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Avatar m tn just wondering do i really have to throw away each aldara packet after one usage... i feel like its such a waste since i only use like a fourth of it for each application...???
Avatar f tn Now my gyn is telling me that, in order to get rid of any other traces of hpv, we should apply Aldara cream on the cervix. I am having serious doubts about this procedure and I would be most grateful if you gave me a specialized advice: is it ok to use it? Can it actually heal hpv? Thank you in advance for your answers!
Avatar m tn dont use aldara. I think ACV even does better than aldara although some people here would disagree with my opinion. You can get mini surgery like electrocauterization, cryotherapy, or use podofin and its variants. These three, afaik, are better than anything else to treat warts.
Avatar f tn My doctor put me on Aldara, but I am having SERIOUS side effects. It says for me to put it on the area once a night before I go to bed, but I started having redness and irritation. I thought that just meant that it was working, so I was off it for a day and went back on it for 2. It happened again, so I went off it for 2 days. Then I went back on it and tried to stay on it, hoping that the cream would help somehow, and the sores just kept getting bigger.
Avatar n tn Second, please call the doctor who performed the biopsies and find out what they showed. Third, do not use Aldara. Your face has been attacked enough. Finally, see a dermatologist after you have done all these things. If they tell you you don't have actinic keratoses, then take them at their word and look into the psychological help you need for what sounds to me like OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder.) Needless to say, this is just my best guess without having seen you in person.
Avatar n tn After using Aldara for 8 weeks or so the warts went away and my doctor said that they were gone and I could stop using Aldara. About a week ago I noticed that two warts were back and my doctor said to continue use of Aldara. I was wondering how long Aldara takes to get rid of warts and when they do go away, how often may the warts reappear?
Avatar m tn As if HPV didnt make me feel crappy enough, lol. Has anyone had any similar experience with aldara on the butthole, or anywhere? Thanks!
Avatar m tn How do I know that Aldara is working? I used it for 2 weeks applying it 3 times a week and since nothing happened too significantly, I started using it every day a couple weeks later (of not doing anything). Now there is a tiny tiny sore on the tip (it is also red) and I don't know what indicates that Aldara is successfully working? I think I may start using it 3x a week again because that is what the Dr. recommended...
Avatar f tn I have been using Aldara cream for two weeks now, and surprisingly my warts are gone. But I now notice that the area where the warts used to be is very red. I don't know if that is supposed to happen or not but should I continue using the cream? I don't want to kill anymore skin cells then I have to..
1067212 tn?1353964002 I used the cream on my warts and had a bad reaction, I got most of the side effects but continued to use the cream. Within 2 weeks of using the cream the warts had gone and a week later the side effects disapeared. Recently though I noticed a large lump (baring in mind I don't have the strain of HPV that causes cancer). It wasn't on my vagina or anal area but in the middle. It was very painful and nothing like a wart.
Avatar m tn hey im a 21 yr old male. i have been using aldara one two very small genital warts (applying as little as possible with a toothpick). anyways despite best efforts the cream has gotten on other parts of my skin near the warts and has almost bleached it white... I have decided to stop using it for this reason even though the warts are not completely gone (i hate aldara now).
Avatar m tn hey im a 20 yr old male. i used aldara for genital warts and it has only made my life worse. i used it for about a month and a half and been off it for about 2 weeks. anyways it did not diminish my warts AND MOST IMPORTANTLY my penis is STILL really red and with a burning sensation and sensitivity down the shaft and base (which is not even where i applied the drug!). I have tried vitamin E oil but have now stopped cuz idk if it helped or made it worse......
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with genital warts and prescribed Aldara 3x times a week. After using it for about 2-3 months I was informed that the lab made a mistake and I was missdiagnosed. Now almost a year and a half later I still have a red scar from the Aldara treatment( about 1 inch long). I was hoping it would go away but now I am dealing with the fact that it wont. I have olive dark skin and the red scar on my penis is very noticable.
Avatar m tn I applied aldara (imiquimod) to the shaft of the penis in an attempt to get rid of what I presumed were penile warts. About a week after use, I developed well localised red and swollen skin on the head of the penis which then ulcertated and has been slow to heal. I have not been herpes positive before and dont think I have had recent contact with any herpes positive partners.
Avatar n tn There is just no information out there about the use of Aldara vaginally. Some have suggested to me that its because the disease is rare and there are not so many studies about it. Even the trials that 3M (maker of Aldara) did, report no unpleasant side effects. Go figure,,,I guess it depends on who you ask. If you ask me, there ARE moderate to severe systemic side effects. But what do I know. At any rate, I must have some sort of treatment, or it will become invasive.
Avatar m tn What? are you applying Aldara on entire genital area? aldara is to be applied on the warts only and not the surrounding area... did a doctor diagnose you for genital warts and prescribed Aldara for you? If not so, please see a dermatologist and first get a correct diagnoses and talk to him about application of this cream... a mild irritation, soreness and itching is part of the healing process with this cream...
Avatar m tn Have any of you ever used Aldara 5% cream? My dermatologist suggested it to determine if my mole was just an irritation or a skin cancer. After reading the package insert and doing some research online I was to scared to try it. If it is recommended to me again I am wondering if I should use it. Thanks!
Avatar m tn I have been treating anal warts for 8 weeks with aldara and after about 6 weeks i noticed they were slowly shrinking. While the visible warts are indeed shrinking (almost gone entirely), i know that there are internal ones in my anus that are still there, whether or not the aldara is helping them is undetermined. I visited my dermatologist today and she just asked if it helped and when i told her yes, slowly but surely she gave me 3 repeats of aldara and said just keep going until they're gone.
Avatar n tn Ive been on aldara (imiquimod) 5% for approximately 2 months now. I cant notice if im seeing any improvement with my genital warts. However, ive developed a ridiculous rash around the application site. which is extremely red and irritated. The rash looks almost like if i ran really fast and slid my knee on a rug, except its around the base of my penis. Its sometimes itchy and i feel as if at sometimes its developing a particular scab. will this redness ever go away?
Avatar n tn Is Aldara use a good idea for someone with autoimmune disease (for possible facial pre-melanoma in area difficult to operate on)?
Avatar n tn Is Aldara use a good idea for someone with autoimmune disease (for possible facial pre-melanoma in area difficult to operate on)?
Avatar n tn I have Hadhimoto's...what potential complications could there be from the use Aldara cream. (Prescribed for skin cancer of the face.) Thanks,.
Avatar m tn PLEASE research Aldara throughly before using and only use as perscribed. It should only be used 3 times a week, with a day or 2 between days. Use MINIMAL amount just to cover warts, and fully rub in. My doctor easily perscribed me Aldara barely explaining how to use it. But when I searched online, i found many stories of EXTREME allergic reactions to it!
Avatar n tn Hello there,thank you for the advice you gave me the other day.I went to my doctor yesterday & he prescribed Aldara cream for me to apply on the warts/skin tags that I have on my face & neck area.Does any one know if this stuff really works,or is there any pre-cautions or side affects that I should be aware of?How long does it take to see results?I was told to apply this cream three times a week.Any help would be greatly appreciated.