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746512 tn?1388807580 My hunch is that it is a dust mite allergy because their house is quite dirty (pretty gross actually), and this is the first time in months that my allergies have acted up (dust mite and cats) but they go down when I go home for a couple hours to play with my two cats. Although I am due in a week for my allergy shot sooooo might just be that. Thanks for the tips, I'll see what I can do.
Avatar f tn 5 months is too young to get any testing. At 5 months my son just started cereal, and home made mush organic squash, carrots, sweet potatos and formula. No nuts in any of the ingredients. Get the organic brands if you can, and make sure he drinks a lot of formula.
4966438 tn?1367027650 Im in florida n my allergies are always crazy but worse when im preggo i take zyrtec (however its spelled) and perscribed singular it helps also u can try saline spray for nose i was told helps sometimes but i would ask your doc if they can give u anything to help. ..Hope that helps hun.
Avatar n tn My daughter has allergies and asthma. She goes to her dads everyother weekend and is sayong they have no heat and she has to sleep on the floor in her dads room where they now have a space heater.
Avatar f tn I'm 14 weeks and my doctor told me I was fine to take regular Claritin as long as it's not Claritin D.
Avatar n tn it may also be mild allergies, even if you have never had any allergies your body can become sensitive to allergens at any time, you can try a small dose of anti-histamine w/out risk because it will do nothing but perhaps make you slightly groggy if you are not having an allergy attack it sounds a lot like the onset of hay fever good luck
Avatar m tn My mini daschund has been licking his paws like crazy. In between his paws are sores that are beginning to look pretty bad. Originally he only had one small irritated spot on his paw and the vet thought it was from his nail irritating it. Now he has about 4 sores and is constantly licking them. I figured that the sores are allergy related, so I gave him some children’s allergy medicine.
Avatar f tn Anyone else have their allergies act crazier than usual while pregnant? I'm about 4/5 weeks and I'm sneezing a lot, my nose is stuffy & runny,I'm coughing and I just feel blah! I was taking Zyrtec and Nasonex spray, but recently stopped when I discovered I was preggo. I just got benadryl, gunna give it a shot tonight. Would rather take something that won't make me drowsy though.
Avatar f tn My 3 year old has seasonal allergies and eczema. We recently got a dog. A few days later I had to rush him to the hospital cause he was having a hard time breathing. They said he had croup. My question is could he have gotten sick from the dog being here. Should I get rid of the dog.
2218623 tn?1355278513 My doc said tylenol and sudafed were just fine.
Avatar f tn A knowledge about aeroallergens present in your geographic location and the allergens in your home and work areas is essential in this process. There are many allergens present in your surroundings. Unless you stop further exposure or unless you take measures to minimize the exposure, medical therapy will be not enough.
Avatar n tn i have allergies to everything i put on my skin including my clothing. I have been patch tested with the chemicals that they have available. and i'm still allergic. more patch testing would be worthless because i have had 4 years to try to figure this out. It is everthing there is. I have also lost over 55 pounds. Is there a disease or disorder doing this to me?
4456535 tn?1355894638 Thanks because i think it could be flu but i think its allergies but ive never gotten allergies this early
1232362 tn?1333135406 Do kitties get seasonal allergies? Our older Spirit (about 12ish, spayed) has been sneezing clear mucus, has bright clear eyes, good appetite, normal behavior (wants to play and does her pm yodeling and such) but this has lasted a good week now. She seems completely fine except for the sneezing and snotting. Could it just be some sort of allergies? We're using the same litter, same food, same same same.
172826 tn?1423422956 re home doing the usual routine etc and then i noticed BAM he was ALL red again in those areas so i figured hives of somekind.. he only has them in his why get hives right? well i know he ate eggs here so i called his provider to make sure he didnt eat anything we came to the conclusion he had a reaction to the eggs.. is this possible? and why is it only located on his face. His vitals are good, he has a good pulse, no fever, good skin colour, drinking and eating good..
Avatar f tn My vet says my golden retriever has allergies - food and grass. Have tried various pet food for sensitive skin, some very expensive, and also using Malaseb shampoo weekly. Don't see fleas - ever. She's inside alot but takes lots of walk and plays in the back yard. She chews her paws, scratches everywhere. Have used Benadryl but I hate to think she will have to live on that. Nothing really seems to help. What to do? Have heard fish oil, Vit 3, Omega 3's, help.
Avatar m tn Hi, I have food allergies which make my airways constrict over a period of an hour. Sometimes the allergies make me puke non-stop and bless me with spots all over my face. I am wondering if I could possible use a nicotine inhaler (e.g. nicorette) since nicotine stimulates adrenaline and it is so much cheaper and convenient to carry around.
Avatar n tn At home in the States, I am used to living in very healthy clean environment. I have always eaten all organic, naturally raised crops/animals from nearby farms. As far as cooking, I always grill, roast, or boil. I am careful to clean often, using a vacuum with an allergen reducer/HEEPA filter if I recall correctly. No artificial cleaning sprays, candles, etc are used EVER.
Avatar f tn my sister has been suffering from HORRIBLE allergies for many, many years. Uncontrollable coughs, drainage. It has stopped her from living a normal live. She stays home because the constant violent coughing. People around think she is contageous. She has seen an allergist,Pulmonologist, Cardiologist and many more.She does not have asthma. No one seems to be able to help her. She has been on allergy shots, nasal sprays and many many different medications. Nothing seems to help.
Avatar f tn Thank you. He is a mixed breed 18 lb dog. No allergy testing but his eyes are a bit bugged out and always runny so he does likely have allergies. We haven't changed anything in his environment, no smokers, only bathe him infrequently (he hates it) with mild puppy shampoo. I think it has to do with him getting old, just not sure what. Thanks for your input, I do appreciate it.
874521 tn?1424116797 yes FBM I also do chemical free cleaning in my home, I don't know if this in itself is what lead to Sami eosnophilic plaque finally clearing up or if it was getting off the poultry in his diet.....but something maybe both is what worked and I'm not changing a thing I'm doing..
Avatar n tn I'm 18 yrs old.Ever since I gave birth a year ago, i've been having these terrible breathing problems.I have a cough that hasn't gone away ever since i came home from the hospital.I get to the point to where I have to gasp for air at times and the cough makes me throw up.B/c of the cough my eyes water,i get very sweaty and it feels like pressure in my chest.I feel relief for a week or two but it always comes back.When I take a deep breath,I feel rattling in my chest.
Avatar f tn I've had a cold brought on from allergies for over a week. It caused fluid to build up in my left ear and is making it very hard to hear. I've been given lots of sample allergy pills and told to get Mucinex to help remove the fluid but neither has worked. Then I was given a prescription for an antibiotic which has not worked. I've tried all the home remedies to remove the fluid....ear drops, hair dryer blown at ear, heat pack on ear, popping my ears (which I tried and failed to do).