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Avatar f tn and i wanted to know if someone could explain to me how to use it... because my gyno. didnt explain ANYTHING...
Avatar m tn dont use aldara. I think ACV even does better than aldara although some people here would disagree with my opinion. You can get mini surgery like electrocauterization, cryotherapy, or use podofin and its variants. These three, afaik, are better than anything else to treat warts.
Avatar n tn About a week ago I noticed that two warts were back and my doctor said to continue use of Aldara. I was wondering how long Aldara takes to get rid of warts and when they do go away, how often may the warts reappear?
Avatar n tn 1. The "purple, swollen, weeping sores" were from the freezing--which was clearly stated in the question. Tthe dermatologist had warned me that this freezing would be more agressive than I had experienced previously. It was indeed. The point I wanted to make was that repeated courses of freezing could be worse than an Aldara reaction. 2.
Avatar f tn Aldara is used for several skin conditions. Your doctor will tell you where to apply Aldara cream, and how often and for how long to apply it for your condition. Aldara should be applied just before bedtime and left on the skin for 6-10 hours. If your skin condition reappears you need to talk to your doctor.
Avatar m tn I applied aldara (imiquimod) to the shaft of the penis in an attempt to get rid of what I presumed were penile warts. About a week after use, I developed well localised red and swollen skin on the head of the penis which then ulcertated and has been slow to heal. I have not been herpes positive before and dont think I have had recent contact with any herpes positive partners.
Avatar m tn Creams like Elidel cream or Protropic can be used on these hypopigmented areas but at such a young age it is not advisable to use them . If the symptoms still persist then you can talk to your dermatologist about laser-assisted chemabrasion(LACA). It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps.
Avatar m tn How do I know that Aldara is working? I used it for 2 weeks applying it 3 times a week and since nothing happened too significantly, I started using it every day a couple weeks later (of not doing anything). Now there is a tiny tiny sore on the tip (it is also red) and I don't know what indicates that Aldara is successfully working? I think I may start using it 3x a week again because that is what the Dr. recommended...
Avatar m tn hey im a 20 yr old male. i used aldara for genital warts and it has only made my life worse. i used it for about a month and a half and been off it for about 2 weeks. anyways it did not diminish my warts AND MOST IMPORTANTLY my penis is STILL really red and with a burning sensation and sensitivity down the shaft and base (which is not even where i applied the drug!). I have tried vitamin E oil but have now stopped cuz idk if it helped or made it worse......
Avatar m tn After reading the package insert and doing some research online I was to scared to try it. If it is recommended to me again I am wondering if I should use it. Thanks!
Avatar m tn aldara isn't going to really help with warts inside the anal area. they typically need to be removed. also if aldara doesn't completely remove warts by 3 months, it isn't going to. we don't recommend using it past the 3 month mark. I'd get a 2nd opinion elsewhere after the 3 month mark if warts are still there.
Avatar n tn There is just no information out there about the use of Aldara vaginally. Some have suggested to me that its because the disease is rare and there are not so many studies about it. Even the trials that 3M (maker of Aldara) did, report no unpleasant side effects. Go figure,,,I guess it depends on who you ask. If you ask me, there ARE moderate to severe systemic side effects. But what do I know. At any rate, I must have some sort of treatment, or it will become invasive.
Avatar n tn How to apply Aldara creme and do you use yor hand for application since it does not come with cotton swaps or gloves?
Avatar m tn Use MINIMAL amount just to cover warts, and fully rub in. My doctor easily perscribed me Aldara barely explaining how to use it. But when I searched online, i found many stories of EXTREME allergic reactions to it!
Avatar n tn Does any one know if this stuff really works,or is there any pre-cautions or side affects that I should be aware of?How long does it take to see results?I was told to apply this cream three times a week.Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn Everything seems to heal up between aldara use. the day after I use it is really bad and then the next day is better. I skipped an extra day between treatments to see and that extra day seemed to be much better so I am assuming it is the aldara. Which does by the way seem to be working.
Avatar m tn Not to mention that my girlfriend wants to have sex when she comes down from school. Looks like thats out of the picture. Well getting to the point, how long is this gonna take to get rid of them if i keep using aldara?
Avatar n tn To cure molluscum you are only supposed to use it 3 times per week! it says so in the instructions, and every medical website, and my doctor even told me this. AND you aren't supposed to use it on open sores. so no wonder you all are hurting so much. PLUS this is dangerous. USE MEDICATIONS AS DIRECTED! DON"T LISTEN TO MIKE! AAAAAAAAH!
Avatar n tn However, I have a number of other warts around my vagina (mostly on the outer lips) that have been less responsive to the cream. I know that you can use the cream for up to 16 weeks and I have only been using it for 5 weeks, but I'm really nervous about these other warts not going away. Also, when I use the cream it makes my left vaginal lip swell a lot and I have these red sore like dots that are on the inside of the lips (due to irritation from teh cream).
Avatar m tn He said that I did not need to wait for those spots to heal and that I could start using Aldara right away. Is this ok?? Also, I am not quite sure if I have other warts on the shaft of my penis. There are a few other very small bumps that I am not sure of. It is ok to rub the Aldara over these spots even if they turn out not to be warts? I think my doc said that the cream won't really harm the normal skin, but it will seek out the warts if it is in contact with them.
Avatar m tn But the itching and burning is EXTREME to say the least and is a minute to minute struggle every day and is ruining my life. I am wondering how long to expect this to continue after I discontinue using the cream or any suggestions for relief until then. Any help would be greatly appreciated thank you.
Avatar n tn ) The clinician thought that the yeast infections were unrelated, but regardless, since I only have on spot to use the aldara on now, the irritation has gone away. Thanks for the info! I was beginning to wonder on the aldara; it's funny how a few months can seem like such a long time!
Avatar m tn Hey all, So I have many very small HPV warts on my vulva. The doctor called it vulvar dysplasia, and he prescribed aldara cream 3 times a week because he said that since there are so many a laser would be very painful and that we should try to remove some with aldara first. I have a few questions about using aldara. 1) is it harmful to shave on off days from using aldara? 2) Can shaving make the warts worse? 3) Is sex okay when the cream is not on the skin? Thank you!
Avatar m tn 1. My dermatologist told me to apply the aldara liberally to make sure that even the tiniest warts in the area are treated. I have read elsewhere to only apply to the warts, but i have also read that aldara seems to respect healthy skin and only attacks unhealthy skin. Which is true and should i continue applying the aldara liberally to the entire areas. 2. The areas that have crusted and flaked are red and raw. Do i continue putting the aldara on those regions or should i stop?
Avatar m tn and after 2 weeks use i have had good results so far so if i were you i would go see your dermatologist if he recomends surgery set the date for about 1 1/2 months away and get them to prescribe you aldara in the meantime. use aldara and within 4 weeks if the warts have not reduced in size or started to clear then just go in for surgery.
Avatar m tn The active ingredient, imiquimod, has been shown to stimulate toll-like receptor 7. Aldara also induces psoriasis-like lesions when applied to naive murine skin, and as such is used as a mouse model for psoriasis. Here we find that in naive murine skin, Aldara induces inflammation largely independently of toll-like receptor 7. Surprisingly, inflammasome activation, keratinocyte death and interleukin 1 release also occur in response to the vehicle cream in the absence of imiquimod.
Avatar f tn In general is it bad to use cortisone, especially since I have HPV? It’s now been over a month and the rash is not fully gone. At present it isn’t really red, but will get red after I touch the area. It still feels a little irritated. There are still dots. I’ve noticed the rash will become more irritated if I don’t wash for a day, if I walk a lot, if I don’t use moisturizer or cortisone, or if I touch it. I have pale, delicate skin. I have a healthy immune system.
Avatar n tn I started again with the aldara cream and I started to get a regular tingling sensation again and also saw visible outbreaks again on the scrotum area (not where the cream was applied at any time). I carried on using three or four sachets but then I took the decision myself to stop. Upon doing so I saw the tingling sensations decrease (although not going away completely) and the visible signs stop completely (other than on the area where the warts where which are fading slowly).
Avatar n tn But when i look down at a certain angle i can see them. My dr. gave me a RX for Aldara anyway but i am reluctant to use it since i am trying to conceive soon. Should i try apple cider vinegar instead to treat? Or how long after Aldara use before i should wait to conceive.