on 4 weeks of antibiotics for an infection which helped me heal. I am not currently on antibiotics but I am on steroid nose sprays, zyrtec and singulair and nothing seems to help. The ringing, clogged ears and stuffy nose are killing me.
Avatar n tn I was conceived just over the hill from the Rocketdyne testing grounds near Simi Valley California just as the moonshots were begining. We moved to Texas when I was just two or three years of age. My two sisters were born and raised in Texas. My paternal cousins were born and raised in Wisconsin and in Texas. We all have asthma, but only mine has been disabling. I had exercise-induced asthma until young adult-hood. Since then I have had only allergy-induced asthma.
Avatar n tn I am experiencing worse eye allergy than sinus allergy this Spring, and I think it is due to tree pollen in this area of Texas. I have found chlorphenaramine maleate and benadryl do not help.
Avatar n tn its always loose. However if its swollen due to allergy infection drying irritation it swells and looks like a blister its called chemosis. Try cool compresses and Ophthcon A or Zaditor OTC drops.
Avatar n tn It has increased from 5000 to 9000 in just a few weeks. She has a tree nut allergy but no other symptoms such as asthma or eczema or a parasite. Does anyone know what other things we should test for and what kind of specialist we should see in addition to allergist?
Avatar n tn When I lived in Calif. my asthma went away. I moved to N. Fla. and in 4 years it has gotten severly worse. Is there anyplace to move where it is not densely populated, where the medicine is up to date and it does not cost an arm & a leg to live there. Austin is out of the question as is going back to California. Would living close to the ocean help?
209987 tn?1451935465 My two yr old son had a blood allergy test done about a year ago...didn't show anything, but pediatrician said that most times the blood ones don't show much unless specifically searched for. My question is...he loves peanut butter...he eats it and never seems to get sick from it, except that he gets a pimply rash on his face where the peanut butter has touched him...could this be an allergy? Is his face possibly just sensitive to the oils?
Avatar n tn He has allergic asthma and September is one of the worst pollen periods of the year in Texas. Since he started allergy injection treatments, he has not had a response like bronchitis or pneumonia and does not have any asthma symptoms.
Avatar f tn Anyone live in texas? I am due in 21 days with my first. I would like to meet or talk with moms :) my friends where i am are so young and ots just not the same. :/ ive only been living in Arlington since August last yr ..
9832901 tn?1406249569 Anyone in the Arlington, Texas area? If so how far along are you? when are you due? Do you have lots of friends here?